Footscray Cycling Club Race Reports

Footscray Cycling Club Handicap Series Race 6, August 11, 2018.

In horrid racing conditions, riders set off in 5 bunches to contest Handicap Series Race #6; the handicap format requiring each bunch of riders to co-operate, stay intact and push themselves to the limit to both keep the chasing bunches at bay and chase down the bunches ahead; the gun riders of Scratch starting out with a 20-minute deficit to make up over Limit. With threatening clouds and a strong crosswind, riders set off on the modified course; the 3 climbs of Granite Rd and 3 runs on the gravel of Box Forest had to be removed for safety reasons, so it was off to Staughton Vale for three out-and-back laps from Balliang to the Anakie Scout Hall. Unfortunately, conditions did not get better; in fact they got progressively worse, with riders firstly having to endure rain, tricky crosswinds and then some pretty severe hail storms; the sum total of these factors not only contributing to low turnout, but also causing quite a few riders to pull out mid-race.
The race heated up on the final lap when 2nd Limit caught Limit; the two bunches being the only bunches to actually merge for the whole race. It was the combined remnants of this bunch who contested the sprint; It was Perry Cummings who took the win over Peter Moline and Tom King, who all finished with the same time, with Brendon Green of Scratch taking fastest time some 4 minutes 43 behind,

1st Perry Cummings @ 2:04:39, 2nd Peter Moline, 3rd Tom King, 4th Andrew Gannon, 5th Shane Parker, 6th Lindsay Lee, 7th Sean Hardy, 8th Geoff Robertson. Fastest Time: Brendon Green @ 1:54:22.


Footscray Cycling Club Graded Road Race #15, August 5 2018.


Round #15 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s road season saw riders head out to Balliang, with Grades A to D racing the ‘out-and-back’ course that started in Balliang, climbed through Staughton Vale to the Anakie Hall, and returned to Balliang.
In A-Grade, the strong Northerly crosswind created havoc, putting riders into the red zone and causing breaks in the bunch. A few unsuccesful attacks were made early in the race by riders including Leigh Kelly, Travis Small, Paul Kenny & Chris Munro, amongst others, but none ever got far or looked dangerous.  An acceleration of the bunch into the first tailwind straight at 60+kph put some riders under pressure and a couple were lost over the first loop out to Balliang hall.  On the return Travis Small and Dudkiewicz attacked into the long straight which coincided with a blustery, suddenly strengthening, crosswind. The response dropped many in the bunch which reduced to five; Small, DaCosta, Kelly, Zammit and Dudkiewicz.  On the second time out to Balliang Dudkiewicz put the pressure on up the first hill and Kelly, Small and DaCosta lost contact; leaving Dudkiewicz and Zammit riding back and swapping turns. This is when Dudkiewicz took control of the finale. ‘I attacked into the crosswind on the second last corner and after keeping the elastic stretched for quite some time Josh was distanced, leaving me to ride the last few k’s alone for a solo win. It was such a great day for racing and getting out on the bike! Sunny, windy and relatively warm- you couldn’t ask for more. I haven’t been getting out much recently and it was just what the doctor ordered.’ Dudkiewicz took the win 25 seconds ahead of Zammit in second place and Leigh Kelly in third place a further minute behind.
In B-Grade’s race, 17 year old Carnegie-Caulfield rider Harrison Hein proved too strong for the competition, taking a strong win and signalling his intentions to give A-Grade a go next time around. For the first lap, the bunch stayed relatively intact, with a few riders testing out their legs, but, it was on the second climb towards the hotdog turn that the bunch broke up after a definitive attack by Hein. ‘Guys kept attacking and then pulling out a minute into their effort and I followed a move like that and just kept the power down and tried to split the field in the crossies, hoping a few guys could come across and ride. One guy (Liam Green) did on the climb to Anakie and at the turn around I could see it was in twos and threes. From there we just ripped it. Liam dropped off right as we came into the headwind and I spent the last 5 minutes of the headwind straight on my own and once I was into the crossies I knew it was a short run to the tailwind where I’d be safe and I could just take it in.’ This year I got serious and hired a coach and am giving it a good crack. Things are nicely on track so far. As far as the race goes, it was a decent course. I love those narrow roads with no lines and the wind made it easy to split but hard to stay away. The multiple loops and turn arounds sounded more complicated than it really was and it was fairly simple when in the race. It’s my first race win so I’m pretty happy.’ Hein took the win 1 minute ten seconds clear of Rebesco in second place and Green in third place.
C-Grade’s race was a similar affair to B, in that the bunch was blown apart on the second climb towards Anakie, when the bunch was broken up after an attack by Ken Attard. Eventual winner, David Lane, managed to bridge across to him and use his experience to get the win. ‘Ken was riding his 1st race and attacked going up through Staughton Vale the 1st time and clearly stronger than any of us. I told him to hold off until the 2nd time out so we could keep the bunch together. The 2nd time out he attacked again. I missed his wheel and went after him, but he got a good break. I then had a break on Shane & he had a break on Tiernan. I was confident neither would catch me solo. Ken had 500 metres on me so l was thinking 2nd is ok. Then on the flat I started winding him in. I caught him at Balliang Hall. I could have just sat on, but wanted to make a race of it. I said to him once we hit the finishing straight it is on. He got about a 30 metre break and l again thought 2nd is ok. However I wound him in again. I pipped him by half a wheel. He was probably the better rider, but I will take the win!’ Lane took the win from Attard in second place and Shane Parker in third place.
D-Grade men saw veteran gun Phillip Tehan prompt a high level of co-operation in the bunch; the guys swapping turns all the way to the finishing straight, where Blake Davis took the win with a solo run to the line from James Black and Steve Butter.

A-Grade: 1st Dominik Dudkiewicz, 2nd Joshua Zammit, 3rd Leigh Kelly, 4th Travis Small, 5th Miles DaCosta
B-Grade: 1st Harrison Hein, 2nd Thomas Rebesco, 3rd Liam Green, 4th Richard Parker, 5th Marco Duys.
C-Grade: 1st David Lane, 2nd Ken Attard, 3rd Shane Parker, 4th Tiernan Clark.
D-Grade: 1st Blake Davis, 2nd James Black, 3rd Steve Butter, 4th Phillip Tehan.



Footscray Cycling Club Andrew Mackellar Memorial Handicap, July 28 2018.


In perfect racing conditions, riders set off in 5 bunches to contest the Footscray Cycling Club’s 3rd Annual Andrew Mackellar Memorial Handicap; the handicap format requiring each bunch of riders to co-operate, stay intact and push themselves to the limit to both keep the chasing bunches at bay and chase down the bunches ahead; the gun riders of Scratch starting out with a 21-minute deficit to make up over Limit. With the sun shining and a light headwind, the 5 focussed bunches set off from the Little River Cricket Ground and headed out to complete 5 laps of the ‘Flinders Avenue’ circuit at the base of the You-Yangs Regional Park; with all 5 bunches managing to stay intact for the first few laps.
The race heated up on Lap 4 when Limit and Second-Limit merged, with the Middle-Markers locked onto their tails like a guided missile, and the combined Scratch / Second-Scratch bunch locked on to the bunches ahead. The Middle Markers caught Limit / Second-Limit, attempting to drop them on the last lap, but conditions were simply too light, allowing caught riders to sit on with ease. As this combined bunch passed the You-Yangs, Scratch rolled on by, so the last lap saw all bunches together, a few tempers frayed and everyone scrambling for a wheel. This infighting continued all the way to the last kilometre, when riders jostled for position for the sprint, with this mass bunch lunging toward the deceptive, inclined finish-line full gas and with varying levels of success. In the end it was 17-year-old rising star and Williamstown resident Hamish Munro who had the legs, taking a strong win from Josh Zammit and Miles DaCosta.
Speaking after the race, an ecstatic Munro was singing the praises of his fellow Scratch bunch members. ‘Everyone was taking their turn and we never skipped a beat and rolled pretty smoothly, which I think is why we caught 2nd Scratch quickly, on Lap 2; we were really flying. But it was too easy to hang on to the back so they all got on. It was a pretty scrappy finish; so many guys stayed with us, so it was crowded for the last few kilometres. I made sure I stayed up the front and I was getting ready for the bunch sprint. Trav (Small) tried a few attacks, then Leigh (Kelly) went first with about 300 to go so I was straight onto his wheel and then I got a good gap. Even though it was a long sprint I had enough of a head start to hold everyone off. It was one of those finishes where you just put your head down and push as hard as you can; I was pretty happy to win even though I wasn’t sure if it was overall or Fastest Time only. It feels pretty special to win the Mackellar; it was my first handicap 2 years ago when I came 4th and Dad (Chris) was 5th so it means a lot to me. One of my goals for the season was to get a win and fastest time, so I was pretty happy with that.

1st & Fastest Time Hamish Munro @ 2:04:32 (Actual time 1:43:32), 2nd Josh Zammit, 3rd Miles DaCosta, 4th Gerard Zammit, 5th Ben O’Leary, 6th Steven Maheras, 7th Mark Micallef, 8th Phillip Hicks.



Footscray Cycling Club Jack Allan / Jack Kirkham Road Championships @ Flinders Ave,
June 24th 2018.

After torrential rainfall and sub-arctic weather forced the cancellation of The Club Championships the previous week at Sheoaks, riders gathered at Little River to contest the Footscray Cycling Club’s Road Championships; the change of course necessitating a change of tactics by riders.
An enthusiastic band of hardened A-Graders arrived at Little River with the goal of walking away with the coveted #1 race number and the title of the Club Road Champion; a few hoping to deliver a surprise win as the late Andrew McKellar did in 2012. In the biggest move of the day, Miles DaCosta attacked on the first climb up Flinders Avenue, putting riders into the gutter and causing a split; this move creating a lead group comprising of DaCosta, Dudkiewicz, Munro Sr, Costin and Zammit, eventually building up a lead that was never reeled in by the main bunch. ‘Miles put it into the gutter the first time we climbed out of Flinders Ave and around the corner and when we looked around it was down to the five of us. We kept the pressure on and rolled though and built our lead. There were no fireworks, no attacks. We just took turns and kept the pace high. On the last lap, Chris Munro attacked on the second-last straight, but we caught him and then as we approached the line Miles put it into the gutter and then Josh went over the top of him and accelerated and then with maybe 150 to go I came past Josh and got the win.’ 34-year-old Dudkiewicz took the win from Zammit in second place and DaCosta in third place; Dudkiewicz’s sixth Road Championship in a row and his eighth in ten years.
In the B-Grade Championship race 39-year-old Burnside resident John Mogavero took the win in a very tight bunch sprint. ‘This was my third Club Road Championship race; I’ve run second twice, including last year where I lost by a fingernail, and to be on the other side this time and win by a fingernail to Gerard Zammit was very nice. My strategy had to change; when the winds picked up I re-thought my plan to break away; I conserved and watched other riders like Peter McQuade, James Bell and Graeme Cole unsuccessfully try the break and kept fresh. I started moving up around lap 4 and I was going to attack up the climb and stretch it out a bit but we had to neutralize for a moment when we had A close behind, so I went back into save mode and stayed protected. When we turned onto the finishing straight I kept close to the front and as the pace started to ramp up I was concerned about being in the wind, but also worried about being blocked in. I had to sacrifice some energy to stay near the front and as we got closer the bunch was really packed in tight, but a wheel opened up for me and I took it and when we got to about 100 meters I opened up and gave it my all; I only just held Gerard off. I am very happy to get this win and get the monkey off my back.’ Mogavero took the win by a tyre from Zammit with third placed Liam Green who rode strongly in his first B Grade race.
C-Grade’s race saw 61-year-old Werribee lad Dave Lane take a drawn out sprint win from Martin Oroszi and Stephen Maheras; Lane using his nous and stamina to his advantage in the run to the line. ‘Shane Parker rode on the front all the way up Flinders Ave, on the edge of the road so there was not much cover, but some. Paul Downes was 2nd wheel, Stephen Maheras 3rd, Martin Oroszi 4th, me 5th. I stayed patient, knowing that finish suits me. I pulled up beside Marty more to see if I could make him jump, but he didn’t. I felt I needed to jump Marty so l went for it and kept my head down, waiting for them to come, but they didn’t. I have no idea how close Marty was, but I did not feel anyone beside me. So it paid off; and I am very happy.’
The D-Grade bunch were content to roll co-operative turns for the first three laps, and then it was on for young and old for the fourth and last lap. Eventual winner, Tom Rickard, proved too strong for the other riders; Rickard pulling away from the bunch and winning by 100 meters, with veteran Tom Moloney taking second place clear of James Stuart in third place, with Jill Stevenson being the first female to cross the line.

A-Grade: 1st Dominik Dudkiewicz, 2nd Joshua Zammit, 3rd Miles DaCosta, 4th Chris Munro, 5th Jason Costin.
B-Grade: 1st John Mogavero, 2nd Gerard Zammit, 3rd Liam Green, 4th Geoff Robertson, 5th Stuart Coull.
C-Grade: 1st David Lane, 2nd Martin Oroszi, 3rd Stephen Maheras, 4th Paul Downes, 5th Shane Parker.
D-Men: 1st Tom Rickard, 2nd Tom Moloney, 3rd James Stuart, 4th & First Female Jill Stevenson, 5th Steve Butter.


Footscray Cycling Club 60th Annual 3 Day Tour, June 9-10 2018.

An excellent field of Footscray and Geelong riders gathered for what is the Footscray Cycling Club’s most gruelling and prestigious event for the year, the 60th 3 Day Tour, held over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.
Stage 1 started out at Staughton Vale, with a roller-coaster descent down to Balliang and a subsequent ascent, repeated after a ‘hotdog’ turn; riders having to tackle 76 kilometers of varied and difficult terrain. The main race saw A grade start off very casually, having a chat and enjoying the nice sunshine. This tranquillity was disturbed by Commisaire Laurie Norris suggesting they pick up the pace or B grade was going to be on their six. So, riders began rolling through and upped the pace. Paul Kenny took the first sprint; surprising the bunch with his now characteristic early-attack. Three riders rolled away from the bunch and no organised chase was given by the bunch and they picked up all remaining KOM’s/Sprints. Ollie Kent-Spark pushed the pace into the turn-around and then the bunch rolled inconsistent turns for the remainder of the stage. The lead riders were caught with about 10km left to ride, with Kent-Spark adjusting the pace as required to deter any last minute attacks, only just being beaten to the line by Dudkiewicz to take the stage.
Stage 2 saw the weary riders re-mount after lunch and head off for the notoriously difficult and taxing Granite Road stage, with one gruelling foray over the gravel of Box Forest Road, before the long climb to the hilltop finish. A grade started with the bunch absolutely flying for the first 10km, and after the intermediate sprint things eased up and there was a sense of impending action; with both the gravel section and then the climb to come. Luckily there were only a couple of hairy moments on the gravel and aside from Josh Zammit who punctured, all got through unscathed. Once at the base of the climb, it was Kent-Spark who pushed the pace up the first two-part climb and dislodged most of the field; with only 4 other riders tenaciously locked-onto his rear wheel.  Undoubtedly the short nature of the climb and a stiff headwind meant riders could follow Kent-Spark comfortably.  Once over the initial climb into the rollers, the pace eased and a series of attacks and counter-attacks ensued.  Most riders didn’t know where the exact location of the finish, so the result was a tentative series of early sprints, attacks and counter-attacks. In the end, Kent-Spark attacked; Dudkiewicz went after him and rolled by just as Kent-Spark hesitated, unsure of where the finish actually was. Dudkiewicz kept his head down and finished ahead of Kent-Spark with Hamish Munro coming in just behind for an amazing third.
The scene was set for the Stage 3 showdown at the Sandy Creek circuit, with 3 laps and 90 kilometers of hard running over hills and through the gravel to make the final finish line, with A Grade again setting a hectic pace on the gravel section that saw a few riders shelled but the bunch staying intact. With Dudkiewicz and Kent-Spark keeping an eye on each other, and on the talented 17 year old Munro, it came down to a bunch sprint, with Dudkiewicz topping off a wonderful Tour and ensuring his 6th win in a row by taking the win. ‘I have never won this race easily, every one of the six wins has been hard work, and it has always been against one or two guys that are right there on the pace. It is always uncertain and I have fond memories of those battles, and Oliver (Kent-Spark) is a classy rider and a really nice, humble, guy both on and off the bike, and he was clearly the strongest guy in the bunch. I wish him all the best as he heads to Europe to ride with the Cannondale-Drapac team.’
B-Grade’s Tour was dominated by Yarraville resident Jared Raynes; the 33 year old scientist and expatriate New Zealander a cut above and in control for the whole of the race. Stage 1 saw riders start at an insane pace, and even though the pressure saw riders stretched to the limit on a few occasions, the bunch was mostly intact for the first uphill finish, with Raynes taking the win from Liam Green and Thomas Rebesco. ‘This Tour went very well for me. I took the uphill sprint win on the first stage and then on the second stage I knew that I already had an advantage, so I wasn’t going to attack; I followed the moves and I found that at the end I still had plenty left, so I just went for it.’ The bunch were blown apart on Stage 2, with riders forming grupettos from the gravel section, and finishing strung out.  Raynes gained 18 valuable seconds on Rebesco, with the scene set for the last stage. With the bunch staying mostly intact after a few unsuccessful attempts to break away, it was Craig Evans, who had punctured on Day 1, who snuck away and mounted a long, lonely ride to take the solo win. A few seconds behind, Raynes was content with the bunch finish. ‘I played it safe on the last stage; I kept my eyes on the guys who were close to me on time, and I really felt I could follow them if they attacked. It feels great to win the Tour; it was super-fun.’
C-Grade was dominated by 37 year old Yarraville resident Raphael Hammond, who again lacked experience but had the legs in the hills. ‘The hilltop finishes suited me for stages 1 and 2; I think the 2nd stage even more. Halfway through the gravel section, I noticed one of the female riders (Erin Kennealy) had a race plate number holder on her bike, so I thought to myself ‘She knows what she’s doing’, so when she put the hammer down I jumped on her wheel, and it felt pretty good. As the gravel kicked up, Erin started to fatigue, so off I went, and before long I made it to the two riders up the road who had broken away, and just went past and kept going and gapped them. I buried myself all the way to the finish and gained some good time. So then on day 2 I sat in for a bit and then put the power down again on the gravel section, and went hard for the KOMs; The sprint for the finish was pretty hectic as we were side by side, and I felt I didn’t need to win so I just made sure I finished with the leaders. It feels great to win on my first attempt.’ Hammond took the win from Martin Oroszi and Paul Downes, both of whom are showing excellent form going into the Club Championships next week.
D-Grade was taken out by Williamstown resident Jill Stevenson; the 48 year old making the most of the combined C/D start. ‘I think the fact that we started with C worked to my advantage; I figured if I hung onto the back of C for as long as I could It was the best strategy, and in the hills I seemed to hang on longer than the guys in D who didn’t enjoy the hills as much.’ Stevenson took the win from Joe Caruana and Umberto Scolaro.

Final Results – After Stage 3:

Main Race: 1st Dom Dudkiewicz, 2nd Oliver Kent-Spark, 3rd Hamish Munro, 4th Trent Clifford, 5th Miles DaCosta, 6th Chris Munro, 7th Leigh Kelly, 8th Travis Edwards, 9th Joshua Zammit, 10th Paul Kenny.
Sprint King: Dom Dudkiewicz.
King of the Mountains: Oliver Kent-Spark.

B Grade: 1st Jared Raynes, 2nd Thomas Rebesco, 3rd Alastair Delooze, 4th Liam Green, 5th Ben McCarthy, 6th Peter McQuade, 7th John Mogavero, 8th Ben Redpath, 9th Dennis Neal, 10th Michael Dam, 11th Graeme Cole, 12th Mark Micallef, 13th Michael Hazeldine, 14th Craig Evans, 15th David Walker, 16th Patrick Varas, 17th Tim Robertson, 18th James Bell.
Sprint King: Alastair Delooze
King of the Mountains: Jared Raynes.

C Grade: 1st Raphael Hammond, 2nd Martin Oroszi, 3rd Paul Downes, 4th Sam Tammaro, 5th David Lane, 6th Erin Kennealy, 7th Tiernan Clark, 8th Ross Schubach, 9th Jill Stevenson(D), 10th Phil Tehan, 11th Brad Clapham, 12th Marcus Olive, 13th Joe Caruana(D), 14th Umberto Scolaro(D), 15th Barry Heywood(D), 16th Michael Scragg(D).
Sprint King: Marcus Olive.
King of the Mountains: Raphael Hammond.
First Female Finisher: Erin Kennealy.
D Grade winner: Jill Stevenson.


Footscray Cycling Club Hugh Cram Memorial @ Flinders Ave, June 3rd 2018.

Riders gathered at the Little River Cricket Club to contest race #6 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s Winter Road Season; the very much coveted Hugh Cram Memorial Handicap, held to honour a man who joined the FCC in 1939, served the Club for half a century, including as President, was made both a Life Member, then a Legend of the Club; was made a both a Life Member of Cycling Victoria and recently posthumously elevated to the Cycling Victoria Hall of Fame. In perfect autumn conditions, 5 bunches of determined riders set off to contest 80 kilometers of hard racing on the deceptively difficult Flinders Avenue circuit around the base of the You-Yangs near Little River; the handicap format requiring each bunch of riders to co-operate and push themselves to the limit to keep the chasing bunches at bay, with the gun riders of Scratch starting out with a 24-minute deficit to make up over Limit.

By Lap 4, after sweeping up 2nd Scratch, it was clear that Scratch were not going to catch the bunches up the road, even though they were going as hard as they could, likewise the Middle-markers rode a lonely race, not being caught but not catching either. It was the smooth, experienced, evenly-matched 2nd Limit who seized the day, reeling in Limit (a few of whom managed to hold on and contest the sprint, including first female finisher Diane Edwards) and powered along at great pace, staying a full 5 minutes clear of the chasing bunches behind. In the sprint it was 27-year-old Melton resident Liam Green who convincingly took the sprint for the Overall Win from Martin Oroszi and Brad Clapham, with Club Champ Dom Dudkiewicz taking Fastest Time 5 minutes later. P.E. teacher Green, who started racing with the Club in 2017, made the transition from Triathlon to Cycling to keep fit in the off-season. ‘My bunch worked really well today; we rode a really consistent tempo that we could all cope with, communicated really well, and I listened to the advice the experienced guys kept delivering; that really helped me big time. At the end I jumped as late as I could; you don’t realize how steep the climb is until you look back at it. My last race at She-oaks I went too early and it cost me the win, so I left it to the last minute today and it paid off well; it was a good decision.”

1st Liam Green @ 2:03:33 (corrected 1:59:03), 2nd Martin Oroszi, 3rd Bradley Clapham, 4th Paul Downes, 5th William Hamilton, 6th Diane Edwards, 7th Phil Tehan, 8th Tom Gray.
1st Female: Diane Edwards.
Fastest Time: Dominik Dudkiewicz @ 2:08:34 (corrected 1:44:34)

Footscray Cycling Club Graded Road Race #4 @ Sheoaks, May 19th 2018.

Riders gathered at Maude to contest race #4 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s Winter Road Season; the hilly course challenging all with several serious ascents, descents and fast running rolling hills.
It was a tough race of attrition in A-Grade which saw the bunch continually get smaller, and by the 3rd lap only 6 riders remained; eventual winner Dylan Lyndsey, Josh Zammit, Hamish Munro, Tony Hallam, Miles DaCosta and Nick Locandro. From that point onwards, every rider attempted to ride off the front or attack, but the six remained together for a bunch sprint with Portland CC rider Lyndsey coming away with the win from the in-form Zammit and veteran Tony Hallam.
B-Grade’s race, a small cadre of gun riders decided to set an impossible pace from the outset; with James Abbey, Mark Reynolds and David Bertovic doing the lion’s share of the damage which saw rider after rider unceremoniously shelled and the lead group keep pace with A-Grade up ahead. In the end, Abbey took the win from Reynolds and Bertovic; the three earmarking themselves for an upgrade with this stunning performance.
C-Grade’s race was run in a similar manner to B, with only 4 riders being in the lead bunch for the last lap after a massive rate of attrition in the first two laps; in the end it was Richard Parker who took the win from Liam Green and Paul Downes.
The D-Grade bunch headed out for 2 laps of ‘under control’ rolling at a very strong pace, at which point the talented young kids took off and demonstrated their sensational speed up the hills as the group climbed out of Steiglitz. Veteran gun Phil Tehan and Women’s D winner and gun hillclimber Diane Edwards worked sensationally together to chase and catch the gang of youths with about 5km to go, after going full throttle for about 5 kilometers. The sprint saw the 3 young riders smash themselves in the sprint; youthful exuberance and the desire to win paying off for winner Daniel Warfe, who held off Nick Frisbh in second place and Sam Satchell in third.

A-Grade: 1st Dylan Lyndsey (Portland), 2nd Joshua Zammit, 3rd Tony Hallam, 4th Miles DaCosta, 5th Hamish Munro.
B-Grade: 1st James Abbey (3RL), 2nd Mark Reynolds, 3rd David Bertovic (HCC), 4th Geoff Robertson, 5th Evan Miller.
C-Grade: 1st Richard Parker, 2nd Liam Green, 3rd Paul Downes, 4th Shane Parker, 5th David Lane.
D-Men: 1st Daniel Warfe (BCC), 2nd Nick Frisbh (GCC), 3rd Sam Satchell (Geel MTB), 4th Diane Edwards, 5th Phil Tehan.
D-Women: 1st Diane Edwards.

my club

AGM Report…
The Footscray Cycling Club’s AGM was held at the Balliang Hall on Sunday 6 May, and to quote Women’s Officer Karen Lechner, ‘An AGM shouldn’t bring people to tears!’ The Club, established in 1894, chose to make me a Life Member, nominated by my mentor, Life Member Phillip Tehan, and Club Legend (and Melb-Warny Superman) Frank Zanatta. To say I am honoured is an understatement. The Club is massively important to me, which is why I am committed to being its Secretary, and seeing it move from strength to strength. The wonderful challenges this Club has afforded me, both on and off the bike; the friendships, the camaraderie, the purpose. I am, and always will be, loyal to my club, the mighty Footscray Cycling Club.
The cherry on top? To play a part in honouring a great servant of the Club, Mark Zanatta, in deservedly becoming only the Club’s 4th ever Legend, was also something wonderful. To see his father, Frankie, present his son with the highest honour the Club can bestow… well there was not a dry eye in the house.
The existing Executive Committee were also largely re-elected for another year; President Miles Dacosta, Vice President Graham Wilson, Treasurer Murray Jenkins, Secretary Mark Micallef and Executive Members (new David Lane –welcome!), Mark Zanatta, Michael Dam, Bernie O’Sullivan, William Hamilton, David Walker, Shane McGuirk, Greg Lane, James Bell, Michael Hazeldine, Karen Lechner, Vito Depetro, and there for his wisdom and rapier-like wit, Frank Zanatta!
In addition to the committee, a number of members carry out vital operational roles for the club, and we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge and thank them. They include: Chief Commissaire (ahem, LEGEND!!) Mark Zanatta (whose car and house are filled to the brim with our stuff, and whose life is dominated by working hard to keep the Club running), Commissaires Stephen Michetti, David Danson, Laurie Norris & Ross Liley (don’t argue with these characters!), Entries/Eventarc Michael Dam (ably assisted by the wonderful Sarah) (What was that Mr Froome, you want to enter D-Grade?), Handicapper Shane McGuirk (Take those bandages off, you’re fooling nobody), Marshalling Roster Vito Depetro (Have I got a deal for YOU!!), Race Permits Jason Southby (Purveyor of the Pandora’s box that is Race Permits). (Just to name a few!)
The Club would like to thank everyone for the enormous contribution they make to the club so that members can enjoy great competitive and social racing all year round. (Phil and his two brooms and 3 wind blowers included!)
Importantly, we have had a significant increase in members this calendar year with many new riders joining the FCC, including a significant number of women. We welcome them and hope they enjoy racing with us. Our crit numbers especially were very healthy!
Financially, the club is in a stronger position in 2018 than it was in 2017, and we are currently working with Wyndham Council to get the FCC a permanent Crit Track and Clubhouse built.
And lastly, our wonderful Members, who stand up and dig in, do their duties and help where they can; we are part of a great community of like-minded lunatics who all do their bit and more.
All in all, the Footscray Cycling Club is in great shape and we have a bright future ahead of us!
-Mark Micallef, Secretary.


Footscray Cycling Club Salter Memorial Graded Road Race #2, May 6th 2018.

The Footscray Cycling Club’s second road race of the 2018 season saw riders head out to Balliang on a perfect autumn morning, with riders completing the climb through Staughton-Vale, over Granite Road, and testing their skills on the gravel sections.
In A-Grade an even field of riders started off from Balliang, and the pace from the start was solid enough to have riders in distress from the start. This settled into a routine, with attacks at every climb and through the dirt section. Miles DaCosta attacked on the dirt road section on the first lap and got away solo, but the bunch worked well together to keep him at around 20 seconds and he was brought back by the final lap. On the final two climbs into Staughton Value and over Granite Road, riders ascended pretty hard and there were only 5 left (DaCosta, Small, Munro, Rebesco, Zammit) heading towards the final gravel road section. ‘From there we all attacked each other numerous times and Miles was able to get away over the final few kilometers; I managed to bridge across to him coming to the final corner and passed him around the final corner and managed to hold him off to the line.’ Zammit took the win from DaCosta in second place and Travis Small in third place.
B-Grade’s race again had a solid pace and numerous attacks on the first lap, and with the high pace a few riders were in distress early. Newport resident Peter McQuade may not be the fastest over the sharp climb over Granite Road, but his horsepower on the flat more than made up for that. ‘On the Granite Road climb I got to the top and saw the others relax so I decided to push over the top and Ben Redpath also went with me. We managed to hold about a 20 second lead to the gravel section. We managed to get across the gravel section with a 150 metre gap on a small chasing group; I ended up dropping Ben with 3 km to go, and I could see someone else almost getting across before the turn into Balliang, so I increased my speed and maintained a gap of 12 seconds before the final turn and held on to the finish.’ McQuade took the win from Gerard Zammit (who had caught and then passed Ben Redpath) who took second place, with Redpath taking a strong third place.
C-Grade’s race was run at a solid tempo, which invariably lifted on every climb, which dropped riders, and as numbers dwindled riders then rode the race more like a handicap than a road race. Everyone seemed to share the load and try to stay clear of any chasers. On the final climb over Granite Road four riders (Hicks, Norton, Lane, Tammaro) got away, at which part the games began; riders now preparing for the end-game. Tammaro jumped first, with Dave Lane latched onto his wheel. The pair though, were overhauled with a huge push by eventual winner Phillip Hicks and second placed Barry Norton, with Lane holding on to take third place.
D-Grade and E-Grade both rode similar races, with solid early pace translating into solo efforts and differing energy levels spreading the bunches out somewhat. In the end, Barry Heywood took the Men’s D win, Jill Stevenson the Women’s D, and Rebecca Patrick a very strong E-Grade win.

A-Grade: 1st Josh Zammit, 2nd Miles Dacosta, 3rd Travis Small, 4th Thomas Rebesco, 5th Hamish Munro.
B-Grade: 1st Peter McQuade, 2nd Gerard Zammit, 3rd Ben Redpath, 4th Dale Cameron, 5th Vito Depetro.
C-Grade: 1st Phillip Hicks, 2nd Barry Norton, 3rd David Lane, 4th Sam Tammaro, 5th Tiernan Clark.
D-Men: 1st Barry Heywood, 2nd Tom Moloney, 3rd Phil Tehan, 4th Tommy Gray, 5th Shane McGuirk.
D-Women: 1st Jill Stevenson, 2nd Zoe Ferguson, 3rd Gina McVicar.
E-Grade: 1st Rebecca Patrick, 2nd Natalie Tancredi, 3rd Angela Sandars.

Footscray Cycling Club Graded Road Race #1, April 29 2018.
RR1 2018 1

The Footscray Cycling Club’s first road race of the 2018 season saw riders head out to Balliang, with Grades A to D being joined by a Women’s Participation Race for the first time; all riders enjoying the ‘out-and-back’ course that starts in Balliang, climbs through Staughton Vale to the base of Granite Road, and returns to Balliang.
In A-Grade a contingent of Drapac EF team riders joined an already strong bunch; with a very solid pace being the order for the day, with Club Champ Dominik Dudkiewicz noting the race’s high average wattage. ‘It was an uncharacteristically steady race; we had a few of the Drapac guys out with us today and they kept the tempo high which flattened the race out a bit. Nicholas White attacked a couple of times and was out for 10 kays each time and we bought him back which again kept the pace at a steady grind. A few of us tried to get away from the bunch but it was too calm so the bunch came back together. Maybe a third of the bunch was shelled by the end which was down to the high pace. It was a bunch sprint at the end and we rolled into the tricky, narrow finish with a headwind; maybe 300 meters out Nicholas started his sprint and I chased him, closed in and then went around and held them off.’ Dudkiewicz took the win from a swag of Drapac riders, with Nicholas White taking second place and Oliver Kent-Spark taking third place.
B-Grade’s race kicked off with a long break by Patrick Varas, with the rest of the bunch testing each other out to ascertain the best tactics for the day, with Ben Redpath and Waleed Elatawy both mounting a few serious jumps; and after a series of attacks, counter-attacks and chase-downs through the hills, the bunch went into the final lap of Balliang largely intact; the headwind sprint seeing quite a few riders launch too early. It was 50-year-old Newport resident Peter McQuade who made the most of the headwind sprint. ‘After the last corner I tried an attack into the headwind; that didn’t work. So I rolled to the back and resigned myself to being at the back of the sprint, but then it slowed up and a gap opened on the right and I thought I’d have a crack at it, and the others were tiring and I was fresh and had the good luck to find a way through.’ McQuade took the win from Redpath in second place and Vito Depetro in third place.
C-Grade’s race was dominated by new riders; the bunch testing each other out as they climbed towards Staughton Vale. The bunch stayed together until the first time up Staughton Vale Road when riders increased the tempo. Heading up to the turnaround point Tiernan Clark drove the group, dropping several riders. On lap two, Paul Downes went up the road and had about 600m on the bunch, though he was brought back to the bunch before Hannans Rd. Dave Lane and Clark then attacked to see if they could get a break but the bunch were too willing to chase. In the end as riders were heading towards the finish there was a lot of jostling for position for the sprint, but it was difficult to get into a good position to sprint because of the narrow road. In the end it was Paul Reed who took a strong win from Simon Butler and Liam Green.
D-Grade men saw 40-year-old Point Cook resident Benjamin Lowe take his maiden win on his maiden race. ‘This was the first race I have ever done so I learned a lot from the experience. It was great having a few guys there to control the race and offer advice at the start. I pretty much sat at the back, worked my way across to the right and with 100 meters to go I just went for it.’ Lowe took the sprint from Barry Heywood and Umberto Scolaro.
46-year-old Williamstown resident Fiona Haddrell took a strong win in Women’s D. ‘I had a great ride today; the weather was beautiful, great group of people to ride with. The first climb was challenging and it took time for me to get a bit of energy back, but when I got to the sprint I was behind another rider and protected from the headwind and when I could see the flag I thought I could just go for it, so I did and I could hear Zoe behind me.’
The Women’s Participation Race saw 14 new riders enjoy their first road race under the guidance of Karen Lechner, Sarah Dam, Shane McGuirk, Greg and Jess Lane ; the girls loving the experience and gaining so much valuable instruction from our team of Instructors on the day. The post-race coffee, cake and debrief saw many gals go home with new pals and a positive experience to share with their loved ones.

A-Grade: 1st Dominik Dudkiewicz, 2nd Nicholas White, 3rd Oliver Kent-Spark, 4th Liam White, 5th Jason Costin.
B-Grade: 1st Peter McQuade, 2nd Ben Redpath, 3rd Vito Depetro, 4th Waleed Eltatawy, 5th Michael Hazeldene.
C-Grade: 1st Paul Reed, 2nd Simon Butler, 3rd Liam Green, 4th Sam Tammaro, 5th Phillip Hicks.
D-Grade Men: 1st Benjamin Lowe, 2nd Barry Heywood, 3rd Umberto Scolaro.
D-Grade Women: 1st Fiona Haddrell, 2nd Zoe Ferguson, 3rd Gina McVicar.


Footscray Cycling Club 58th Bob Robson Memorial Anzac Crits, April 25 2018.

The 58th Bob Robson Memorial Anzac Day Criteruims were held around Williamstown High School on a calm autumn afternoon, with four categories of quality riders ready to face the difficult and challenging layout around Williamstown High School for the last, and most prestigious, ctierium of the season. With a strong field of gun riders assembling on the start line of A-Grade Men, riders knew it would be on from the start, and it was, in earnest. With the first 20 minutes of racing being run at a 46 kph average, 38-year-old Newport resident Paul Kenny was not going to die wondering and seized his opportunity in the dying stages of the race. ‘I was actually really nervous about today because I had a plan but it involved sitting at the back for the first half of the race, but this circuit is so tight that the bunch often breaks up into several groups, and I had looked at the start list and it was a really strong field, so I was really banking on it staying together. It was a hellishly quick race early on, so full credit to anyone who finished. So with a lap and three-quarters to go I attacked and Adam Murchie was up the road; when I bridged I came past him as hard as I could and then I did the last lap on my own. It’s a short circuit and I was happy with the gap that I had so I just kept focussed and powered through the corners and really had to sort through the thoughts of winning going through my head and I was getting emotional and the crowd were going crazy. I saw I had the gap I needed so I could enjoy the win with a victory salute. There are some really amazing riders who have won this race and are on the Honour Board, so I am pretty chuffed to know my name with go on to that board.’ Kenny took the win just ahead of Henry Dietze, with last year’s winner, Dom Dudkiewicz taking third place.
In A-Grade Women, Richmond resident Sarah Gigante continued with her fantastic season-long form to take the win with a long solo breakaway; the 17-year-old using her time-trial skills to power away from the bunch. ‘Yeah my plan was to put the power down and see if anyone could go with me; I didn’t want to leave it to a sprint and I like time-trialling so I just went as hard as I could. It was the first time I have raced this circuit, and it’s pretty tight and makes for interesting racing, some of the corners are off-camber and it’s quite bumpy. So it was better to be out on my own as I could choose my own racing line. It was pretty special to win this crit. I have had a great summer; I had some good wins at the Nationals on the track and on the road, and then got a couple of medals at the Oceanias.’ Gigante took the win from Nonie Carr in second place and Vanessa Wong in third place.
The Men’s Support Race arguably saw the canniest win of the day, with 45-year-old Altona resident and Irish expatriate Simon Whelan giving the bunch a master class in how to race a hard, tight crit. ‘I felt pretty poorly at the start, I just couldn’t open my lungs up and was struggling, so I was at the back a fair bit. But as the race went on I felt better, and with two laps to go I jumped across to the two guys up the road, and right on the line as we got the bell, I jumped them and put it in the big gear all the way home. I was confident but It was still all or nothing.’ Whelan chose the perfect time to go, with the bunch just having brought back a serious breakaway started by Peter McQuade, and sprung the jump on the bunch when they were unable or unwilling to react. Whelan took the win clear of Peter McQuade in second and Dale Cameron I third place. ‘It feels great to win this year because I had a really bad crash in this race last year; I ended up with a hairline fracture of the tibia so I was a bit nervous about today.’
The Women’s Support Race saw 36-year-old East Melbourne resident Sarah Smith take a strong win from Joanna Ford and Julia Martin. ‘In the first sprint Jo Ford and I attacked and got a gap but we couldn’t keep it, so we did the same thing again at the next sprint and this time four of us got away and we carried on and we stayed away. I got to the last corner in front and took the best line through the corner.’ Smith took the win from Ford and Arnold.

A-Grade Men: 1st Paul Kenny, 2nd Henry Dietze, 3rd Dom Dudkiewicz, 4th Brad Erickson, 5th Samuel Barnden.
A-Grade Women: 1st Sarah Gigante, 2nd Nonie Carr, 3rd Vanessa Wong, 4th Erin Mitchell, 5th Leanna James.
Support Race Men: 1st Simon Whelan, 2nd Peter McQuade, 3rd Dale Cameron, 4th Ben Redpath, 5th Glen Wright.
Support Race Women: 1st Sarah Smith, 2nd Joanna Ford, 3rd Julia Arnold, 4th Kath Simpson, 5th Tamaryn Stevens.

Footscray CC R#38 Elimination Graded Scratch Races @ Drake Blvd, 22/04/18

In absolutely picture-perfect Autumn conditions, riders converged upon Altona’s much-loved Drake Boulevard circuit to contest a series of ‘Elimination’ races, with the last rider on set laps being eliminated from the race. A series of blistering attacks in A-Grade’s race saw many riders in distress for the first 10 minutes, at which point the race pace stabilised until just before the 40-minute mark that would see the eliminations start. It was 23-year-old Brunswick East resident Sam Barnden who decided to attack and go off the front, with ex-Club champion Adam Murchie joining him up the road. The Melb Uni CC rider made sure the two-man break stuck. ‘Just before the eliminations I broke away with Adam Murchie so I can’t say I saw any of the elimination format! We knew they had started but we controlled the situation. What we saw was the main bunch surge for a sprint and then drop back, and it kind of played into our hands as we could just ride smoothly and pull turns; I had to do a few fast turns when the bunch were catching us, but we held the gap.’ Barnden and Murchie ended the race in first and second place respectively, with Patrick Drapac taking the bunch sprint and third place.
In B-Grade, after quite a few riders were thinned from the herd, it was Josh Spagnolo who overhauled John Reagan just before the finish line to take the win, with Steven Moses taking third just in behind the pair.
In C-Grade, 53-year-old Kew resident Gary Lowe took a gruelling sprint to take a well-deserved win from Phil Hicks in second and Sam Tammaro in third; the Hawthorn CC rider really manhandling his bike to keep the other riders at bay. ‘It was a great race; I really enjoyed the elimination format as it keeps you on your toes. I was more prepared and ready for the sprints this time. Really big shout out to the Footscray Cycling Club as they run a fantastic crit here; I will be making this a priority next season. I don’t stand and sprint very often so the bars got a real workout in the sprint today, and with the finish on the back straight lengthening the sprint out by 50 or 60 meters it suited me down to the ground.’
D-Grade saw several guest riders dominate the race, with Pat Brophy crossing the line enthusiastically crossing the line in first place, with James Ryan taking second from Roel Burghouwt.
E Grade saw our newest riders enjoy the early morning race under the super instruction of Sarah Dam; and after a long period of racing under control, it was 32-year-old first time racer and Glen Iris resident Claire Lawford who settled her pre-race nerves by taking the win. ‘It was my first race and I loved it! I was very nervous at the start, but once I got rolling I felt great; mainly because the other girls were so supportive and the instruction from Sarah really was helpful; at the end I stayed with the bunch until just before the last corner and then I gave it all I had. I had no idea what was going on behind me but I just kept pushing. I was nice to win, but it wasn’t the win that made me happy; it has built my confidence and I definitely will do it again!’ Lawford took the win from Kath Simpson in second place and Natalie Tancredi in third place.

A: 1st Sam Barnden, 2nd Adam Murchie, 3rd Patrick Drapac, 4th Andrew Smeal.
B: 1st Josh Spagnolo, 2nd John Reagan, 3rd Steven Moses, 4th James Bell, 5th Lynden Blackley.
C: 1st Gary Lowe, 2nd Phil Hicks, 3rd Sam Tammaro, 4th Kai Donaldson.
D: 1st Pat Brophy, 2nd James Ryan, 3rd Roel Burghouwt.
D Women: 1st Emma Andrews, 2nd Jill Stevenson, 3rd Sarah Dam.
E: 1st Claire Lawford, 2nd Kath Simpson, 3rd Natalie Tancredi.



Footscray CC R#34 Eric Turner Memorial Criterium Championships @ Drake Blvd, 25/03/18

With a strong and blustery North-Westerly howling, and dark clouds threatening rain, Footscray Cycling Club riders converged upon Altona’s much-loved Drake Boulevard circuit to contest the Eric Turner Memorial Club Criterium Championships. A series of blistering tailwind attacks in A-Grade’s race saw the field thinned down considerably before the 30-minute mark. At this point riders unleashed a series of serious attacks, and reigning Club Criterium and Road Champ, 34-year-old Melton Resident Dominik Dudkiewicz, was a marked man stuck in the bunch who saw the danger. ‘I think the haed/tail wind meant it was hard breaking up the bunch; and everyone seemed to have a plan that I wasn’t part of. Every time I got into a break it seemed to stall. With 5 laps to go I was frustrated and stuck.’ So Dudkiewicz took a gamble and set out to get to the leading riders. ‘I knew I had to bridge to the guys up the road or I would regret it, and it was a very hard ask to get across- it really hurt and I didn’t have a lot of energy left. I got to Brad Erickson who was in no-man’s-land hoping to join forces but he was cooked, so I kept going, and got onto Miles DaCosta and Lachlan Marshal and recovered somewhat. I knew that once I got there I could take the sprint and that was the way it played out. Dudkiewicz took the sprint a few bike lengths clear of DaCosta and Marshal, with Jason Costin taking the bunch sprint in behind.
In the Women’s Open race, after a civilized few laps together the attacks started, and within 20 minutes it was split into two bunches, and the front bunch of four women then split again into two bunches of two apiece after Diane Edwards threw in an attack in an attempt to get away and solo to victory. That left Edwards in a great position with Erika Gosney, with reigning Champ Sarah Dam in hot pursuit with Jill Stevenson. Gosney and Edwards kept the pressure up and maintained their lead over the chasers, and then began positioning themselves for the sprint to the line. With Edwards laying off on the last lap in second wheel and looking good for the win, it was Gosney who was in the less advantageous position. As they headed into the sprint, Gosney’s gears refused to index for several precious seconds, which then meant she lost valuable momentum; the pair approached the line side by side, and it was Gosney who took the win by a tyre width from Edwards in second place, with Sarah Dam taking the sprint behind for third place.
In B-Grade, it was 22-year-old Williamstown resident and new to B rider John Ross who took the win after chasing down a late breakaway. It was on in earnest from 20 minutes in, attacks and counter attacks but no one could stay away until, at 15 min to go, Pete McQuade rolled off the front with Antonio Marino & Glen Gbresa and they soon had a promising 20 second gap, at which stage Vito Depetro bridged to them with John Ross but by then they’d started attacking each other and lost momentum, so the game was up. With 3 laps to go Pete McQuade put the foot down and strung the bunch out with Antonio Marino taking the opportunity to make a dash for the line. With the bunch in hot pursuit of Marino, Ross found himself at the pointy end of the chase when he launched; passing Marino about half-way up the finish straight, Ross taking a very strong win from Marino in second place and Vito Depetro in third place.
In C-Grade, Altona Meadows resident and eventual winner Ben Redpath dictated the race pace with an early attack that saw the bunch have to get organised and chase hard. ‘It started off relatively slow so I put a bit of pressure on and went on a bit of a solo break; no one wanted to come out with me so I went back to the bunch and put a bit of pressure on again. At the end I found a nice little wheel and I just kept moving up; I only hit the front on the last corner and I saw some shadows coming left and right so I went as hard as I could” Redpath crossed the line clear of new member Tam Nguyen and Dan Atkins to take the medallion.
D-Grade were foolish enough to let 75 year old Werribee resident Tommy Gray roll off the front in the last 20 minutes of their race; the time trial specialist taking advantage of his one opportunity to take the win. ‘I am in training for the Veteran’s Games, so I was wanting a hit out today; with about 20 minutes to go off I went and it was hard out there on my own but that’s how I like it. I did about 5 laps and I am better off doing it on my own because I can do it at my pace.’ Gray just held off the chasing bunch, who were mere centimeters behind him and the finish line, with Walter Chetcuti taking second place and Tom Moloney third place.

A: 1st Dominik Dudkiewicz, 2nd Miles DaCosta, 3rd Lachlan Marshal, 4th Jason Costin, 5th Shane Ward.
B: 1st John Ross, 2nd Antonio Marino, 3rd Vito Depetro, 4th Dale Cameron, 5th David Walker.
C: 1st Ben Redpath, 2nd Tam Nguyen, 3rd Dan Atkins, 4th Sam Tammaro, 5th Colin Morris.
D: 1st Tommy Gray, 2nd Walter Chetcuti, 3rd Tom Moloney, 4th Barry Haywood, 5th Roel Burghhouwt.
Women: 1st Erika Gosney, 2nd Diane Edwards, 3rd Sarah Dam, 4th Jill Stevenson, 5th Gina McVicar

Footscray CC R#32 Graded Scratch Races @ Drake Blvd, 4/3/18

Round 32 of Footscray CC’s Criterium Season saw riders head out to Drake Blvd in Altona on a perfect Autumn day, with a large field of A-Grade riders maintaining an average speed of 45 kph, staying together until the mass bunch sprint. Dom Dudkiewicz took the very busy sprint from Henry Dietze and Shane Ward, and in B-Grade Corey Basaraba took the bunch sprint in a crash-marred last lap ahead of Josh Spagnolo and Vito Depetro.
Meanwhile in C, a 3-man breakaway cleaned up, with Waleed Eltatawy taking the breakaway win from Declan Cargill and Angus Vander and D-Grade newcomer Kasper Voogt pulled off a solo breakaway to take the win from Tom King and Sean Bolger.

Summer Series Race #3 placings: (1st 10pts, 2nd 8pts, 3rd 6pts, 4th 4pts, 5th 2pts 6th + 1 pt).
A: 1st Dom Dudkiewicz, 2nd Henry Dietze, 3rd Shame Ward, 4th James Anthony, 5th Paul Kenny.
B: 1st Corey Basaraba 2nd Josh Spagnolo, 3rd Vito Depetro, 4th Paolo Biondi, 5th Gianfelice Fonte.
C: 1st Waleed Eltatawy, 2nd Declan Cargill, 3rd Angus Vander, 4th Colin Morris, 5th Les Kennett.
D: 1st Kasper Voogt, 2nd Tom King, 3rd Sean Bolger, 4th Daniel Warfe, 5th Jackson Clarke.

Footscray CC R#30 Summer Series Race #4 @ Drake Blvd, 25/02/18

Round 30 of Footscray CC’s Summer Criterium Season saw riders head out to Drake Blvd in Altona for the Summer Series Grand Final, with A-Grade having two winners on the day; 30-year-old Sydney resident and St George Cycling Team rider Morgan Smith taking the race win and Club Champ Dominik Dudkiewicz taking the Summer Series win. Morgan was impressed with the quality and depth of the guys in the bunch. ‘This was the biggest and strongest Footscray field I’ve come across and it was harder than normal; What I really wanted was to let a break go for most of the race and bring it back towards the end, but the bunch closed everything down too quickly. With 3 laps to go I thought it was time to say goodbye so I went. Dom was on my wheel but he was more focussed on the Series win, so I whacked it out of the corner and I was happy to take the win and Dom was happy to take the Series.’ Smith took the win from Dudkiewicz in close proximity, with Paul Kenny continuing his fine form with a strong third place.
The biggest surprise came in B-Grade, where 53-year-old Werribee resident Mark Micallef pulled off a long shot, going from 4th in the series to taking the win by getting into the winning break at the half way mark of the race. ‘What a great day; you have a lot of poor days on a bike so today was a real joy. Every move I made stuck and every time I rolled the dice I came up sevens. I saw Matt Arthur attack and I had been in a break with him before; he is super strong, so I bridged, just, and then we got to work. The bunch were huge and chasing hard, so we had all but resigned ourselves to being caught when they eased off right on our tails, so off we went again, and at that time we saw another rider, Adrian Ward, riding to us. It was manna from heaven as he was brilliant into the wind, going as hard as we were with a tailwind. Even better, I saw Corey Basaraba bridging and then we had 4 committed riders. We absolutely buried ourselves, and it paid off as pretty soon we were 30 seconds up. When it came to the sprint, I knew I didn’t have much of a chance, so I took the initiative of hitting the front just before the last corner, jammed it in the gutter, made more noise than Puffing Billy and never looked behind.’ Micallef took the sprint narrowly from Arthur and Ward; the win giving him the unlikely Series win as well.
Meanwhile in C, Footscray CC rider and Williamstown resident John Ross took today’s win and cleaned up in the Series; the 22-year-old being able to ride at the pointy end for all four races. ‘First I took a win in D and was promoted, and then I took one second place and two wins in C, and it was a real challenge. I now have a new challenge in riding B Grade. It was a strange race today; we had guys who had a huge lead, but a few of us chased and then when my four caught the two out front we were clear and kept going.’ Ross took the win from the very consistent Simon Kelson and Declan Cargill.
D-Grade saw 42-year-old Mt Macedon gal Sarah Dam take the Women’s race and the Series in a clean sweep, playing it smart and marking her competition. ‘D women made it interesting this week; Diane Edwards knew she only had 2 points to make up on me so she went off the front with 5 to go and I was a little worried, but I kept an eye on her and the bunch seemed to be bringing her back. We had her in sight and they eased off a bit so I got to the front to make sure we caught her.’ Once caught, Dam measured her effort and made sure she was ahead of the girls who could topple her from the Series lead. Dam crossed ahead of Edwards in second and Jill Stevenson in third for both the race and the Series. D-Men saw 42-year-old Altona Meadows resident Sam Tammaro take the Series win by playing the consistency card and taking third today to stitch up his points domination. The race proper saw a pair of youngsters take first and second, with Lachlan Berry and Josh Oliver take the day’s honours; Tammaro content with a measured approach and the long game. ‘It’s great to get the overall win and show consistency for the 4 weeks. That was definitely my strategy.’
35-year-old Northcote resident and English expat Emma Andrews cleaned up in E-Grade; the Hawthorn rider taking control of the Series by winning the race. ‘Jayne D’Arcy and I were neck and neck coming into the last race, so I knew I didn’t have to win but I did have to be ahead of her; we are frenemies; we cycled down here together and have a great friendly rivalry. When we got 3 laps to go Jayne attacked and I worked very hard to get to her, then we stayed together until before the last corner; I knew I needed to sprint so I gave a real kick, screamed, and kept going flat out until I crossed the line. This win feels amazing. I started racing for fitness and to learn new skills, and when I got my first podium I really wanted to start winning! It’s addictive.’

Summer Series Race #3 placings: (1st 10pts, 2nd 8pts, 3rd 6pts, 4th 4pts, 5th 2pts 6th + 1 pt).
A: 1st Morgan Smith, 2nd Dominik Dudkiewicz, 3rd Paul Kenny, 4th Matthias Kiernan, 5th Brad Erickson.
B: 1st Mark Micallef, 2nd Matt Arthur, 3rd Adrian Ward, 4th Corey Basaraba, 5th Matt Nelson.
C: 1st John Ross, 2nd Simon Kelson, 3rd Declan Cargill, 4th Glen Purcell, 5th Ben Redpath.
D: 1st Lachlan Berry, 2nd Josh Oliver, 3rd Sam Tammaro, 4th Walter Chetcuti, 5th Steven Butter.
D Women: 1st Sarah Dam, 2nd Diane Edwards, 3rd Jill Stevenson.
E: 1st Emma Andrews, 2nd Jayne D’Arcy, 3rd Joanne Gruba, 4th Kevin Wong.

A: 1st Dominik Dudkiewicz, 2nd Henry Dietze, 3rd Paul Kenny.
B: 1st Mark Micallef, 2nd Timm Weitzel, 3rd Matt Nelson.
C: 1st John Ross, 2nd Josh Spagnolo, 3rd Simon Kelson.
D Women: 1st Sarah Dam, 2nd Diane Edwards, 3rd Jill Stevenson
D Men: 1st Sam Tammaro, 2nd Walter Chetcuti, 3rd Lachlan Berry.
E: 1st Emma Andrews, 2nd Jayne D’Arcy, 3rd Liz Campbell.

2 3 4 5 C

Footscray CC R#28 Summer Series Race #3 @ Drake Blvd, 18/02/18

Round 28 of Footscray CC’s Summer Criterium Season saw riders head out to Drake Blvd in Altona for the third of the four race Summer Series, with E-Grade really stepping up a level and showing their skills and speed have progressed significantly; the speed ramping up in the final few laps and the riders finishing strung out, with Meg Brown taking the win a bike length clear of Jayne D’Arcy in second, with Amanda Footit taking third place.
Next up was B-Grade, where the race was always going to end in a sprint. With a high average of over 42 kph, and most resigning themselves to the fact that no breakaway would succeed, it was a sprinter’s finish, with the winner being the man who read the play the best; it was 44-year-old Simon Whelan who made sure he was well-positioned. “You have to put yourself at the right end of the field; we were all looking for the right wheel, and I got it, as Timm Weitzel had Steve Moses leading him out for him, who was on my right trying to get in so I let him in because I saw Timm’s sprint last week (which was fantastic), but then he pulled his foot and I was so lucky because I was just about to go round him when it happened. It was too close for comfort though.’ Whelan crossed the line a few bike lengths clear of the fight for second and third, where Dale Cameron grabbed second from Mark Micallef in third by half a wheel, with Weitzel at least keeping upright and salvaging some points.
Meanwhile in D, Williamstown resident and first time racer Lachlan Berry made the most of his one day license to take the win; the 19 year old enjoying the experience. ‘It was a great first race, considering I didn’t know what to expect. My mate helped me out at the end by putting the pressure on and allowing me to come through and take the win.’ Berry was first wheel at the corner and took the sprint by half a bike length from Sam Tammaro in second and Tom Rickard in third.
C-Grade saw John Ross go one place higher than last week and take the win from Declan Gargill and Simon Kelson; Ross taking the sprint well clear of second to fifth, with Declan Cargill taking second and Simon Kelson third.
A grade saw the gutsiest move of the series so far, with Paul Kenny going off the front of A with 5 laps to go and burying himself as deep as a rider can go in an effort to keep the pack at bay. ‘I kind of just rolled off the front and when I thought I was a little clear I really pushed hard; the lead I had kept growing so I went all in, and made sure I time trialled at about 42kph. I was really banking on the bunch chase being off and on, and that seemed to be what happened. I was in a world of pain but I was getting plenty of encouragement and kept pushing.’ With one lap to go, Henry Dietze made a massive effort to bridge across to Kenny, and when he caught him he just powered past; the 15 year old taking an impressive win from an exhausted but satisfied Kenny in second place, with the hard charging bunch just behind Kenny where Matthias Kiernan took third place.

Summer Series Race #3 placings: (1st 10pts, 2nd 8pts, 3rd 6pts, 4th 4pts, 5th 2pts 6th + 1 pt).
A: 1st Henry Dietze, 2nd Paul Kenny, 3rd Matthias Kiernan, 4th Adam Murchie, 5th Josh Zammit.
B: 1st Simon Whelan, 2nd Dale Cameron, 3rd Mark Micallef, 4th Fraser Short, 5th Timm Weitzel.
C: 1st John Ross, 2nd Declan Cargill, 3rd Simon Kelson, 4th Daniel Atkins, 5th Gary Lowe.
D: 1st Lachlan Berry, 2nd Sam Tammaro, 3rd Tom Rickard, 4th Walter Chetcuti, 5th Chris Miles.
D Women: 1st Erika Gosney, 2nd Elizabeth Hilton, 3rd Diane Edwards, 4th Jill Stevenson, 5th Sarah Dam.
E: 1st Meg Brown, 2nd Jayne D’Arcy, 3rd Amanda Footit, 4th Emma Andrews, 5th Charlotte Morison.

Footscray CC R#26 Summer Series Race #2 @ Drake Blvd, 11/02/18

B third to sixth

Round 26 of Footscray CC’s Summer Criterium Season saw riders head out to Drake Blvd in Altona for the second of the four race Summer Series, with E-Grade showing some real speed and skills; Emma Andrews taking the sprint convincingly from Jayne D’Arcy in second place and Elizabeth Campbell in third place.
Next up was B-Grade, where 42 year old Greensborough resident Matthew Nelson made amends for his frustrating race last week by successfully changing tactics. ‘I was thinking that the previous week the pace was a bit too easy at the end so I wanted to put a bit of hurt in there so I went hard for the last couple of laps to get the bunch strung out, and it worked. I came around the second last corner third wheel so I was not exposed to the headwind and by the last corner I was second wheel to Timm Weitzel. When he started to fade I put my head down, kept a straight line and dug as hard as I could.’ Nelson beat the closing Weitzel to the line by a half bike length, with a four way sprint just in behind for third to sixth, with Scott Chappell beating Mark Micallef home to 3rd by 25 mm.
Meanwhile in D, Hawthorn CC’s Linus Smith took the sprint from Toby Newton and Sam Tammaro, with D Women being taken by Sarah Dam. ‘The first half of D was a bit cruisy so I put in a few attacks, which prompted others to do the same; but nobody got away and stayed away as we couldn’t get far enough away. There were probably 8 riders in the sprint coming around the last corner; I wanted to place higher overall but Walter Cetcuti has a really fast sprint!’
C-Grade saw Coburg CC rider Josh Spagnolo take a convincing sprint win from just up from D rider John Ross in second place and Gerrit Prent in third place.
A grade saw 29 year old St Kilda CC rider and North Melbourne resident Matt Robertson take a well earned win with a bit of reasoned, tactical racing. ‘I have been racing for the last few years as serious as an amateur can get. I’m often at the front but have not had too many wins. I have come here about 10 times and have admired Dom Dudkiewicz and gotten to know him well, so I know how to beat him but I have never had the legs and the timing to beat him before.’ Robertson found himself in a strong, determined break with Morgan Smith, Dom Dudkiewicz and Henry Dietze, and he had a plan. ‘It was a committed break and we all worked hard, and I knew we had Henry and Dom who are very very good sprinters. The plan was myself and Morgan Smith would attack often and we were trying to endure and attack the two sprinters (Dudkiewicz and Dietze) and wear them out. Morgan would attack and I’d let Dom respond and when I attacked Morgan would do the same.’ Robertson got clear of the others with 4 laps to go and had the advantage. ‘I knew I had it with a lap and a half to go; it was a great feeling.’ Robertson took the win well clear of the sprint for second place, with Dudkiewicz taking second place a half bike length clear of the immensely talented 15 year old Dietze in third place.

Summer Series Race #2 placings: (1st 10pts, 2nd 8pts, 3rd 6pts, 4th 4pts, 5th 2pts 6th + 1 pt).
A: 1st Matt Robertson, 2nd Dom Dudkiewicz, 3rd Henry Dietze, 4th Morgan Smith, 5th Matthias Kiernan.
B: 1st Matt Nelson, 2nd Timm Weitzel, 3rd Scott Chappell, 4th Mark Micallef, 5th Vito Depetro.
C: 1st Josh Spagnolo, 2nd John Ross, 3rd Gerrit Prent, 4th Glenn Purcell, 5th Dan Atkins.
D: 1st Linus Smith, 2nd Toby Newton, 3rd Sam Tammaro, 4th Walter Chetcuti, 5th Steve Biggs.
D Women: 1st Sarah Dam, 2nd Diane Edwards, 3rd Jill Stevenson, 4th Gina McVicar
E Women: 1st Emma Andrews, 2nd Jayne D’Arcy, 3rd Elizabeth Campbell, 4th Natalie Tancredi, 5th Joanne Gruba.


FCC Thursday Eve crits @ VU, 8/2/18


Very interesting A Grade race; lots of good long breaks, but always going to end in a sprint, with Dom measuring his efforts to the line to beat Josh and Trav home. B Grade saw 34 year old SKCC rider Paul Speed trounce the bunch with an early solo breakaway where he lapped the field and earned a red number from now on as we were chasing hard, then, on the last corner, a D Grade rider was moving slowly in the middle of the road when we began our sprint (he thought we were finished), it was carnage as everyone scrambled to miss him. Ally Delooze smashed into my bars then my back wheel so I threaded the needle to get out of crashing and found myself way out clear as everyone else had to go bush to miss the crash, so I (Mark M) got a gifted 2nd. A few guys feeling frustrated as they didn’t get to unleash their sprints!

Footscray CC R#24 Legends Criteriums / Summer Series Race #1 @ Drake Blvd, 28/01/18

Round 24 of Footscray CC’s Summer Criterium Season saw a record 141 riders head out to Drake Blvd in Altona for the Club Legends Criteriums, with E-Grade showing that both their speed, and their skill levels have developed considerably. After the sprint was taken by Helen McKinnon, riders were given free-reign and the bunch started to break up, with the sprint being taken by Emma Andrews by a bike length from Jayne Darcy, with Kath Simpson taking third place.
There was a large turnout of very high quality riders for B-Grade, even if the race itself proved to be undisciplined, scrappy and lacking in due care; It was 32 year old Kensington resident Jared Raynes who took the win in emphatic fashion, the downhill mountain biker making the transition to the road with ease. ‘I was 4th wheel, and I followed a move where a guy had gone off the front and a few of us chased, and the guy at third wheel couldn’t catch back on so I overtook him with pace to catch the guy in front and then I had too much pace for the guy in front so I used the momentum to just go for it.’ Raynes found himself on the front with about 700 meters to go, and in true FCC fashion managed to keep the lead all the way and cross the line clear of second placed Timm Weitzel and third placed James Danos. ‘I thought someone would be on my wheel but I just put my head down and gave it everything; no one was on my wheel and I got it. I only joined the Club last week so this win is great and I look forward to the next challenge.’
Meanwhile in D, 42 year old Mt Macedon resident Sarah Dam played the long game to take home the women’s D-Grade medallion. ‘I took it pretty easy though the two sprints to conserve energy; Diane was on the front on the last lap but she went too early, so I sat on Tom Moloney’s wheel and finished first of the women. In men’s D, 20 year old Williamstown resident and new club member John Ross took an emphatic win with a powerful solo breakaway. ‘I just joined the Club today; this is my first race. I joined for training as I play football. A guy went on the lap before the first sprint and I followed him; then after the sprint I just kept on going.’ Ross stayed 40 seconds clear of the chasing bunch, taking the second sprint and also the race win; but the win was not without drama. ‘For the last 5 laps my front tyre was slowly deflating, so I had to be gentle and feather it though the last few corners and when I crossed the line it was nearly totally flat!’
C-Grade saw Cameron Moore take the win from Josh Spagnolo and Raphael Hammond; in a fast race that was always going to end in a mass bunch sprint, and C women saw Lucia Azzopardi take a strong win from Rebecca Covington and Jennifer Mahhies.
A grade saw Club Champ Dom Dudkiewicz take the sprint after a tense race that saw all attempts at breakaways brought back by the bunch. ‘There were a few attacks in the early part of the race, but nothing stayed away for too long; the conditions were just too calm and there were a lot of fresh legs in the bunch.  When you get pulled back after 3 laps averaging nearly 48 kph you know a break-away is going to have a tough time staying away.’ Dudkiewicz took out the first sprint, at which point a break of two riders (Brad Erickson and Marcus Nyeholt) were allowed to roll away from a resting bunch towards the latter part of the race and got about 30 seconds up the road. Dudkiewicz attacked with another rider and bridged to the two riders over a hard lap and a half. ‘We pushed for another lap and then got the two laps to go from Mark Zanatta.  We hadn’t yet established a proper gap at this stage and the bunch was at full stretch in pursuit.  We kept working hard but got caught with a lap to go. I managed to maintain position at the front of the bunch (in second wheel) and luckily had wheels to follow until the final corner where I found myself having to start the finish sprint a little earlier than I’d have liked, but managed to get the win.’ Dudkiewicz took the win from an impressive Shane Ward, who has returned from injury, and the ever -improving Henry Dietze rounding off the podium.

Summer Series Race #1 Overall: (1st 10pts, 2nd 8pts, 3rd 6pts, 4th 4pts, 5th 2pts 6th + 1 pt).
A: 1st Dom Dudkiewicz, 2nd Shane Ward, 3rd Henry Dietze, 4th Matt Robertson, 5th Matthias Kiernan.
B: 1st Jared Raynes, 2nd Timm Weitzel, 3rd James Danos, 4th Scott Alexander, 5th Louis Raymond.
C: 1st Cameron Moore, 2nd Josh Spagnolo, 3rd Raphael Hammond, 4th Leone Brunato, 5th Declan Cargill.
C Women: 1st Lucia Azzopardi, 2nd Rebecca Covington, 3rd Jennifer Matthies, 4th Angela Macrae.
D: 1st John Ross, 2nd Walter Chetcuti, 3rd Tom Moloney, 4th Sam Tammaro, 5th Eddie O’Farrell.
D Women: 1st Sarah Dam, 2nd Jill Stevenson, 3rd Diane Edwards, 4th Gina McVicar, 5th Tamaryn Stevens
E: 1st Emma Andrews, 2nd Jayne Darcy, 3rd Kath Simpson, 4th Elizabeth Campbell, 5th Natalie Tancredi.

FCC Legends Placings:
A: 1st Dom Dudkiewicz, 2nd Shane Ward, 3rd Jason Costin
B: 1st Jared Raynes, 2nd Timm Weitzel, 3rd Glen Grbesa
C: 1st Raphael Hammond, 2nd Neil Mcvey, 3rd Ben Redpath
D: 1st John Ross, 2nd Walter Chetcuti, 3rd Tom Moloney
D Women: 1st Sarah Dam, 2nd Jill Stevenson, 3rd Diane Edwards
E: 1st Natalie Tancredi.
Footscray CC R#23 Graded Scratch Races @ VU, 1/2/18.
Very tough, windy night, lots of carnage. Josh, Tony and Thomas broke away and rode really strongly to stay away. In his 5th ever race, Jared Raymes put in a smashing last lap jump that saw him win easily. Michael Scragg took a very hotly contested sprint to take a win and Tom Gray rode like a boss on his new Pinarello to take D Grade.
A: Josh Zammit, Tony Hallam, Thomas Rebesco, Daniel Stojanovski, Paul Kenny.
B: Jared Raynes, Ben McCarthy, Mark Micallef, Vito Depetro, Michael Hazeldine.
C: Michael Scragg, Colin Morris, Les Kennett, Simon Perryman, Paul Downes.
D: Tom Gray, Luke Wells-Smith, Tom Moloney, Travis Grieve, Barry Cram.

Footscray CC R#22 Graded Scratch Races @ Drake Blvd, 28/01/18

In an effort to avoid the worst of the day’s heat, Round 22 of Footscray CC’s Summer Criterium Season saw riders head out to Drake Blvd in Altona for an early start, with E-Grade heading onto the circuit first, with Charlotte Morison taking the win from John Moses in second place and Coburg’s Commisaire extraordinaire Abby McGrath taking a well-earned third place.
B-and D Grades were the next to race, with 38 year old Cheltenham resident and St Kilda CC rider Broder Lackmann taking the B-Grade win, having put in a massive workload to establish a breakaway at the 25 minute mark. ‘I have never raced this course before but it has a few good sections where you can get out of sight pretty quickly, so I thought today would be a good day to get a few blokes and go up the road; everyone was quite willing to roll a turn. My favorite thing is to be in a breakaway where everyone is just giving it what they’ve got and I don’t care if we win or not, as long as everyone has given it all.’ Lackmann and Matt Arthur were doing the lion’s share of the work, with Steve Moses probably the next best contributor, nonetheless all 7 riders emptied their tanks and left nothing in reserve to hold off the bunch. ‘I don’t like to sit in, I don’t like to be a passenger. As long as I have given it everything I will go home happy.’ Lackmann and Arthur cleared away from the rest of the bunch on the final lap; Lackmann taking the win, Arthur second place and Peter McQuade rolling Mark Micallef for third place.
Meanwhile in D, 28 year old Yarraville resident Toby Newton, having his first ever race on a newly purchased 3-race license, took a strong bunch sprint win. ‘The race seemed to string out pretty quickly; there were a few of us really putting the pressure on at the front and I was busy following the wheel and trying not to lose concentration; it feels awesome to get my first win and I will definitely be back!’ Newton took the win from Tom King in second place and Tom Rickard in third place. Meanwhile it was Gina McVicar who took D Women from Jill Stevenson. ‘I tried to do some work early with the bunch and then thankfully Eddie called me in to have a rest behind him which I was grateful for as I was just about out of gas …after that I just tried to not fall too far down the line and concentrated on staying with the main bunch as long as possible…I had no idea of what was going on behind so I just put my head down and pushed as hard as I could to the finish.’
Being the last bunches to race, A and C Grades had to contend with the worst of the conditions; the strengthening Northerly and climbing temperatures as hot as a commercial kitchen.
C saw 27 year old Brunswick CC rider and Kensington resident Morgan Daniel take a strong win after a perfect last-lap leadout from his fellow Brunswick CC rider, 36 year old Shaun Scource. ‘Shaun took all the wind for me on the last lap and I took advantage of that and pulled out ahead at the end.’ Daniel took the win from Raphael Hammond in second place with Scource holding on to third place.
A grade saw a heap of riders shelled in the hardest and hottest race of the day. Eventual winner, Dom Dudkiewicz, summed up the cumulative effect of the conditions: ‘That headwind just kept getting stronger and hotter every lap and it had a compounding effect on riders; there were a lot of attacks out there today; riders going off the front and being brought back. In this sort of heat that’s usually enough to create a break and if you then put your nose to the grindstone for long enough you can usually make a break stick. Jason Costin, Dan Purcell and myself got away and did a few hard laps; Jason faded after a while and right near the end Dan faded a little so we made a deal and both worked till the end. It just kept getting hotter and windier and the legs kept getting more tired.’ Dudkiewicz took the well-earned win from Purcell, with Brad Erickson taking a strong third place.

A: 1st Dom Dudkiewicz, 2nd Dan Purcell, 3rd Brad Erickson, 4th Jason Costin, 5th Josh Zammit.
B: 1st Broder Lackmann, 2nd Matt Arthur, 3rd Peter McQuade, 4th Mark Micallef, 5th Steven Moses.
C: 1st Morgan Daniel, 2nd Raphael Hammond, 3rd Shaun Scource, 4th Josh Spagnolo, 5th Les Kennet.

D: 1st Toby Newton, 2nd Tom King, 3rd Tom Rickard, 4th Brett Herskope, 5th Ray Moriaty.
D Women: 1st Gina McVicar, 2nd Jill Stevenson.
E: 1st Charlotte Morison, 2nd John Moses, 3rd Abby McGrath, 4th Lisa Coates, 5th Jillion Lightfoot.
Round 21 of Footscray CC’s Summer Criterium Season saw riders head out to the VU circuit in Hoppers Crossing on a humid, windy and stormy evening, with B-Grade opening proceedings with a very lively crit punctuated by attack after attack; solo and two and three man attempts at the breakaway, but the hungry bunch kept reeling any breaks back in, although the pace of the chase saw quite a few riders dropped in the meantime. Notable long-term breaks were tried by Michael Francis, Ben McCarthy and a novice rider with great potential, Jared Raynes. With threatening raindrops hitting the tarmac, a sizeable bunch rounded the second last corner when 53 year old Mark Micallef jumped first and attempted to stay clear. ‘I knew that if I went into the wind with 2 corners to go, and get around the final corner with my nose in front, I should be able to hold them off with a tailwind, and it worked; I had to dig pretty deep though’.  Micallef held off the fast-finishing Matty Johnson and Jared Raynes who finished first and second respectively.
D Grade saw Robert Dickinson take the win in a race that saw the bunch break up in the tough, windy conditions, with Barry Cram taking second place and Tommy Gray third.
Unfortunately, A and C grades only got to pin on their numbers before the heavens opened up and 30 minutes of torrential rain turned the circuit into a lake and therefore racing to be abandoned before it started.

B: 1st Mark Micallef, 2nd Matthew Johnson, 3rd Jared Raynes (3RL).
D: 1st Robert Dickinson, 2nd Barry Cram, 3rd Tommy Gray.

Footscray CC R#20 Graded Scratch Races @ Drake Blvd, 21/01/18

Jan21 Pic a

Round 20 of Footscray CC’s Summer Criterium Season saw riders head out to Drake Blvd in Altona on a hot and steamy morning, with A Grade’s race being a real cat and mouse affair, dominated by 4 riders, namely Club Champ Dom Dudkiewicz, and guest riders Pat Drapac, Richard Linke and Morgan Smith. It looked a complex tactical race from the spectator’s standpoint, a view supported by eventual winner, Dom Dudkiewicz. ‘With Pat Drapac and Morgan Smith here, and from previous seasons Morgan and I have a healthy rivalry on the track and he typically wants to get away on his own. I respect his power and know that when he is out on his own he is likely to make it stick, so I like to go with him so typically we end up butting heads a little… if I go he chases and if he goes I chase so it becomes a bit of a cat-and-mouse game, and add to that the fact that Pat was here and he has a fair kick on him as well, so I was hesitant to blow too much energy.’ Add to this dynamic a very solid mid-race breakaway by Richard Linke and Travis Small, which was agonizingly reeled in on the last lap, and there were all the ingredients needed to ensure a very entertaining final sprint. ‘We came around the second last corner with a line of riders on the inside and another on the outside, and then it was 5 riders deep into the last corner; I came around Morgan on the outside with Pat on my wheel and got past Jason Costin and won by maybe a wheel.’ Dudkiewicz took the win from Pat Drapac in second place and Matthias Kiernan in third place.
B-Grade hit hard and hit early, with Agostino Giramondo launching his trademark Lap 2 attack and Aus TT Champ Sarah Gigante joining him for a long break; it set the tone for a tough race punctuated by many attacks, but it was the beautifully timed, late race solo break by Simon Whelan that really threw the cat amongst the pigeons, Whelan causing the bunch all sorts of angst and necessitating some serious chasing down; in the end it was Giramondo who led eventual winner, 47 year old Fitzroy resident Fraser Short, to the last corner. ‘I had the perfect leadout from Agi, who had Glen Grbesa on his wheel. I followed Glen and managed to roll past him and take the win.’ Short, who rides for the Italo-Australian Cycling Club, took a very strong sprint win from the incredibly consistent and smart Grbesa, with Robert Nichols a strong third and notably Whelan holding on for fourth.
C-Grade saw FCC rider Hamada Fayad take a strong sprint win from Dermot Nichols and Paul Munro; the sprint being a hotly contested and slightly messy affair.
D Grade saw Angus Vander take the win from Jake Ellis and veteran Tom Moloney and E grade saw Natalie Tancredi just pip Karen Lechner in the sprint, with Joanne Gruba taking third.

A: 1st Dom Dudkiewicz, 2nd Patrick Drapac, 3rd Matthias Kiernan, 4th Jason Costin, 5th Brad Erickson.
B: 1st Fraser Short, 2nd Glen Grbesa, 3rd Robert Nichols, 4th Simon Whelan, 5th Matt Nelson.
C: 1st Hamada Fayad, 2nd Dermot Nichols, 3rd Paul Munro, 4th Gerrit Prent, 5th Les Kennett.
D: 1st Angus Vander, 2nd Jake Ellis, 3rd Tom Moloney, 4th James Stuart, 5th Joe Caruana.
E: 1st Natalie Tancredi, 2nd Karen Lechner, 3rd Joanne Gruba.
Footscray CC R#18 Graded Points Races @ Drake Blvd, 14/1/18

Round 18 of Footscray CC’s Summer Criterium Season saw riders head out to Drake Blvd in Altona for our first points race of the new year, with A Grade’s sprints being dominated by Club Criterium Champion Dominik Dudkiewicz; the sprints all contested fiercely mainly by Dudkiewicz, Jason Costin and Daniel Brauensteins. Dudkiewicz took the win by cleaning up on all 5 sprints, with Brauensteins taking second place and Costin third with their consistent and impressive efforts; Dudkiewicz and Brauensteins getting away and contesting the sprints without the bunch pressure to contend with.
B-Grade saw a large and motivated bunch contest the race, with 24 year old Coburg CC rider Louis Raymond clean up in the sprints and take a strong points win from Corey Basaraba and veteran Mark Micallef, and in C-Grade in was a dominating break by Jonathon and Edward Creese; the pair simply powering away to nearly lap the hard chasing and frustrated bunch and taking first and second respectively, with Steve Bodey making the most of the bunch sprints to take third place.
D Grade women saw Erica Gosney dominate the sprints until the race was cut short by a crash, and Fergus Browning do the same in Men’s D. E grade saw Diane Edwards power away with Jill Stevenson in a breakaway; Edwards then launching an attack on the back straight on the final lap to take the win from Stevenson, with Dale Morgan Morris taking third and the bunch sprint.

A: 1st Dom Dudkiewicz, 2nd Daniel Brauensteins, 3rd Jason Costin, 4th Travis Small, 5th Josh Zammit.
B: 1st Louis Raymond, 2nd Corey Basaraba, 3rd Mark Micallef, 4th Daniel Frawley, 5th Marcus Olive.
C: 1st Jonathon Creese, 2nd Edward Creese, 3rd Steve Bodey, 4th Nick Tippett, 5th Joshua Spagnolo.
D: 1st Fergus Browning, 2nd Sam Tammaro, 3rd Gary Whalley.
D Women: 1st Erica Gosney, 2nd Sarah Dam.
E: 1st Diane Edwards, 2nd Jill Stevenson, 3rd Dale Morgan-Morris, 4th Fenella Long, 5th Katie Elliot.
Footscray CC R#16 Graded Scratch Races @ VU, 21/12/17

An interesting night’s racing, with Travis Small using his smarts on the 2nd last lap to just roll off the front of A-Grade when they slowed up; Small holding off the hard-charging Dom Dudkiewicz and Josh Zammit to take a well-earned win. B-Grade’s race, which went for 1 hour and 15 minutes, saw third placed Simon Anderson and second placed Stephen Price from SKCC put in a late attack and only just get run down on the line by the canny sprint of young Simon Whelan. C-Grade saw first placed Jared Raynes ride away from the bunch with second placed Martin Oroszi and and take a very strong win, with Barry Norton taking third place. D-Grade saw UK rider Robert Matthews ride away from the pack and take a strong win, with Steve Biggs taking second and James Stuart third place.

A: 1st Travis Small, 2nd Dom Dudkiewicz, 3rd Josh Zammit, 4th Nic Leonard, 5th Callum Brown.
B: 1st Simon Whelan, 2nd Stephen Price, 3rd Simon Anderson, 4th Matt Strachan, 5th Mark Micallef.
C: 1st Jared Raynes, 2nd Martin Oriszi, 3rd Barry Norton, 4th Steve Harris, 5th Simon Perryman.
D: 1st Robert Matthews, 2nd Steve Biggs, 3rd James Stuart, 4th Tommy Gray, 5th Dennis Hobbs.


Footscray CC R#15 Graded Scratch Races @ Drake Blvd, 17/12/17

Round 15 of Footscray CC’s Summer Criterium Season saw riders head out to Drake Blvd in Altona for the second time this season, with A Grade’s race being marred by a mid-race crash that saw Stuart Grimsey leave the circuit with a probable broken collarbone and Shane Ward with an injured hand and severe abrasions and grazes. The sprint was a fierce affair, with Dom Dudkiewicz just holding off Dan Purcell, with Jason Costin in third place.
B-Grade saw 27 year old Coburg CC rider and Essendon resident Emma Pane initiate a daring late-race break with Piers Nyeholt; the pair remaining clear for many laps; but in the end the bunch swallowed Pane up on the last corner; 33 year old West Geelong resident Nyeholt managing to just hold off the talented newcomer Ben Hellebo who was only half a wheel off taking the win, with Glen Grbesa taking third place.
C Grade saw 34 year old Coburg resident and Hawthorn CC rider Lucas Schirato take the sprint win from Tam Nguyen and Hamada Fayed. ‘This was my first time racing here; pretty fun circuit, and very windy on the back straight. 4 of us broke away on the back straight on the last lap. I sat in and came around the last corner in first wheel and just held off the guy behind me.’
D Grade saw Paul Downes lead out the sprint by rounding the last corner first, but get pipped on the line by Barry Heywood who took the win from Downes and Eddie O’Farrell.

A: 1st Dom Dudkiewicz, 2nd Dan Purcell, 3rd Jason Costin, 4th Brad Erickson, 5th Mathias Kiernan.
B: 1st Piers Nyeholt, 2nd Ben Hellebo, 3rd Glen Grbesa, 4th Steve Moses, 5th Corey Basaraba.
C: 1st Lucas Schirato, 2nd Tam Nguyen, 3rd Hamada Fayad, 4th Jarred Raymes, 5th George Leighton.
D: 1st Barry Heywood, 2nd Paul Downes, 3rd Eddie O’Farrell, 4th Steve Biggs, 5th Ray Moriaty.
D Women: 1st Jenny Erickson, 2nd Diane Edwards.
E: 1st Natalie Tancredi, 2nd Lisa Coates.


Footscray CC R#14 GSR’s @ VU, 14/12/17

A very windy night saw a 3-man A-Grade breakaway clean up, with Dom Dudkiewicz taking the win from Matthias Kiernan and Travis Small. In B-Grade an early breakaway blew the bunch to pieces, with the 4-man bunch lapping every rider on the circuit; John Mogavero taking their bunch sprint from Dean Maclennan, Marcus Nyeholt and Hans Birk. C-Grade saw new racer and triathlete Simon Anderson solo break from early in the race; Simon finished a lap up on the bunch, with Fabulous Phil Tehan taking the bunch-sprint and second place and Neil McVey in third. D-Grade saw Jared Raynes take the win from Brad Pringle in second and James Stuart in third place.

A: 1st Dom Dudkiewicz, 2nd Matthias Kiernan, 3rd Travis Small, 4th Josh Zammit, 5th Paul Kenny.
B: 1st John Mogavero, 2nd Dean Maclennan, 3rd Marcus Nyeholt, 4th Hans Birk, 5th Thomas Rebesco.
C: 1st Simon Anderson, 2nd Phil Tehan, 3rd Neil McVey, 4th Steve Bodey, 5th Mark Koutogiannis.
D: 1st Jared Raynes, 2nd Brad Pringle, 3rd James Stuart, 4th Steve Biggs, 5th Barry Cram.

Footscray CC R#13 Max Campbell Memorial Graded Scratch Races @ Drake Blvd, 10/12/17

Round 13 of Footscray CC’s Summer Criterium Season saw riders head out for the first time this season to Drake Blvd in Altona for the Max Campbell Memorial, with A Grade’s race being taken by West Footscray resident Mathias Kiernan; the 30 year old Brunswick CC rider taking a bunch sprint after the bunch chased down reigning champ Dom Dudkiewicz. ‘I thought a break would stick, but it became fairly obvious that everything would get chased down; then towards the end when Dom got off the front I thought it might be all over, but Jimmy Butler got on the front and produced a single lap effort that was hard to even follow. So we were all together again and Jason Costin jumped a little too early in the sprint and I came off his wheel at the right time and took the win.’ Kiernan took the sprint and the win, with second placed Jason Costin taking home the Campbell Memorial Sash as the first FCC rider, followed by James Butler in third place.
B-Grade saw 42 year old Coburg CC rider Matt Nelson take the win in a very hotly contested bunch sprint; Greensborough resident Nelson driven to the end by his determination. ‘It was quite a big field of very good riders and we generated a fair bit of speed. My plan was to go as hard as I could right before the corner, hold my breath and hope for the best.’ As it was, his tactic proved successful, with second placed Mark Micallef taking the Campbell Memorial Trophy as the first FCC rider and Dale Cameron mere centimeters behind in third place.
C Grade saw first time crit rider and undoubted emerging talent Benjamin Hellebo take a strong sprint win in a classy field; the 24 year old Brunswick resident and Norwegian expat using his physical fitness to compensate for his relative inexperience. ‘It was my first crit race and I started riding in February of this year. It was a good hit out and being my first crit I didn’t know what to expect but I tried to push the bunch a little early on and create a break, but they hung on very well.’ It then came down to a bunch sprint, with Hellebo holding off veteran super-rider Colin Morris, who claimed second place and the Campbell Memorial Trophy as first FCC rider ahead of Hamada Fayed in third place.
D Grade saw 58 year old Werribee resident Eddie O’Farrell take out another hard fought bunch sprint. ‘I went from about 300 out and put the ears back and hoped for the best.’ O’Farrell took the win and the Trophy, with Brett Bolan in second place and Barry Haywood in third place.
In the Women’s Grade, riders rode under control for the first half of the race, and once riders were free to race it was Newport gal Diane Edwards who started setting the pace. ‘This was only my second race and I had a blast! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and giving something new a go with some awesome women supporting us; it’s all about learning.’ Edwards finished well clear of second placed Natalie Tancredi, with Karen Lechner taking third place.

A: 1st Mathias Kiernan, 2nd Jason Costin, 3rd James Butler, 4th Brett Hickford, 5th Josh Zammit.
B: 1st Matt Nelson, 2nd Mark Micallef, 3rd Dale Cameron, 4th Agostino Giramondo, 5th Thomas Rebesco.
C: 1st Ben Hellebo 3RL, 2nd Colin Morris, 3rd Hamada Fayad, 4th Cam Atchinson, 5th Raphael Hammond.
D: 1st Eddie O’Farrell, 2nd Brett Bolam, 3rd Barry Haywood, 4th Erika Gosney, 5th Walter Chetcuti.
D Women: 1st Erika Gosney, 2nd Gina McVicar, 3rd Jenny Erickson.
Women’s Grade: 1st Diane Edwards, 2nd Natalie Tancredi, 3rd Karen Lechner, 4th Lisa Coates.
Footscray CC R#10 Graded Scratch Races @ VU Track, 30/11/17

Round 10 of Footscray CC’s Summer Criterium Season was a hot, humid and windy affair, with A Grade’s race being taken by Club Champ Dom Dudkiewicz after a series of blistering attacks, with Travis Small being the only rider able to stay with Dudkiewicz. In the end, it was Dudkiewicz by the length of the straight from Small and a lap down in third Paul Kenny.
B-Grade saw a strong 4 man breakaway ride away from the chasing peloton; the riders managing the gap and staying clear until the sprint, with John Mogavero holding off Lachlan Marshall and Marcus Nyeholt. C Grade saw 36-year-old Deer Park resident Neil McVey took the sprint in a race dominated by regular attacks; in the end veteran Les Kennett drove the leadout train that McVey was 2nd wheel of; McVey taking a strong win from Steve Harris and Kennett. D Grade saw Morris Caleca take the win with James Stuart in second place and Steve Biggs in third..

A: 1st Dom Dudkiewicz, 2nd Travis Small, 3rd Paul Kenny, 4th Richard Linke.
B: 1st John Mogavero, 2nd Lachlan Marshall, 3rd Marcus Nyeholt, 4th Hans Birk.
C: 1st Neil McVey, 2nd Steve Harris, 3rd Les Kennett.
D: 1st Morris Caleca, 2nd James Stuart, 3rd Steven Biggs.

Footscray CC R#9 Graded Scratch Races @ VU Track, 23/11/17

Round 9 of Footscray CC’s Summer Criterium Season saw riders head out to the VU track in Hoppers Crossing half expecting a washout due to the circling thunderstorms, but being subjected instead to high temperatures. A Grade’s race came down to a bunch sprint, with 33-year-old Ballarat-Sebastopol rider Daniel Bucknall taking a sprinter’s win after drama on the last corner. ‘Coming into the last 2 corners I thought if I got a break it would be good to get to the straight clear, but the bumps on the last corner caught me off-guard and I dropped my chain, so by the time I picked that back up and got on top of the gear I was struggling a bit.’ Fortunately for Bucknall, his lead gave him the much-needed time to recover, and he crossed the line clear of second-placed Callum Brown and third-placed Mat Elkan.
B-Grade saw riders being a tad conservative in the early stages; riders weary of the heat and only launching small, tentative attacks. Until, that is, the regular multi-lap surges by the ever-improving Marcus Nyeholt; the regular and sustained driving on the front really knocking the bunch about. With the bunch doing what was necessary to keep the peloton together, it came down to a bunch sprint that was given the power leadout by Nyeholt, who delivered riders in a paceline to the last corner and then faded. It was Michael Hazeldine who made the most of the sprint, weaving his way through riders to take a strong win, with Mark Micallef taking second and Steve Maher taking third.
C Grade saw quite possibly the best solo break of the summer season, with 23-year-old Flemington lad and FCC rider Lachlan Marshall performing a solo breakaway that defied gravity. In an early 4-man break, the Sports Science student found himself shelling his fellow breakaways, and then off he went on an adventure, which took him past A-Grade, and saw him get an amazing one-and-three-quarter lap lead on the C Grade bunch. With two riders ahead of the bunch but miles off Marshall, the race ended with an elated but exhausted Marshall charging to the line to take the definitive win from Pat Mercieca and Vlad Djuric in second and third respectively and a lap behind, with Robert Raats taking the bunch sprint in his last C-Grade race.
In D-Grade, it was the very in-form Steve Biggs who took the sprint from Ray Moriaty in second and the sensei, Barry Cram in third.

A: 1st Daniel Bucknall, 2nd Callum Brown, 3rd Mat Elkan, 4th Brad Erickson, 5th Leigh Kelly.
B: 1st Michael Hazeldine, 2nd Mark Micallef, 3rd Steve Maher, 4th Hans Birk, 5th David Lane.
C: 1st Lachlan Marshall, 2nd Pat Mercieca, 3rd Vlad Djuric, 4th Robert Raats, 5th Mark Koutsogiannis
D: 1st Steve Biggs, 2nd Ray Moriaty, 3rd Barry Cram, 4th Nick Tippett, 5th Dennis Hobbs.

Footscray CC R#8 Graded Scratch Races @ VU Track, 11/11/17

Round 8 of Footscray CC’s Summer Criterium Season saw riders battle a strong North-Easterly wind and warm, muggy conditions, with A Grade’s race being dominated by a long breakaway by Miles DaCosta; eventually though, the bunch swallowed him up and it came down to a bunch sprint, which was taken out by Josh Zammit, holding off Jason Costin in second place and Travis Small in third place.
B-Grade hit out at an insane pace, with guest riders Travis Edwards and Lincoln Stolz and Footscray rider Thomas Rebesco smashing out a series of attacks that saw the field down to just 5 riders by the 20-minute mark; Edwards then ramped up the speed and led the exhausted riders for the last five laps and into the sprint at the end that saw Rebesco take the win clear of Mark Micallef in second place and Edwards in third. C Grade saw David Lane continue his excellent run of form, taking the sprint win from two in-form riders in Raphael Hammond and Robert Raats, and D Grade saw the consistent Nick Tippett take a commanding win over Ray Moriaty and veteran Tom Moloney.

A: 1st Josh Zammit, 2nd Jason Costin, 3rd Travis Small, 4th Trent Cliford, 5th Leigh Kelly.
B: 1st Thomas Rebesco, 2nd Mark Micallef, 3rd Travis Edwards, 4th Lincoln Stolz, 5th Hans Birk.
C: 1st David Lane, 2nd Raphael Hammond, 3rd Robert Raats, 4th Les Kennett, 5th Neil McVey.
D: 1st Nick Tippett, 2nd Ray Moriaty, 3rd Tom Moloney, 4th Erica Gosney, 5th Eddie O’Farrell.

Footscray CC R#6 @ VU Track, Points Race and Women’s Series Final, 11/11/17

Round 6 of Footscray CC’s Summer Criterium Season was held in perfect, mild, sunny weather, with the Women contesting the Final Round of the Bicycle Superstore Women’s Series, and Grades A to D contesting a gruelling, exhausting series of sprints in our first Points Race of the season. The day’s racing was particularly tough for riders, as the format requires riders to sprint, recover and repeat every 10 minutes, a feat more easily said than done. The end result saw many riders dropped in the melee.
Showing some awesome early season form, 35 year old gun sprinter and Altona lad Shane Ward cleaned up in A Grade by taking 4 out of 5 Points Sprints, leaving him feeling confident as he heads into the Tour Of Bright, with Travis Small and Miles DaCosta rounding out the top 3, and Dan Welch taking the last sprint. B-Grade rider David Haynes broke away and held a half-lap lead over the bunch, taking a strong win ahead of Mark Micallef in second and Matt Johnson in third. C Grade saw Robbie Raats take a narrow Points Win over Dave Lane and Mark Koutogiannis, with a notable performance by Phil Tehan in a last lap breakaway to take the last sprint, and D Grade saw veteran Dennis Hobbs use his skills and consistency to take the win from James Stuart and Nick Tippett.
In the Women’s Grade, the Final of the Bicycle Superstore Women’s Series saw a clean sweep for Erica Gosney; the talented rider earning herself a promotion and the series win with a perfect run; Gosney taking today’s win from Jill Stevenson and Julia Ius. ‘Jill and I attacked towards the end; we got away and worked pretty hard to stay away, then I used the advice Belinda Goss gave us in training and came around the last corner second wheel, and got over Jill near the line. I’m glad it’s over! It feels great to win the series, and now my next challenge is D Grade; it will be a learning experience for me.’ Gosney took the Series win ahead of Stevenson in second place and Andrea Ray in third.

Footscray Cycling Club R#5 Graded Scratch Racing @ Vic Uni Track, Hoppers Crossing, 9/11/17.

Round 5 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s 2017/8 Criterium season was held out at the Victoria University track out at Hoppers Crossing. In the A-Grade race, 43-year-old Little River resident Travis Small risked a late race solo breakaway that paid great dividends. “I was starting to run out of gas when I saw Dan Welch make it across to me, and then he did a massive turn, and I did, and we were holding the gap.” Welch and Small kept the gap to the chasing bunch steady, until the bell lap, when Jimmy Butler lit the afterburner and attempted to run the breakaway pair down. With Butler right on their tails, Small crossed the line in first place, with Welch a strong second and Butler a bridge too far in third place.
In B-Grade, 42-year-old Andrew Naughtin took his second win in a row with a blistering sprint after an eventful race, with Murray Crawford throwing in regular, sustained attacks and spending quite a few laps either on the front driving the pace, or up the road in a 20-minute solo breakaway. With a few laps to go, Marcus Nyeholt took off in pursuit of a solo win, but a determined John Mogavero hit the front of the bunch and drove the pace through the roof for the last 2 laps; Mogavero delivering the line of riders to within striking distance of Nyeholt, who was swamped at the line by Naughtin in first and Matt Johnson in second.
C-Grade’s race saw a sustained run off the front by veteran gun Phil Tehan, but that and all moves were covered by the bunch; in the end it was a grinding sprint, with Steve Maher in first, from Troy Van Trienen and George Leighton.
In D-Grade, novice racer Glenn Purcell took his second win in a row and earned himself a promotion to C, with Terry Hollibone in second and Lachlan Marshal in third.

A: 1st Travis Small, 2nd Daniel Welch, 3rd James Butler, 4th Daniel Bucknall, 5th Josh Zammit.
B: 1st Andrew Naughtin, 2nd Matt Johnson, 3rd Marcus Nyeholt, 4th Mark Micallef, 5th Michael Hazeldine.
C: 1st Steve Maher, 2nd Troy Van Trienen, 3rd George Leighton, 4th Colin Morris, 5th Barry Heywood.
D: 1st Glenn Purcell, 2nd Terry Hollibone, 3rd Lachlan Marshal, 4th Pat Mercieca, 5th Tom Clooney.

Footscray Cycling Club R#4 Graded Scratch Racing @ Vic Uni Track, Hoppers Crossing, 4/11/17.

Round 4 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s 2017/8 Criterium season was held out at the Victoria University track out at Hoppers Crossing, with Saturday afternoon’s racing being held in breezy and chilly conditions. In the A-Grade race, 39-year-old Seaholme resident Jason Costin pulled off a win that could only be described as a Lazarus with a triple-bypass, as with 6 laps to go he was dropped from the leading bunch of 5 riders after Miles DaCosta put the bunch into the gutter; but, Costin, like the Little Engine That Could, just kept his head down and hoped that the bunch ahead would slow up whilst playing the tactical game for the final sprint. And right on cue, the bunch slowed to a crawl with 2 to go. ‘They started playing around, and I just kept going at about 90 percent. I really didn’t think I would catch them, but there I was back with them with three corners to go. I sat on Travis until the last corner, and no one really was sprinting too hard; Shane didn’t hit his turbo.’ Costin ground out the agonizing sprint and crossed a bike length clear of the chasing bunch, with Ward and Zammit crossing line astern in second and third place respectively; Costin proving the old adage “Never give up.”
In B-Grade, 42-year-old Andrew Naughtin took the win in a classy field of riders who weathered attack after attack, with many riders trying their luck with a breakaway. With the bunch coming back together every time, the race result came down to positioning in the final few laps, and it was Naughtin who found himself at the last corner in a strong position. ‘Coming up the front straight the last time one guy tried to break away; I went across and sat on his wheel until we went over the hill, and Mark Micallef came past and I jumped on his wheel, sat there till the final bend, went around him and sprinted to the line and stayed clear by about 5 meters.’ Naughtin crossed well clear of the chasers, with Dale Cameron and David Walker taking second and third place respectively.
C-Grade’s race was a sedate affair once the bunch determined that there would be no successful breakaways in the windy conditions. In the end it was 42-year-old Seddon resident Robert Raats who took the sprint in fine style from Dave Lane and Mark Koutogiannis. “There were a few soft attacks; I tried rolling off the front, but everything just came back together. On the second-last lap, one guy jumped and I grabbed his wheel and followed him; he dragged us home and on the last corner I was in front and I put the head down and held on.”
In D-Grade, excavator operator Glenn Purcell ‘dug deep’ on the last lap and took the win; the 32-year-old Albion resident showing the bunch a clean pair of heels. ‘It was nice and controlled at the start for about 25 minutes, and from there 6 of us broke away and we worked so well together; I learned so much from the experienced guys in D in my second race today. With a lap to go I broke away and I churned it out as hard as I could, then when I got to the hill I hit it again and put a little more of a gap in them, so by the time I got to the final bend I was absolutely wrecked but comfortable that I would win.’ Purcell too the race with ease, with Steve Biggs taking second from Nick Tippett in third place.
In the Women’s grade, a healthy field of gals rolled turns under the control of Sarah Dam for 25 minutes, before being let loose to contest for the win. Eventual winner, 44-year-old Altona resident Erica Gosney, used the skills she acquired from Belinda Goss’ FCC/Bicycle Superstore Training Clinics to plan her sprint at the end to perfection. “There were 5 of us up the road, then 4 at the end. Rebecca Purcell went at the bell and I tried to tack on to her wheel, and then I went past her on the straight and tried to hold her off. The line couldn’t come quickly enough! I am really looking forward to trying the Altona circuit as well.” Gosney and Purcell were well clear of third placed Jill Stvenson and fourth placed Jenny Erickson.

A: 1st Jason Costin, 2nd Shane Ward, 3rd Josh Zammit, 4th Travis Small, 5th Miles DaCosta.
B: 1st Andrew Naughtin, 2nd Dale Cameron, 3rd David Walker, 4th John Mogavero, 5th Mark Micallef.
C: 1st Robert Raats, 2nd David Lane, 3rd Mark Koutogiannis, 4th Simon Perryman.
D: 1st Glenn Purcell, 2nd Steve Biggs, 3rd Nick Tippett, 4th Barry Cram, 5th Andy Dick.
Women’s: 1st Erica Gosney, 2nd Rebecca Purcell, 3rd Jill Stevenson, 4th Jenny Erickson, 5th Fenella Long.

Footscray CC Crit @ VU, Thursday 26th Oct 2017.

A: Hammered out a solid pace; until Jim Butler, Josh Zammit and Werribee lad Callum Brown broke away and just powered off into the distance; the trio maintaining a half-lap advantage over a chasing peloton who were committed to the chase; in the end, 23 year old Brown held off the powerful finish of Jimmy Butler by the barest of margins.
1st Callum Brown, 2nd Jim Butler, 3rd Josh Zammit, 4th Andrew Smeal, 5th Xavier Coppock.
B: A very entertaining race this one; good, even field, hammering along nicely, lots of attacks (nice work Ally Delooze, Peirs Nyeholt) and lots of chasing. In the end, it was one big bunch sprint, and Dale “WCG Strongman” Cameron took off first and held off a fast finishing Michael Hazeldine and Mark Micallef.
1st Dale Cameron, 2nd Michael Hazeldine, 3rd Mark Micallef, 4th James Bell, 5th Ally Delooze.
C: Top cat handled himself very well today; the Werribee resident taking the bunch sprint by a bike length over the consistent Dave Lane and the ever-improving Mark Koutogiannis.
1st Tiernan CLark, 2nd David Lane, 3rd Mark Koutogiannis, 4th Steven Harris, 5th Neil McVey.
D: 37 year old Werribee resident Mark Aquilina followed the moves around and had a good wheel coming into the last corner and took out a close sprint, the first time racer beating home two veterans in James Stuart and Tom Moloney after a great (albeit inadvertent) lead-out by one of his WCG mates.
1st Mark Aquilina, 2nd James Stuart, 3rd Tom Moloney, 4th Steve Biggs, 5th Garry Whalley.

Vtg 2

2017 Victorian Teachers Games Race Report…

Off we all went to wet, windy and chilly Learmonth to compete in the 2017 Vic Teachers Games, with the Road Race hosted by the fabulous Eureka Vets, who have great clubrooms on Lake learmonth, and put on a mean spread when you return from your race..

And what a race. We started out in 11 degree drizzle, 60-70 kph gusty winds, and it only got worse! On Lap 1, we found ourselves staring at a very grey sh1tstorm coming our way; the driving rain hitting us head-on. Can’t get much worse, can it? Then the hail started…Holy Crap hail HURTS when it is tossed at you at 70 kph. Ow.

Anyways, it very quickly came down to a race of 4; with a few searching attacks I sussed out who was my greatest risk in the sprint. So, with a kay to go Ross Schubach hit us and performed the perfect hard lead-out, keeping the pace high (just how I like it). When he started to fade, I launched, around everyone, and into the gutter to give no-one a comfy sit. I knew 2 were done, but Chris Fenech was on my wheel, and I thought I may fade and he may get me, but twice I just lifted, and held him off, crossing the line at max HR. So that’s Gold in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, (O/S 2013), 2014, 2015 (2016 no race) and 2017!

Pretty happy with that!


Footscray Cycling Club Road Championships @ Sandy Creek, Sept 17, 2017.

The penultimate round of the Footscray Cycling Club’s Winter Road Season saw riders tackle the notoriously exposed and tricky Sandy Creek circuit near Little River; the benign Northerly winds combined with the deteriorating gravel section and steep climb made the race to be Club Champion all the more challenging.
Current Road Club Champion Dominik Dudkiewicz took out today’s A-Grade race in a six man bunch-sprint; the 33 year old taking his seventh Club Title and fifth in a row. ‘The weather was too nice, hardly any wind, so Miles and I did the damage on the first run through the gravel and up the climb and a few guys got dropped. On the third lap we started foxing for the finish; still all together but the odd probing attack. But everything was getting shut down, so my focus was just to chase any gaps and leave it to a sprint. I wanted to leave the sprint as late as possible; Steve Upton jumped first, and when he went Shane and I went too. I got a gap of a few bike lengths on the others and got the win. I’m growing attached to the number #1!’ Dudkiewicz took the strung out sprint from Shane Ward in second place and Upton in third place.
B-Grade’s race was as much about strategy as it was about trying to get away from the bunch; a few serious breakaways were attempted, notably by Graeme Cole and David Walker; but the last lap saw most riders still together. With the pace breakneck one moment, and a stroll the next, it was foxing all the way…until the dirt section, where 16 year old Williamstown lad Hamish Munro threw in an attack and had the bunch strung out… as the riders approached the climb Munro extended his lead, with John Mogavero, then Walker and then Mark Micallef all strung out and chasing. Within a few kilometres of the finish line, Micallef caught Walker, the pair then joining with Mogavero and eventually the four were together for the run to the line. Within sight of the line, Walker attacked, with the other three scrambling for wheels. In the end Walker provided a fast leadout, with Munro taking gritting out an extremely tight sprint and just holding out Mogavero in second by 10 cm and Micallef half a bike length back in third. ‘It was an odd race, hot and cold, sometimes hard and fast and sometimes sitting in. I really wanted to break away but I needed someone to come with me. The sprint was so close; I wasn’t sure if I got it or not.’
C-Grade veteran rider Colin Morris took home the trophy in C; the 63 year old veteran racer whose cycling CV would make most riders drool dominating in the sprint. ‘It was pretty hard on the dirt and over the hill, but we stayed together, until Phil decided to attack with one to go. We caught him at the base of the hill. There were 5 of us in the sprint, and Andrew Rossiter led the train, with Raphael, then Dave Lane and myself. I got on Dave’s wheel and just got by.’ Morris took the win from Lane in second place and Raphael Hammond in third place.
D-Grade’s race was taken out by Tiernan Clark, the 38 year old paralegal taking the sprint win. ‘It was reasonably steady on lap one, but the second lap saw us trying to thin the numbers down, and there were five of us when we hit the dirt. At the end, we were all foxing and I went to the front and kept an eye on James; when he kicked I did.’ Clark took the win from James Stuart in second place and Greg Lane in third place.
49 year old Werribee resident Meg Rennie took out the Women’s race from Karen Lechner in second; the financial planner enjoying the dirt section but not the climbs. ‘Today was just a case of gritting it out and getting to the end; a very tough race.’

A: 1st Dominik Dudkiewicz, 2nd Shane Ward, 3rd Stephen Upton, 4th Miles Da Costa, 5th Daniel Welch.
B: 1st Hamish Munro, 2nd John Mogavero, 3rd Mark Micallef, 4th David Walker, 5th Michael Hazeldine.
C: 1st Colin Morris, 2nd David Lane, 3rd Raphael Hammond, 4th Andrew Rossiter, 5th Martin Oroszi.
D: 1st Tiernan Clark, 2nd James Stuart, 3rd Greg Lane.
Woman’s: 1st Meg Rennie, 2nd Karen Lechner.

Footscray Cycling Club Graded Scratch Races @ Sheoaks, Sept 9, 2017.

Round 14 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s Winter Road Season ventured out to the very hilly and difficult SheOaks circuit in the Brisbane Ranges, with intermittent showers making the descents challenging to say the least; winter’s last gasp taking its toll on rider numbers at the end of the season.
Dom Dudkiewicz took out today’s A-Grade race after a relatively calm opening three laps; on the fourth and last climb out of Steigliz, Dudkiewicz attacked, gapping his closest rival in Chris Munro. Dudkiewicz’s solo run to the line saw him cross the finish line 90 seconds clear of Munro, who was also well clear of Josh Zammit in third place.
B-Grade saw a very small field of 4 riders brave the wintery conditions and hammer out the first two laps at a high but co-operative pace; with one attack on the last climb breaking the bunch up for a few kilometres. But within a moderate distance, the whole bunch were back together and being driven at a breakneck pace by Stormonth, who led the bunch deep into the sprint; 53 year old birthday boy Mark Micallef just edging a half-wheel past to take the win from Stormonth in second and David Procak in third place.
In C-Grade, another small bunch saw a very in-form David Lane take the win from an up and coming rider in Martin Oroszi; the 60 year old Werribee resident trying every trick in the book to dislodge Oroszi from his wheel. ‘On the first lap we all stayed together. As usual Phil Tehan went hard on the descents. I noticed Martin struggled on the descent so I put that in the memory bank knowing where I could get a gap. On the second lap I attacked on the 1st hill. Only Martin got on. We were away, but I cranked it up when I saw Phil gaining. I attacked Martin on every descent and hill, but could not shake him. Across the top I felt quicker but not quick enough to shake Martin. So, down to a sprint. Cat and mouse, but I had his wheel and felt confident. I managed to out sprint him and take the win. As usual Sheoaks was a very tough ride.’ Lane took the win from Orozi a close second and Tehan some distance behind in third.

A: 1st Dominik Dudkiewicz, 2nd Chris Munro, 3rd Josh Zammit.
B: 1st Mark Micallef, 2nd Rod Stormonth, 3rd David Procak.
C: 1st David Lane, 2nd Martin Oroszi, 3rd Phil Tehan.

The faces behind our races…

Here we have a race report about the race to get the race up and racing! This is a race report that will not mention any particular race – I have been writing those for the last 10 years- but this time I will write up the race behind the scenes to put on the race. So here goes…

So, how does the Footscray Cycling Club put on 70-odd races each year? Who are the stars?

The top of the list? You will never guess but you will approve. Our families. Our wives, hubbies, significant others, kids, parents, mates, brothers, sisters and assorted crazy relatives. The people who do the day-to-day quiet support of our crazed obsession with this exotic mix of carbon fibre, metal and rubber. These are the people who help us marshal races, standing on cold, wet corners holding up flags and cheering us on, the loved ones who listen to our stories of good and bad luck, feed us, throw our wet kit into the washer and somehow resist the urge to strangle us. A heartfelt thank-you, one and all.

We have Mark Zanatta, the ‘Commissaire Extraordinaire’, the glue that keeps the FCC together. The man who runs the race, organizes the trophies, checks every meter of the course for our safety, organizes the race radios, signs and other necessities, opens up early, stays until late. Seriously, what would we do without Mark Zanatta? Markie is ably assisted by ‘Dangerous’ Dave Danson, ‘Slippery’ Steve Michetti, Phil ‘the broom man’ Tehan and a team of race day organisers who get the infrastructure in place whilst we warm up.

And speaking of Zanatta’s, what can we say about Frankie Bianchi? No matter how low we feel, there he is, hand on a rider’s shoulder, urging us on, complimenting, encouraging, advising and helping in any way he can. That’s why he’s a “Club Legend”!

We have Bernie O’Sullivan, who spends countless hours chasing up sponsors and prizes, programs and produce – hours and hours of footwork and phone work all for the benefit of those of us who race.

And then we have Jason Southby; Jase somehow performs the impossible task of keeping Vic Roads, Vic Police, the councils of Wyndham, Melton, Golden Plans, Moorabool, Hobson’s Bay, ALL HAPPY! The FCC has a reputation, largely due to the professionalism and quality of Jase’s work, of running the best, safest and most compliant racing in Victoria. Jase sleeps, eats and drinks Traffic Management Plans, Signs and ‘hotdogs’ and it’s rumoured he has nightmares about riders crossing white lines!

We have the man who could sell oil to an Arab; Vito DePetro. (By the way Vito, thanks for the barrel of oil mate). When all seems dire, and marshals are nowhere to be found, like a rabbit out of a hat Vito performs a miracle and after hours and hours on the phone, we have our marshals sorted and can race. Another hurdle jumped.

And there are the next generation on the current Executive coming up with innovation after innovation…Michael Dam; computer whizz, entry taker, the ‘Boss’ of Entryboss. ‘El Presidente’, Club Event MC, and general trouble shooter Miles DaCosta, committed to keeping crit racing at Drake fast and exciting. Karen on Memberships, Murray our Treasurer, Shane and Graeme playing the devil’s advocates (handicappers). Our Club Patron, Freddie G, and other loyal supporters.

And what about the marshals, who come down and donate their weekend to help us race; Where do I end? Too many to mention, but you get the idea. The FCC is a community of people who help each other out, and come together to enjoy life, a race, a beer (or two Barry Cram!) and each other’s company. Here’s to the FCC!

-From your very proud Secretary, intrepid race report writer (never let the truth get in the way of a good story!), Medial Liaison dude and general dogsbody Mark Micallef.

Footscray Cycling Club Graded Scratch Races @ Sandy Creek, Sept 2, 2017.

Round 13 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s Winter Road Season saw riders tackle the notoriously exposed and tricky Sandy Creek circuit near Little River; the strong North-Westerly winds combining with the gravel section and a steep climb to make the day’s racing not one for the feint-hearted.
Guest Geelong CC rider Trent Clifford took out today’s A-Grade race with a fellow Geelong ally in tow; 31-year-old Clifford and gun rider Tom Paton dominating the end game on lap 3. ‘It just got harder and harder every time we got to the gravel; we lost riders every lap, and then Tom gave it the berries the last time through and when I looked back there was no-one left. That’s when I decided to push hard over the hill and make a run for the line. Tom managed to snaffle second’. In a show of great form, 16-year-old future star Hamish Munro was just in behind Paton and unlucky not to overhaul him for second; Munro taking an amazing third place well clear of Miles DaCosta in fourth place.
B-Grade’s race was unusually dominated by the breakneck speeds riders achieved on the downwind run; with each run through the gravel signalling a new attack. Lap 1 saw Patrick Varas, and Glen Wright attack and stay away for the lap, and lap 2 saw the pace shell quite a few riders, but it was a last lap attack by Rod Stormonth that saw him remain clear all the way down Sandy Creek Road, until he was caught at the line by 33-year-old gym instructor Daniel Standen; the Sunbury resident in hot pursuit of Stormonth. ‘Rod took off in the crosswind. There were 4 or 5 of us who were chasing Rod, and after we caught him I decided to go for the win. I made a solo break for the line, thinking that if anyone could hold my wheel, good luck.’ As it was, no-one could; Standen taking the win clear of David Walker in second and Patrick Varas in third place.
C-Grade riders were given a tough test with 42-year-old returning rider David Bertovic dominating the day’s proceedings; the winner breaking away on lap 1, being brought back to the pack, only to slam the action into the gutter on lap 2 on the run to the last corner, skipping away out of sight through the gravel section all the way to the line. ‘I’m coming back to racing after having young kids and needed a hit-out before Amy’s Granfondo; I needed to have some time riding in a bunch. I had a few good attacks and once I knew it was a tailwind all the way to the line I just went for it.’ Bertovic took the win well clear of the bunch, with Colin Morris taking the bunch sprint from Bob Shannon.
D-Grade’s race was taken out by 38-year-old Paralegal Tiernan Clark with a strong run to the line on the second lap. ‘The wind was strong but consistent, which made it easier as there weren’t too many gusts. On the last run through the gravel I went hard and James Stuart and Dennis Hobbs went with me; we rode tempo all the way to the line.’ Clark took the win from Stuart in second place and Hobbs in third place.

A: 1st Trent Clifford, 2nd Tom Paton, 3rd Hamish Munro, 4th Miles Da Costa.
B: 1st Daniel Standen, 2nd David Walker, 3rd Patrick Varas.
C: 1st David Bertovic, 2nd Colin Morris, 3rd Bob Shannon.
D: 1st Tiernan Clark, 2nd James Stuart, 3rd Dennis Hobbs.


Footscray Cycling Club Andrew Mackellar Memorial Handicap, August 26, 2017.

In challenging racing conditions, riders set off in 5 bunches to contest the Footscray Cycling Club’s 2nd Annual Andrew Mackellar Memorial Handicap; the handicap format requiring each bunch of riders to co-operate and push themselves to the limit to keep the chasing bunches at bay; the gun riders of Scratch starting out with a 24-minute deficit to make up over Limit. With strengthening winds and a foreboding winter’s sky, the 5 determined bunches set off from Little River and headed out to the ‘Flinders Avenue’ circuit at the base of the You-Yangs Regional Park; with all 5 bunches doing their best to complete the first 3 laps of the 13-kilometer circuit as efficiently as possible.
The action really started on Lap 4, when 2nd Scratch, led by Xavier Coppock, hammered past the Middle-Markers at warp-speed; both groups on the rivet and burning-lactic when, moments later, Scratch hammered past the combined group and turned the screws a tad more, with the next 10 kilometres leaving a trail of bodies in its wake. This combined, and thinned-down, bunch set off on pursuit of the two groups that lay ‘up the road’; unbeknownst to them up ahead the race for the outright win hit a critical moment. In what was undeniably the gutsiest move of the day, the massive diesel unit and current Ford Tour of Samoa Champ that is Tim Robertson decided it was time to throw caution to the wind, leave 2nd Limit and bridge to Limit in a do-or-die move. The N.Z. expat spun his racing jandals and set off on his quest; and in behind eventual outright winner, Gerald Aglipa saw the wisdom in Robertson’s move and followed, which turned out to be a good wager to take as bridge they eventually did; no small feat on Robertson’s part on a difficult day to manage his fatigue and power and run down a whole bunch of riders ahead. By the start of the fifth, and last, lap, Scratch had the gargantuan task of making up 4 minutes and some change on the combined Limit / 2nd Limit bunch, which proved to be too big of an ask. As the now combined bunch made the final turn into the home straight, with Scratch tantalizingly close (and yet not close enough) and charging hard, it was a race of attrition to the finish, with Aglipa agonizingly eking out a small lead of 3-4 bike lengths from Robertson (whose earlier withdrawals from the Bank Of Legs now came home to haunt him); the pair crossing ahead of 3 exceptionally determined Limit riders in Paul Beasley in 3rd place, Phil Tehan in 4th place, and Tom Gray in 5th place; all five riders showing grit and determination to stay the course and finish in the money. 42-year-old Melton South resident Aglipa, a Philippines expat, is relatively new to racing but has had a great start, winning a Geelong CC Handicap and now an FCC handicap. ‘When Tim went first at Forest Rd, it took me some time to get to his wheel, and then we worked with Limit once we got across. I am not a great sprinter and it was a crosswind and I was on the exposed side and at a disadvantage, so I figured I may as well go, so I went early and it paid off for me.’
Mere seconds behind, the battle for the coveted ‘Fastest Time’ sash was on in earnest; with an elated Daniel Welch taking his first ever sash just ahead of Miles DaCosta; the 31-year-old British expat and now Newport resident heaping of praise upon his bunch for their efforts. ‘I started off in D-Grade 18 months ago and can’t tell you how much it means to me to take Fastest Time.’ The South Yorkshire born Welch, who came to Australia in 2014 to follow the love of his life Laura (a Hoppers Gal), has been getting up at 5 am to train for the last year and has had a meteoric rise through the grades of late. ‘I am unbelievably happy today; I challenged myself to get up to A-Grade and that has been such a thrill, and now my next challenge is to be successful in the Melbourne to Warrnambool in six weeks. This result today is a good sign that the work is starting to pay dividends. But, the real honour today is to take home such an important sash from the Footscray Cycling Club. I think I’ll wear the sash for the next month!’

1st Gerald Aglipa @ 2:09:25 (Actual time 2:03:25), 2nd Tim Robertson, 3rd Paul Beasley, 4th Phil Tehan, 5th Tommy Gray, 6th & Fastest Time Daniel Welch, 7th Miles DaCosta, 8th Hamish Munro, 9th Josh Zammit, 10th Xavier Coppock.

Fastest Time Daniel Welch @ 2:10:38 (Actual time 1:46:38)

Footscray Cycling Club Graded Scratch Races @ Balliang, Aug 19, 2017.

The Footscray Cycling Club’s Winter Road Season took a chilly turn this weekend, with riders being challenged by a wintery blast of cold and rain on the Balliang Circuit.
South Perth Cycling Club rider Brian Sing took out today’s A-Grade race; the W.A. rider surviving the early attacks launched by James Butler that split A into 3 groups. Sing took the sprint from Ballarat/Sebastopol CC rider John Maguire and Club President Miles ‘Trump’ DaCosta.
B-Grade’s race was a strange affair, with an inconsistent pace and a relatively calm first run up to the ‘Hotdog’ turn at the base of Granite Rd; the second lap climbs being punctuated by a few serious attacks from Hawthorn CC rider Julian Del Beato, David Walker and John Mogavero, but in the end it was 52-year-old Werribee rider Mark Micallef who took the sprint. ‘In the run-down to the sprint, it was Julian who hit first, trying to open up a gap, so it was a heady pace as we approached the end. It bunched up with about half a kilometre to go, and I made sure I wasn’t buried too deep in the pack; Dave Walker took off and I claimed his wheel, and with about 100 to go I launched. I fully expected to be swamped on the line but managed to hold them off.’ Micallef crossed the line with John Mogavero in second place and Geoff Robertson in third place.
In C-Grade, St Kilda CC rider Marcus Olive took the win from wily veteran Colin Morris and the ever consistent Andrew Rossiter; Olive finding himself in a very tight sprint after a very tough series of climbs into Staughton Vale.
D-Grade’s race was first time racer Raphael Hammond who took out a very hotly contested bunch-sprint by a tiny margin from Tiernan Clark and Ballarat/Sebastopol CC rider Steve Barille.

A: 1st Brian Sing, 2nd John Maguire, 3rd Miles DaCosta, 4th Gerard Zammit, 5th Josh Zammit.
B: 1st Mark Micallef, 2nd John Mogavero, 3rd Geoff Robertson, 4th Thomas Rebesco, 5th David Walker.
C: 1st Marcus Olive, 2nd Colin Morris, 3rd Andrew Rossiter, 4th Nic Newby, 5th Matthew Johnson.
D: 1st Raphael Hammond, 2nd Teirnan Clark, 3rd Steve Barille, 4th Dennis Hobbs, 5th Tom Gray.

Footscray Cycling Club Graded Scratch Races @ Sheoaks, Aug 13, 2017.

The Footscray Cycling Club’s Winter Road Season ventured out to the very hilly and technical She Oaks circuit in the Brisbane Ranges, with mild conditions providing a welcome contrast to the brutal series of hill climbs awaiting riders.
New to A-Grade rider Connor Rate took out today’s A-Grade race; the 20-year-old Carnegie student taking the brave step up from B with his buddy and second placed rider, 19-year-old Ashburton resident Leigh Phillips. ‘It was pretty calm for the first 10 kays or so, but then one guy broke away and we had to work hard to keep him in sight; we caught him at the start of the second lap and he went out the back, so we were down to 6, and then Michael Dam attacked and did the same, so we were down to 5. On lap 3 there was quite a bit of attacking, but by the 4th lap we were all still there. I attacked on the hill before the fast descent into Steiglitz, and got a bit of a gap, and Leigh followed and bridged across. We rolled turns and stayed away; we did have a sprint and I just got it.’ Rate and Phillips finished clear of Daniel Welch who took a strong third place.
B-Grade saw 38-year-old John Mogavero take a well-deserved win by riding a conservative race for the first few laps, thus having the fire-power to hit the tiring bunch on the last 2 laps. The Burnside lad was aware of the tiring nature of the circuit, and knew what he had to do. ‘I marshalled the race earlier in the season and saw how brutal the course was, and it was about conserving efforts and saving it for when I needed it; by the third lap I pushed a bit more to see what the others had, and on the last lap as we climbed out of Steiglitz I found myself in the right gear, and getting a great draft off Dale Cameron, so I just kept going and used it to my advantage and put the bunch under pressure. 4 of us came together at the top of the climb and with about 500 to go I thought it was time to go; I knew I could catch them off-guard and I got a very good gap so at least if I got caught I wouldn’t die wondering. As it was, I was fading and David Procak was very close, but I got to the line first.’ Mogavero took the win from veteran racer David Procak in second and Evan Miller in third place.
In C-Grade, four great climbers really put the bunch under pressure, shelling quite a few riders along the way; in the end, it was Josh McNamara who took the win from Damien Lang in second and David Lane in third.
The riders who started in D-Grade broke up on lap 2, with Margarita Williams again taking the win from Foina Haddrell in second place; both well clear of Meg Rennie who charged home in third place.

A: 1st Connor Rate, 2nd Leigh Phillips, 3rd Daniel Welch, 4th Dan Purcell, 5th Josh Zammit, 6th Michael Dam.
B: 1st John Mogavero, 2nd David Procak, 3rd Evan Miller, 4th Dale Cameron, 5th Mark Micallef, 6th Ben McCarthy.
C: 1st Josh McNamara, 2nd Damien Lang, 3rd David Lane, 4th John Boyle, 5th Gerald Aglipa.
D: 1st Margarita WIlliams, 2nd Fiona Haddrell, 3rd Meg Rennie.

Footscray Cycling Club Bicycle Buyer Winter Classic @ Kirksbridge, 30 July 2017.

An amazing 94 racers converged on Little River on a sunny, mild but extremely windy Sunday morning to contest the Footscray Cycling Club’s 2nd Annual Bicycle Buyer Winter Classic; the six large bunches setting off into a nasty Northerly headwind; Limit, the first bunch to set off, knew that the task ahead of them was going to be a real test, through to Scratch, the gun riders in the last bunch to set off 35 minutes later, licking their lips in appreciation of the tough conditions, in chase of all those ‘up the road’.

On Lap 1 of the notoriously exposed and difficult Kirksbridge circuit it was every bunch shedding precious riders in unnecessary carnage; undisciplined bunches dropping riders that immediately weakened their prospects of winning by reducing their bunch sizes and therefore their average speed. As it unfolded, it was two riders form 2nd Limit and 6 from 3rd Limit who combined and took the bulk of the placings. First time Handicap rider, 29-year-old Northcote resident Joshua McNamara, who started in 2nd limit, has only been riding seriously for the last 6 months, but managed to take home the winner’s trophy by attacking from the combined bunch he found himself a part of.  ‘The first bunch I was in (2nd Limit) was a little bit all over the shop, and when we got swallowed up by 3rd Limit on Lap 2, a bunch of 10 formed from that and we stayed away for the rest of the race. We swapped turns and rode well, and on the last lap I attacked on the top corner and another guy went with me and we just went for it. I lost him with about six kays to go and I thought if I could just get to the corner it was a tailwind all the way to the finish. I got there and I soloed to the win.’ McNamara took the win 21 seconds ahead of second placed Ian Murphy and third placed Andrew Gannon.

16-year-old Sarah Gigante, who has been racing since she was 8 years old, took out Fastest Female at 2:36:03 by setting a very solid pace in 3rd Scratch; the VCE student very happy with the trophy. ‘I love racing; I just love going fast, and no matter what I do I will always race.’ Gigante would love to find herself riding for a team, and has the credentials to make the transition from talented junior to professional.

Club Champ Dominik Dudkiewicz took the Fastest Male trophy in today’s tough conditions with an uncorrected time of 2:34:35 even though the overall win evaded him. ‘By the first stretch of the first lap we would have lost about half of our numbers; once we were 7 we worked pretty well together, but we didn’t really roll as well as we should have, so we didn’t capitalise on the conditions as we could have. When we hit Harry’s Hill for the last time we found out we still had 7 minutes to make up, and we knew that was not going to happen, so we backed off. In the end we picked up the pace a little as we saw a bunch up ahead, but really we just had a 3-way sprint.’

Overall Results:1st Joshua McNamara @ 2:30:42, 2nd Ian Murphy, 3rd Andrew Gannon, 4th Graeme Cole, 5th Julian Del Beato, 6th Rafael Ungar (relegated to 6th), 7th David Lane, 8th Jeremy Beaumont, 9th Trent Shannon, 10th Leigh Phillips. (No 33 DQ’d for line crossing.)
Male – Fastest Time: Dominik Dudkiewicz @ 2:34:35
Female – Fastest Time: Sarah Gigante @ 2:36:03

Footscray Cycling Club Graded Scratch Races @ Balliang, July 22, 2017.

Round 8 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s Winter Road Season could only be described as a layered cake of suffering, with riders being tortured by a 40 kph Northerly wind on the new ‘Box Forest’ circuit that was already massively challenging with a gravel section as well as 3 climbs of the notoriously difficult Granite Road ascent.
Williamstown Chiropractor Chris Munro took out today’s A-Grade race by outlasting the competition; Munro and Miles DaCosta riding off the front of the bunch. Munro and DaCosta rounded the last corner together, but Munro’s legs were more willing to sprint and he gapped DaCosta, with Leigh Kelly in no man’s land finishing 2 minutes behind for third place.
B-Grade’s race was shaped by the vicious Northerly wind, with riders swapping turns and trying to stay upright in the gusty crosswind. On the final lap, Trevor Perry attacked approaching the Granite Road climb, and eventual winner Hamish Munro then attacked on the last climb and bridged across; the pair attempting to stay clear. With two bunches chasing, it was a straight-out dash to the end, with most riders digging deep to get to the head of the race; the bunch finally coming together on the gravel section. In the run to the line, Ben O’Leary headed the lead out train, driving the bunch to within 300 meters of the line, at which point Munro launched and took the win, with Mark Micallef taking second place and Trevor Perry third.
In C-Grade, Jarred Benham took the win over Sam Tomkinson, and D-Grade’s race was taken by Steve Biggs from Eddie O’Farrell, Tom Moloney and Dennis Hobbs; the 4-man break staying away until the end.

A: 1st Chris Munro, 2nd Miles DaCosta, 3rd Leigh Kelly.
B: 1st Hamish Munro, 2nd Mark Micallef, 3rd Trevor Perry, 4th Michael Hazeldine, 5th Dave Walker.
C: 1st Jarred Benham, 2nd Sam Tomkinson.
D: 1st Steve Biggs, 2nd Eddie O’Farrell, 3rd Tom Moloney, 4th Dennis Hobbs.

Footscray Cycling Club Graded Scratch Races @ Balliang, 15 July 2017.

Round 7 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s 2017 Winter Road Season saw riders head out to Balliang in the Brisbane Ranges, with riders racing around Balliang and then out twice to the base of Granite Road under coudy skies. The cool but relatively calm conditions and a mostly flat course resulted in nearly all of the riders in A-Grade finishing together.  A few probing attacks by various riders early in the race were quickly brought back with plenty of fresh legs eager to pull things back together. Trav Small made a breakaway attempt on the headwind straight going out to Staughton Vale the first time. This was pulled back on the rise and following a hard pace set by Dudkiewicz on the climb, Miles DaCosta took off solo until getting caught following the turnaround. On lap 2 Dudkiewicz attacked over the rise and spent 15 min out front before being pulled back.  DaCosta accelerated out of corner 1 on the last lap and when he eased Dudkiewicz counter-attacked and went solo for the win. ‘I saw that we had opened up a small gap and despite planning to save the legs for a bunch sprint I decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth.  I attacked over Miles and pushed hard to establish a gap over the bunch. I continued to push hard until the final corner when I was confident I had enough of a gap to ease up to the line. A good fun race today.’ with the Melton resident measuring his efforts to keep the bunch at arm’s length, crossing the line 10 seconds clear of the chasing bunch, with Andrew Bonello taking the bunch sprint for second and Jason Costin taking third place.
B-Grade saw 27 year old Dan Purcell take his second B-Grade win in a row with a daring move that has earned him a promotion to A-Grade; the Mansfield rider finding himself stewing in the bunch whilst a 3-man breakaway were clearing off into the distance. Xavier Coppock, Leigh Kelly and Hamish Munro got off the front on Lap 1 and built up an impressive lead, with a strong chasing bunch really ringing itself out in an effort to bring the trio back, but many kilometers later and they were still away. Cue Purcell and Connor Rate, who hammered off the front of the chasing bunch and put in a herculean effort to bridge to the breakaway. Amazingly, the two bunches merged about 50 meters from the line, with Purcell latching on to Kelly’s wheel and edging past him over the line, Purcell taking a strong win from Kelly in second and Coppock in third place. ‘On the second time up to Staughton Vale Connor and I committed to chasing the break, and so off we went. It took so long; we caught them just as we got to the line. Kudos to the 3 boys in the break because they were amazing. I’m looking forward to the challenge of A.’
In C-Grade, 32 year old Altona resident and Hungarian expat Martin Orozi managed to take a highly contested bunch sprint after a long, difficult race. ‘It was a pretty fast race for the whole time; everyone was working well, good cohesion during the race. I tried a few attacks heading to Staughton Vale but none stuck. I followed David Lane’s attack on the last lap and we got clear but the bunch caught us. Then it was the whole bunch together, and then again I followed David’s wheel in the sprint, changed gear and won by about 5 centimeters!’ Oroszi took the win from Lane in second and Colin Morris in third place.
D-Grade’s race saw 58 year old Pt Fairy rider Laurie Paltridge head off on a 20 km solo break to take the win. ‘I made the trip because I got lucky enough to qualify to go to France for the Gran Fondo Championships, so I’m trying to do a few longer races. It turned into a very tough race; on the second lap there were quite a few attacks and I jumped across to a solo rider and thought we would be away together, but he faded and then I decided to just keep going and try my luck. It turned out to be the quickest 20 kays I have ever done!’ Paltridge took the win well clear of the chasing bunch, with Paul Beasly taking the bunch sprint and second place and Tom Moloney third place.

A: 1st Dominik Dudkiewicz, 2nd Andrew Bonello, 3rd Jason Costin, 4th Daniel Stojanovski, 5th Travis Small.

B: 1st Dan Purcell, 2nd Leigh Kelly, 3rd Xavier Coppock, 4th Connor Rate, 5th Hamish Munro.

C: 1st Martin Oroszi, 2nd David Lane, 3rd Colin Morris, 4th David Haynes, 5th Gerald Aglipa.

D: 1st Laurie Paltridge, 2nd Paul Beasley, 3rd Tom Moloney, 4th Tiernan Clark, 5th Steve Barrile.


Footscray Cycling Club Graded Scratch Races @ Kirksbridge, July 8, 2017.

The Footscray Cycling Club’s Winter Road Season continued this week out at the notoriously exposed and windy Kirksbridge circuit near Little River; the North-Westerly winds shelling innumerable riders for this 6th race of the season.
Dominik Dudkiewicz took out today’s A-Grade race with the age-old tactic of using accelerations to thin down the bunch in the crosswinds; ‘We started with a bunch of 12, which was 10 by lap two, then an acceleration toward end of lap two by myself and Miles (DaCosta) left only Miles, Travis (Small), Dave (Newett) and myself. Another acceleration by me on lap 3 saw Dave dropped, and then along the top straight of lap 4 I attacked and Trav was dropped. Finally I attacked Miles at the top corner with 7.5km to go and got the win.’
B-Grade’s race was dominated by incessant attacks and riders attempting to break away, with Leigh Kelly spending an astounding 2 laps away in the challenging conditions, and Glen Wright a half a lap out front. On the attack front, again it was Kelly piling on the pressure by jamming it into the gutter and leaving a strung-out line struggling to keep pace. In the end though, a race that was dominated by skirmish after skirmish came down to a bunch sprint, with 27 year old Mansfield-Mt Buller CC rider Dan Purcell overtaking gun sprinter Mark Spiteri in the run to the line just ahead of Kelly; the sport and recreation manager just blowing the other riders away with his sprint speed. ‘It was quite windy and there wasn’t a great deal of co-operation in the bunch; I was sitting on the front on the run home and there was not much enthusiasm to take a turn, so it was a strange last lap.’ Purcell has just come from the Tour of Wangaratta where he came an impressive 6th on GC with a 1st and a 2nd in 2 stages.
In the same fashion as B-Grade, C-Grade set about attacking itself into oblivion, with Phillip Tehan and others leaving the bunch spent and thinned out. Again, it was a reduced peloton that contested the bunch sprint, with 61 year old Geelong schoolteacher Paul Rettke taking the sprint win from David Lane and Adam Fenton. ‘Everyone worked well together, we lost a few riders early, and it came down to a sprint at the end. I was very impressed with Adam Fenton from Carnegie CC who attacked and attacked; a great race.’
The riders who started in D-Grade may have lacked experience, but their youth and enthusiasm saw them power through the 3 laps, with Tim Gough taking the sprint from Laurie Paltridge and Matt Niewenhuizen, with the veterans having to content themselves with a good day’s racing.
This week also saw the return of the Women’s Grade, with 35 year old Margarita Williams taking her second road race win at the FCC ‘Despite the wind it was a great race. With Sarah Dam’s expert guidance we stuck together for the three laps. There was a small 3 person breakaway in the middle lap, but it all came together again and when we rounded the last corner the bunch split and I only just go past for the win.’ Williams took the sprint by a tiny margin from Diane Edwards and Joanna Ford.

A: 1st Dominik Dudkiewicz, 2nd Miles DaCosta, 3rd Travis Small, 4th David Newett.
B: 1st Dan Purcell, 2nd Mark Spiteri, 3rd Leigh Kelly, =4th David Walker, Dale Cameron.
C: 1st Paul Rettke, 2nd David Lane, 3rd Adam Fenton, 4th Gerald Aglipa.
D: 1st Tim Gough, 2nd Laurie Paltridge, 3rd Matt Niewenhuizen.
Women’s: 1st Margarita Williams, 2nd Diane Edwards, 3rd Joanna Ford, 4th Natalie Attenborough.


Footscray Cycling Club 59th Annual 3 Day Tour, June 10-11 2017.


Riders geared up for what is the Footscray Cycling Club’s most gruelling event for the year, the 59th 3 Day Tour over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.
Stage 1 saw riders race the short, flat Balliang stage at breakneck speeds, with reigning Tour Champion Dominik Dudkiewicz taking A Grade’s race from Andrew Bonello and Nick Squillari. B Grade was taken by Thomas Rebesco from Andrew Naughtin and Bernard O’Sullivan, and C Grade was won by Chris Fenech from Nic Newby and James Bell; all 3 races finishing the flat, windless stage in sprint finishes.
Stage 2 saw the weary riders re-mount and head off for the notoriously difficult and taxing Granite Road stage, with 3 gruelling climbs and 3 forays into the gravel on this Queen’s stage; A Grade again being taken in a bunch sprint by Dom Dudkiewicz from Nick Squillari and Trent Clifford, with B Grade being taken by Andrew Naughtin from Thomas Rebesco and Trevor Perry, and C Grade being taken by the evergreen Phillip Tehan from Chris Fenech and Brad Clapham. Whilst A and C Grades broke up on this difficult stage, B Grade was kept intact by the improbable occurrence of meeting a truck climbing Granite Road’s main climb at a glacial 9 kph; riders staying in behind and nullifying the KOM as the bunch crawled as they crested the hill.
The scene was set for the final stage showdown at the Sandy Creek circuit, with 90 kilometers of hard running over hills and through the gravel to make the final finish line, with Dom Dudkiewicz, Thomas Rebesco and Chris Fenech all with the leader’s target on their backs. In A-Grade, Dominik Dudkiewicz made it 5 incredible Tours in a row by taking second place in Stage 2 in behind Nick Squillari. ‘It feels incredible to have won 5 Tours in a row; hopefully I can grab a few more before the next generation of young guys like Hamish Munro and Tom Rebesco come through. Like most of us, I had reservations about the gravel sections in the Tour because it introduced a random chance element like a puncture and then you’re out of the race, but the gravel and the courses were great and pushed us to develop a new skill. I liked the 2 stages on the first day and the long stage on the second day to make it a hard race. In B Grade, veteran gun sprinter Bernard O’Sullivan took the stage sprint and continued his fine form of late by beating home Thomas Rebesco and Mark Micallef; Rebesco keeping his overall lead with some smart riding. ‘This is the first big race I’ve won and I am very happy with the win; I knew everyone would be marking me today so I had to make sure I covered all the moves as well as try to get a few bonus seconds along the way.’ Rebesco took the overall win from Andrew Naughtin and O’Sullivan. In C Grade, 55-year-old schoolteacher Chris Fenech took his maiden Tour win by taking his second stage win and gaining valuable bonus seconds to leave him 23 seconds up from fellow first time Tour rider Brad Clapham, with 3rd place being secured by the indomitable Phil Tehan whose consistency was remarkable. Fenech was impressed with how well organised and planned the Tour was, and was always there in each Sprint and Kom building up valuable time bonuses.

Final Results – After Stage 3:

Main Race: 1st Dom Dudkiewicz, 2nd Nick Squillari, 3rd Trent Clifford, 4th Miles DaCosta, 5th Chris Munro, 6th Andrew Bonello, 7th Shane Ward, 8th Jason Costin, 9th Michael Dam, 10th Daniel Welch.
Sprint King: Dom Dudkiewicz.
King of the Mountains: Nick Squillari.

B Grade: 1st Thomas Rebesco, 2nd Andrew Naughtin, 3rd Bernard O’Sullivan, 4th Hamish Munro, 5th Leigh Kelly, 6th Mark Micallef, 7th James Goodall, 8th Trevor Perry, 9th Ben McCarthy, 10th Graeme Cole.
Sprint King: Thomas Rebesco.
King of the Mountains: Thomas Rebesco.

C Grade: 1st Chris Fenech, 2nd Brad Clapham, 3rd Phillip Tehan, 4th Paul Downes, 5th Matt Johnson, 6th Paul Beasley, 7th Martin Oroszi, 8th Gerald Aglipa, 9th Nic Newby, 10th Ross Schubach.
Sprint King: Nic Newby.
King of the Mountains: Paul Downes.

Footscray Cycling Club Hugh Cram Memorial Handicap, June 3, 2017.

Cram 2107

In perfect autumn conditions, 5 bunches of determined riders set off to contest 96 kilometers of hard racing on the Footscray Cycling Club’s newest road circuit, Sandy Creek around the You-Yangs near Little River, coming together for the coveted Hugh Cram Memorial Handicap; the handicap format requiring each bunch of riders to co-operate and push themselves to the limit to keep the chasing bunches at bay, with the gun riders of Scratch starting out with a 30-minute deficit to make up over Limit. By mid-race, it was clear that the boys in Second Scratch were on-song and working a treat, as on the second lap they swallowed up the Middle Markers; this combined bunch then setting off to mow down both Second-Limit and Limit in the next half lap. With such calm conditions, many riders survived in this super-bunch until the gravel section and subsequent climb on Sandy Creek Road thinned out the bunch to a front group of 9 riders who were followed by the strung-out remains of the other groups.

Out of the winning bunch, it was 16-year-old Hamish Munro who made the best of the frenetic run to the finish line, with most riders trying their luck at an attack and run for the line. Williamstown resident Munro was lucky enough to have the best lead-out man in the business, his gun father and respected A-Grade rider Chris. ‘My first thought when I saw the list was it was going to be a tough race and it would be great to have an ally in my bunch to give me advice along the way. Our bunch hasn’t been working too well over the last few races, but today we worked so well; everyone was pulling strong turns and our average was about 41kph. It was a bit of a worry when we picked up so many on the way, because there were bound to be a few good sprinters in there. I got a grouse 700-meter lead-out from the old man and he just spent himself, and at 150 to go I went and could see a shadow coming up, I just held out and beat Bernie by a wheel.’ Munro took the win with a corrected time of 2:08:16, a mere two minutes off taking the double and snaring Fastest Time, with veteran Second Limit rider Bernard O’Sullivan taking second from talented youngster Thomas Rebesco in third place. ‘Winning the Cram is amazing; from what I have heard about him he was a great guy and a Legend around the Club so I’m really pleased to win his Memorial.’

A mere 2 minutes behind the winners, the battle for Fastest Time was taken out by Alastair Tubb, the ex-Euroa lad taking the Scratch bunch sprint with a time of 2:06:08.

1st Hamish Munro @ 2:32:16 (corrected 2:08:16), 2nd Bernard O’Sullivan, 3rd Thomas Rebesco, 4th Geoffrey Robertson, 5th Leigh Kelly, 6th Michael Dam, 7th Chris Munro, 8th John Mogavero, 9th Mark Micallef, 10th David Procak.
1st Female: Karen Lechner.

Fastest Time: Alastair Tubb @ 2:36:08 (corrected 2:06:08)

Footscray Cycling Club Salter Memorial Graded Scratch Races @ Balliang, May 28, 2017.


The Footscray Cycling Club’s Winter Road Season took a new turn this weekend, with riders being challenged by the new ‘Box Forest’ circuit that includes a lengthy run on gravel as well as 3 climbs of the notoriously difficult Granite Road ascent.
45-year-old Ascot Vale resident Miles DaCosta took out today’s A-Grade race and took home his first ever Memorial Sash, setting a gruelling pace that saw the peloton break up on the second lap. ‘We rode pretty easily for the first lap until we hit the dirt, at which stage Jason Costin came out of it pretty hard and I rolled over him and drilled it; and because you just can’t afford to look behind you I had no idea what was happening until we hit the tarmac again. It turned out it was myself, Jason and Travis Small, and there was a split to the rest. We hammered out the second lap as hard as we could and put some distance into the split, and on the third lap we eased up a bit until we got to Granite Road at which stage I put in an effort on the climb and got a gap on the other two.’ DaCosta maintained the gap all the way to the line, taking the win from Small and Costin. ‘It’s my first ever Memorial win, so I am so happy I don’t know what to say!’
B-Grade’s race was dominated by youth, with 17-year-old Werribee student Thomas Rebesco taking the win from 16-year-old Hamish Munro; the pair in a league of their own over the hills. ‘Leigh Kelly attacked going up the Granite Road climb and that was what broke the bunch up; the next time around it was Hamish Munro who attacked and it took a while for the 4 of us to join back up, then we just waited for the sprint. We were all across the road and Hamish jumped first, I just went for his wheel and then sprinted as hard as I could.’ The third generation racer Rebesco took the win from Munro and Kelly. ‘This is my first Memorial win; it feels great.’
In C-Grade, 40-year-old Personal Trainer Ben McCarthy took the narrowest of wins from veteran David Lane in a very tight sprint finish; the pair finishing several hundred meters ahead of third placed Brad Clapham. McCarthy described the race in one word. ‘Brutal. I didn’t enjoy the dirt too much so I was happy to put a bit of space in between me and the bunch before the dirt; the bunch split up a lot and then on the last climb we put the power down it was just me and Dave Lane. I managed to attack Dave and put a bit of a gap in but he time-trialled back to me, then he attacked me when I took a drink but I got onto his wheel and then just held his wheel until the sprint and got the win.’
D-Grade’s race was dominated by 26-year-old P.E. teacher Liam Green; the Melton resident is new to road racing, coming from a triathlon background. ‘We stayed together for a fair while when one guy attacked on the Granite Rd climb and when he was getting away someone said to me “You better chase; your race is getting away from you.” so I chased him, got to him and we sprinted it out side by side.’ ‘I didn’t mind the hills but the dirt was a bit more of a challenge.’
The big bunch that was the Women’s Grade was dominated by a three-person breakaway on the second lap, with 35-year-old Brunswick resident Margarita Williams leading home the trio of riders who broke away after the first lap to take the win. ‘It was a great first-ever road race; it was such a pleasure to do it with this bunch of girls and it was really great to do the second lap with Courtney and Danni and the three of us stuck together nearly all the way to the end.’ ‘We loved the dirt as we are all mountain bikers, so we didn’t mind the exfoliation we got on the way through.’ Williams took the win from Sherwell in second place and Baxter in third place.

A: 1st Miles DaCosta, 2nd Travis Small, 3rd Jason Costin, 4th Chris Munro 5th Dan Welch.
B: 1st Anthony Rebesco, 2nd Hamish Munro, 3rd Leigh Kelly, 4th Andrew Naughtin, 5th Michael Dam.
C: 1st Ben McCarthy, 2nd David Lane, 3rd Brad Clapham, 4th Nic Newby, 5th Martin Oroszi
D: 1st Liam Green, 2nd Sam Tammaro, 3rd Dennis Hobbs, 4th Eddie O’Farrell.
Women’s: 1st Margarita Williams 2nd Courtney Sherwell, 3rd Danielle Baxter, 4th Kate Ross, 5th Fenella Long.

Footscray Cycling Club Graded Scratch Races @ Sheoaks, May 20, 2017.

The Footscray Cycling Club’s Winter Road Season continued this week out at the very hilly and difficult SheOaks circuit in the Brisbane Ranges, with unseasonably mild conditions and light Northerly winds undercutting the nasty climbs awaiting riders.
Miles DaCosta took out today’s A-Grade race with a solo run to the line that saw the bunch splinter early on. ‘There were only four of us who came out of the climb out of Steiglitz on the first lap, and we pulled turns for the next two laps. On the last lap Emmanuel Blanco went out the back a little, and Liam Drady and I pulled a few pretty hard turns until I noticed that Liam had fallen off my wheel as well and I rode solo to the finish. I had to keep pushing myself to the limit because I could see the other two coming for me; it was as hard a race as I have done for a while.’  DaCosta finished clear of Drady in second and Blanco in third place.
B-Grade saw Michael Dam pull off an accomplished win with some stinging attacks that dropped quite a few riders and a few clever moves along the way; the 35-year-old West Footscray resident making all the right moves at all the right times. ‘Travis Edwards went off the front very early and looked like he would stay away for the whole race; we only just caught him on the last lap and he was pretty cooked, and then after that it was just me, Thomas Rebesco, Andrew Naughtin and Hamish Munro. On the last climb Andrew cramped and dropped out and then Thomas and Hamish attacked and dropped me and I just managed to catch them as we crested the climb. After that, I attacked and was off the front for a while until they caught me, and then it was all down to the sprint, which I timed perfectly.’ Dam took the win by staying on the front and powering away from Munro in second place and Rebesco in third place; all three taking A-Grade form into the run-up for the 3-Day Tour.
In C-Grade, a good sized bunch set out on the first climb of the day, but within a very short period of time 5 riders powered off the front and decimated the rest of C by disappearing into the distance and actually making up ground on B; with Sarah Gigante, Evan Miller, Ben McCarthy, Cory Driscoll and Thomas Barrie showing a stunning turn of pace to hammer out three lightning-fast laps on the run to the line; in the end it was the 17 year old superstar of the future Gigante who took the win from Evan Miller and Ben McCarthy.
The riders who started in D-Grade broke up early and rode a solitary, lonely race, with Nicholas Salkovic powering off to take the win from Sam Tammaro and Steven Biggs.

A: 1st Miles DaCosta, 2nd Liam Drady, 3rd Emmanuel Blanco, 4th Daniel Stojanovski, 5th Daniel Welch.
B: 1st Michael Dam, 2nd Hamish Munro, 3rd Thomas Rebesco, 4th Travis Edwards.
C: 1st Sarah Gigante, 2nd Evan Miller, 3rd Ben McCarthy, 4th Cory Driscoll, 5th Thomas Barrie.
D: 1st Nicholas Salkovic, 2nd Sam Tammaro, 3rd Steven Biggs.

Footscray Cycling Club Harry Jones Memorial Handicap, May 7, 2017.

In windy and cool autumn conditions, 5 bunches of determined riders set off to hammer out 80 kilometers of racing on the notoriously exposed and tricky Kirksbridge circuit for the Footscray Cycling Club’s Harry Jones Memorial Handicap; the handicap format requiring each bunch of riders to co-operate and push themselves to the limit to keep the chasing bunches at bay, with the gun riders of Scratch starting out with a 27-minute deficit to make up over Limit. By mid-race, it was clear that the middle men were the bunch to beat; powering along and catching the two groups ahead of them by the end of the third lap. With Scratch still committed, it was only the time check on the last lap that saw Scratch decide that they had too much time to peg back, and so the edge came off their chase.

Out of the winning bunch, it was Dale Cameron who made the first break for the finish line on the last corner, with eventual winner Trevor Perry using all of his strength and nous to claw his way onto Cameron’s wheel, and then recover for one final push over the top; the 51-year-old Preston Stevedore using his many years of experience and race-honed tactics to eke out this win. ‘We had a really good bunch; we did not miss a beat until we caught second limit and limit on lap three when it got a bit messy then. In hindsight, we should have gassed it a bit to drop a few. Dale took off just after the last corner and he had a big gap on me but I caught him with 100 to go and once I got to him I thought that I just had to get over him with one last push.’ Perry did manage to overtake a tiring Cameron on the line, taking first and second place respectively, with Michael Hazeldine taking a strong third a few bike lengths behind.

A mere 4 minutes behind the winners, the battle for Fastest Time was taken out by Shane Ward; the 35-year-old Altona resident taking his first Fastest Time and sash. ‘Scratch were working really well for the first half of the race; once we caught Second Scratch it injected a little more pace into the chase, which was good, but with 7 minutes to make up on the last lap we knew it was too much so our last lap was quite a bit slower. In the end, the stronger guys were there at the end. Travis Small led us out and Andrew Bonello jumped off his wheel a bit too early and I fought him all the way to the line.’ Ward took fastest time by half a bike length to Bonello.

1st Trevor Perry @ 2:20:34 (corrected 2:08:34), 2nd Dale Cameron, 3rd Michael Hazeldine, 4th Colin Morris, 5th David Lane, 6th Nalpoeon Aglipa, 7th David Procak, 8th Tom Moloney, 9th Paul Downes, 10th Graeme Cole.
1st Female: Gina McVicor.

Fastest Time: Shane Ward @ 2:24:15 (corrected 1:57:15)

Footscray Cycling Club Bob Robson memorial Anzac Criterium, April 25 2015.

The 57th Bob Robson Memorial Anzac Day Criteruims were held around Williamstown High School on a day that was more suited to sailing than cycling, with heavy overnight rain and autumn leaves making for a challenging track surface. With light rain falling at the start of the Male Open Race, riders were faced with greasy roads for the first few laps, but that didn’t stop 33 year-old Club Champion Dominik Dudkiewicz from testing the bunch to see if he might be able to break away. “The rain was threatening for the first 10 minutes, and we were a bit worried. At the start there was a little bit of aggression from the bunch and I had a few attempts to go off the front, but it was pretty obvious that it wasn’t going to happen today; too many guys were willing to chase and the corners were bringing the race back together; it was impossible to break the elastic. So the race ended up being a surging race.’ At about the half-way point, Simon Whelan and Gerard Zammit hit the bitumen, causing a break-up of the bunch and a scattering of riders that probably precipitated a few guys getting dropped. In the end it was Dudkiewicz who rounded the last corner on the front, taking the sprint form Shane Ward and Daniel Hopper’
In the Female Open Race, 26 year old Essendon resident Emma Pane used her massive engine to cause a break in the bunch; Pane and the ever-improving Leanna James driving the 4 girl break for the duration. ‘Being a little bit damp at the start I wanted to split the race up a bit so Leanna and I took off at the start; then we rolled turns for the rest of the race. At the end, Leanna and I know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and she has a great sprint, so I went after the second-last corner and had a decent gap which I needed because I knew she would come home pretty quickly.’ Pane held off James to take the inaugural Women’s Sash, with James home in second place and Emma Jackson in third place. ‘It’s nice to get a win and exciting to be the first female Anzac winner!’
The B-Grade Support Race arguably saw the worst of the day’s conditions, with the already challenging track very wet, the start delayed and the race shortened; but that did not stop 30 year old Josh Ryan from attacking from the start line and disappearing into the distance with Thomas Rebesco and Michael Dam. ‘I wanted to try to get off the front straight away, get rid of a few early on, ride hard and have a big gap in the first few laps by going quickly through the corners. Luckily Thomas Rebesco got to me and we swapped turns and got a good lead. Thomas went with half a lap to go and I got his wheel, but he went into the last corner first wheel and I only got him by less than half a wheel.’ Ryan took the win from Rebesco in second place, with Leigh Kelly beating Mark Micallef home for third place in the chasing bunch sprint.

Main Race – Male: 1st Dominik Dudkiewicz, 2nd Shane Ward, 3rd Daniel Hopper, 4th Henry Dietze, 5th Andrew Bonello.
Main Race – Female: 1st Emma Pane, 2nd Leanna James, 3rd Emma Jackson, 4th Sarah Mortley, 5th Elizabeth Nuspan.
Support Race: 1st Josh Ryan, 2nd Thomas Rebesco, 3rd Leigh Kelly, 4th Mark Micallef, 5th Michael Dam.

The Australian Veterans Cycling Championships Road Race…April 15th 2017

So here is a tale in two parts, firstly the part of the absolute legend that is one Phillip Tehan.
-Aus Vets Champs Road Race 60-64 – SILVER MEDAL!
Anyone who races Phil will know what a hard trainer and skilled proponent of the art of racing Phil is, but today what I saw defied the laws of nature and anyone, I mean anyone else but one Phillip Tehan would have simply given up and gone home.
For starters, Phil has been in sensational form all summer, consistently placing and winning against guys who are a third his age, so he would have been entitled to turn up in Maryborough feeling pretty darned good, except…
His spine decided to play up. And I mean 11/10 pain, can’t-get-the-power-down / can’t feel my leg PAIN. There he is, seconds from race start; I am ripping race tape off his back (to painful sounds – sorry Phil- ) and there Phil is at the start as white as a sheet.
“Not fucking fair” I think to myself… “He was in top form and has done the hard-yards, and his fucking back is going to ruin his race.” I sent him off fully expecting his to be a short and unhappy one.
But no,  not Phil. He starts conservatively, allows his natural cadence, his million km of technique, to ride out and get through the pain. He gets to the turn around, starts doing some work on the front, feels okay.
He makes pain his friend, uses his nous and finds himself at the pointy end approaching the sprint. He jumps onto the wheel of a guy making a dash for the line, and manages to force his body not only to hold the wheel but to roll the guy in an uphill headwind sprint, but alas gets just pipped for gold by the guy on his wheel. What a legend.
Phillip Tehan, Bronze Medal 2015, Silver Medal 2017, and good for Gold in 2018.

Aaaaand my race.
One of ‘those’ races. Felt good, but this was a field of incredible class. The Laffy Brothers, Phil Smith, guys who are top-level, cream-of-the-crop riders. My tactics are decided weeks before by Phil and I; expect war from the start, stay at the front, chase any breaks because that’s where the medals will be. So, I do that, chasing attacks, bridging to guys who are delivering some brutal attacks, stay on their wheel…
But I appear to be given the task, as there are too many guys just banking on ‘someone else’ dragging the bunch back up each time. And I’m getting sick of it. Finally, I get the shits and don’t chase one.
The one that stuck.
Still, with one guy up the road, we can do this with a bit of co-operation and 10 minutes of hard work. Except no one wants to work, everyone wants to be delivered to the line for their sprint like a fucking prima-donna. Time and time again we try to get the chase going, time and time again nothing. Then a few if us dig real deep, and one guy solo’s away. So now two up the road.
Still nothing; too many pumpkin heads happy to sprint for Bronze. Who gives an actual fuck about the bronze? All the guys who have been sitting on do, and off they go to sprint having done fuck-all. The guy who (deservedly) won? Phil Smith. He said he was banking on the bunch not being smart enough to organise a chase, and he was right.
Me, where did I come? 100% spent, in the bunch, feeling totally frustrated and exhausted.
But rapt for Phil.

Footscray Cycling Bicycle Buyer Eliminator Series @ Drake Boulevard, Altona, 2/4/17.
The Footscray Cycling Club, in conjunction with Bicycle Buyer, spiced up traditional ‘Criterium’ racing by adding the ‘devil take the hindmost’ eliminations, which saw the last rider on set laps eliminated, using the ‘short’ circuit at Drake Boulevard in Altona. A-Grade was hit with a series of early attacks that left the main bunch absolutely ‘on the rivet’ whilst a decisive breakaway bunch formed at the pointy end; with the bunch never able to peg back the escapees. Club Champion Dominik Dudkiewicz took the sprint decisively from Matthew Robertson in second and Matthias Kiernan in third place.
There was enough drizzle falling to make the track tricky for the first 5 laps in B-Grade; with an early 4-man break just clearing off and building a huge margin on the main bunch, with Hawthorn CC rider Nathan Basaraba taking a strong win from Geelong CC’s Josh Williams in second place and Mark Spiteri in third place just ahead of Corey Basaraba, with Ally Delooze taking the bunch sprint in behind. 34 year old Moonee Ponds resident Basaraba deftly made the move to attack and establish a break when another break was being reeled in and everyone was on the rivet. ‘I started the break, gassed it when the bunch caught the break; we three worked really well together and then Josh bridged across to us which was no mean feat. With 1 to go I was last wheel going around the back of the course and I jumped first and came into the straight first wheel.’
In C-Grade, it was Marcus Olive who took a commanding win from James Danos; the pair well clear of Colin Morris in third place.

D Grade saw first placed Chris Fenech, second placed Bob Mcallan and third placed Gary Whalley hammer out a massive lead on a very well organised and dedicated chasing bunchwith Barry Cram taking the bunch sprint, and in E-Grade, Emma Andrews took the win well clear of the chasers.

A: 1st Dominik Dudkiewicz, 2nd Matthew Roberts, 3rd Matthias Kiernan, 4th Aaron Mulkearns, 5th Shane Ward
B: 1st Nathan Basaraba, 2nd Josh Williams, 3rd Mark Spiteri, 4th Corey Basaraba, 5th Alastair Delooze.
C: 1st Marcus Olive, 2nd James Danos, 3rd Colin Morris, 4th Adam Fenton, 5th Gernt Prent.
D: 1st Chris Fenech, 2nd Bob Mcallan, 3rd Gary Whalley, 4th Barry Cram, 5th Walter Chetcuti.
E: 1st Emma Andrews.

Footscray Cycling Bicycle Buyer Eliminator Series @ Drake Boulevard, Altona, 26/3/17.

The Footscray Cycling Club, in conjunction with Bicycle Buyer, spiced up traditional ‘Criterium’ racing by adding a new twist; the ‘devil take the hindmost’ eliminations, which saw the last rider on set laps eliminated.  A mild easterly breeze and overcast skies greeted riders who headed out to Drake Boulevard in Altona to contest the new format eliminator races, with A Grade’s race being dominated by a strong two-man breakaway that saw Club Champ Dominik Dudkiewicz, accompanied by Matthias Kiernan, power off the front of a hard-charging bunch to run well clear of any need to worry about the eliminations that took place further back in the bunch; in the end it was Dudkiewicz who took the sprint emphatically from the in-form Kiernan in second place, with Morgan Smith taking a lonely third place, having spent a considerable amount of time in no-man’s-land between the breakaway and the chasing bunch.
It was war from the onset in B-Grade; with the first few laps run at breakneck speed; but the race was dominated by an incredibly powerful breakaway where Henry Dietze, Wesley Nagtzaam, Oskar Moore and Ry McGrath just blew away the hard chasing B-Grade peloton and staying away all the way through the battle that was the eliminations. The breakaway was dominated by Dietze; the young superstar in the making taking the race and earning a place in A-Grade.
In C-Grade, after a long and protracted series of fiercely contested eliminations, the thinned down bunch were put to the sword by a 5-man lead-out train that saw Nick Flynn take the win from Paolo Biondi and Adam Fenton.

D Grade saw Adam Strickland take a strong sprint win from Eddie O’Farrell and Tiernan Clark, and in E-Grade, Jenny Erickson powered up the straight to take the win a bike length clear of Dale Morgan-Morris and Fenella Long.

A: 1st Dominik Dudkiewicz, 2nd Matthias Kiernan, 3rd Morgan Smith, 4th Travis Small, 5th Aaron Mulkearns.
B: 1st Henry Dietze, 2nd Wesley Nagtzaam, 3rd Oskar Moore, 4th Ry McGrath, 5th Nathan Basaraba.
C: 1st Nick Flynn, 2nd Paolo Biondi, 3rd Adam Fenton, 4th Mat Hudson, 5th Dan Atkins.
D: 1st Adam Strickland, 2nd Eddie O’Farrell, 3rd Tiernan Clark, 4th Walter Chetcuti, 5th Angus Vander. 1st Fem Sarah Dam.
E: 1st Jenny Erickson, 2nd Dale Morgan-Morris, 3rd Fenella Long, 4th Karen Lechner.

Footscray Cycling Club Criteriums @ Drake Boulevard, Altona, 19/3/17.

Sunday morning’s round of racing saw the Footscray Cycling Club head out to Drake Boulevard in Altona to contest graded scratch races on a windless and hot morning. In A Grade, 40-year-old Essendon resident Allen Nash surprised all by taking his first ever A-Grade win in a bunch sprint; the St Kilda CC member and sporadic racer a very happy man after taking the initiative to be on the right wheel on the last lap. ‘Man, it was hot and quick. That was my first full race in A-Grade and it is totally different to B-Grade; very start-stop. Dom and Dylan were the main two to watch, so I saw the chance to get on to Dylan’s wheel, and coming on to the last corner Dylan launched and I followed and I just had the power to get around him by half a wheel and win.’ Nash took the sprint a half bike length ahead of Dylan Newell in second and Peter Jones in third place.
In B-Grade, 48-year-old Hoppers Crossing resident David Walker took the sprint win after an eventful race that saw a few serious breakaways; most notably a solo effort by Glen Wright and a very late 3 man break initiated by Wright and joined by Mark Micallef and Leigh Kelly; Wright dropping back to the pack with two to go and the other 2 escapees risking all and going again with the bunch right in behind. Unfortunately for them, the bunch caught them with 2 corners to go and the ensuing sprint saw Walker go into the corner too hot and clip a pedal. ‘On the last corner I touched a pedal and my foot came out, and I nearly crashed; I think I then scared everyone off!’ With riders backing off a touch, Walker kept the bike upright and kept the momentum going to take the win from a very closely bunched foursome of Matt Johnson, Glen Grbesa, Thomas Rebesco and Hamish Munro for second to fifth respectively.
In C-Grade, after a fast race and quite a few breakaways and chase-downs, it was Paolo Biondi who sprinted clear of the bunch to take a strong win from Adam Fenton in second, with superstar veteran Phil Tehan just taking the last spot on the podium by pipping Matt Hudson to the line for third place.

D Grade saw Paul Meehan just beat James Stuart in the sprint home, with Donna Meehan a very strong third place just in behind.
In E-Grade, after a fast race that saw the bunch stay largely intact, Julia Ius wound up her sprint and took a strong win by a few bike lengths from Meg Brown in second place and Jenny Erickson in third place.

A: 1st Allen Nash, 2nd Dylan Newell, 3rd Peter Jones, 4th Dominik Dudkiewicz, 5th Andrew Bonello.
B: 1st David Walker, 2nd Matt Johnson, 3rd Glen Grbesa, 4th Thomas Rebesco, 5th Hamish Munro.
C: 1st Paolo Biondi, 2nd Adam Fenton, 3rd Phillip Tehan, 4th Matt Hudson, 5th David Lane.
D: 1st Paul Meehan, 2nd James Stuart, 3rd Donna Meehan, 4th Walter Chetcuti, 5th Steve Biggs.
E: 1st Julia Ius, 2nd Meg Brown, 3rd Jenny Erickson, 4th Kate Ross, 5th Nina Oktavia.


Footscray Cycling Club – Eric Turner Memorial Club Criterium Championships. 5/3/17

Riders headed out to the VU Circuit at Hoppers Crossing to contest the biggest race of the summer, the Footscray Cycling Club’s Eric Turner Memorial Criterium Championships; and for the first time in the Club’s 120-year history the Club has both a Male and Female Club Champion!

In A-Grade, 33-year-old Melton resident and current Club Champ Dominik Dudkiewicz will get to wear the coveted No #1 for another year, taking his third Championship in a row with an early race breakaway that stuck. ‘There were a few surges in the opening laps; nothing too dramatic, but then I put in one lap at full-gas in the gutter. I looked around, expecting to see it strung out behind me; I didn’t realise I had a gap and I saw Miles DaCosta in no-man’s-land between myself and the bunch, so I eased up and waited for him because I knew it would be better for both of us. Once we were together, we put our heads down and swapped turns. It was Miles and I, then a chase group of about 6 riders, and then a few groups behind them. We were up about half a lap when I knew we were not going to get caught so I went again, and lapped the field before the last lap. I wanted to defend my title and attacking is always the best way to do it.’ Dudkiewicz won the Championship by half a lap from DaCosta in second, and Andrew Bonello took the bunch sprint to claim third place.

In the Women’s Open Championship race, 41-year-old West Footscray resident Sarah Dam etched her name into the Footscray CC history books as the first ever Women’s Club Champion, in an exciting race that saw the pressure piled on from the start. ‘We got down to four, and then three of us over the course of the race; we just kept the pace high and worked hard together. I was on the front for the last lap and I thought I’d give it a go early and went before the last corner. I could feel the other 2 breathing down my neck but I kept thinking about whose name would be in the history books as the first female Club Champ, and that just gave me that little bit extra I needed to hang on.’ A delighted Dam took the narrow win from Tamara Riddell in second and Gina McVicar in third place.

In B-Grade, 49-year-old Little River resident Darren Payne played the waiting game; the gun sprinter realizing that each-and-every breakaway attempt, including a few very solid efforts made by Glen Wright, would be reeled in by the eager chasers in the quality bunch. ‘That race was made for anyone who can sprint, because every break that went away someone was willing to chase which was good for me. My plan was not to do a lot, jump on the wheel of whoever went first and then sprint. Glen Wright and Thomas Rebesco went and I followed wheels and sprinted from the last corner.’ Payne took the win ahead of Michael Dam in second place and Andrew Naughtin in third place.

In C-Grade, 37-year-old South Melbourne resident and expatriate Englishman Alastair Delooze is now the C-Grade Champion after making it into the very exclusive breakaway group at the head of the race. ‘Straight after the neutral lap there were a few very early attacks, and we got away a few times but were bought back a few times. A few of us decided to go again; we pushed on hard and got a good lead, until the games started with 3 to go. A few guys threw in attacks to feel each other out, and on the last lap as we came over the hill I managed to time my effort over the hill and get a break on the others; I pushed hard and never looked back.’ Delooze managed to hold of the chasing bunch, led by John Mogavero in second and Bob Shannon in third place.

In D-Grade, Port Melbourne resident Steve Harris took the win after quite a tumultuous race. ‘Just after the start, Barry and a few others got away and they were 300 meters up the road; I chased hard for a few laps and got back on, and then it was a four-man bunch sprint and I was lucky enough to hold on.’ Harris took the win from James Stuart in second and Steve Biggs in third place.

Male Open Championship: 1st Dominik Dudkiewicz, 2nd Miles Dacosta, 3rd Andrew Bonello, 4th Travis Small, 5th Daniel Hopper.

Female Open Championship: 1st Sarah Dam, 2nd Tamara Riddell, 3rd Gina Mc Vicar, 4th Julia Ius, 5th Jenny Erickson.

B grade: 1st Darren Payne, 2nd Michael Dam, 3rd Andrew Naughtin, 4th Hans Birk, 5th Glen Grbesa.

C grade: 1st Alastair Delooze, 2nd Joe Mogavero, 3rd Bob Shannon, 4th Phil Tehan, 5th Shawn Smith.

D grade: 1st Steven Harris, 2nd James Stuart, 3rd Steven Biggs, 4th Barry Cram, 5th Ray Moriaty.

Footscray Cycling Club – Beach Road Summer Criterium Series Race #4. 26/2/17

The finale of the Beach Road Summer Crit Series, held at Altona’s wide and fast Drake Boulevard, saw riders greeted by a prefect summer’s morning, with light breezes and blue skies.

In A-Grade, 30-year-old Tottenham resident Matthias Kiernan jumped across to a breakaway to take today’s win; the Brunswick CC rider taking advantage of a trademark Miles DaCosta solo breakaway and bridging across. ‘I attacked at the start of the race and was brought back by the bunch, and then Miles went off the front and I got across; we were suffering pretty badly until Morgan Smith came across to us and was pulling much harder turns than either of us were. We worked consistently until we lapped the field and we let them go for the sprint for fourth at the end; then I let Miles go and sat on Morgan’s wheel until I put in an attack that worked. This is my first win in quite a while so it’s pretty welcome, especially when you never know when the next one’s coming.’ Kiernan took the win from Smith and DaCosta, with Andrew Bonello taking the bunch sprint for fourth. Dom Dudkiewicz took the Beach Road Cycles Series win with a conservative run in the pack; a necessary move given later that day he was off to compete in the State Championships; but a move that only saw him beat Andrew Bonello by a single point.

In B-Grade, St Kilda rider Sam Gartner tore up the bunch sprint to win comfortably from Dan Purcell and veteran Agi Giramondo; the 42-year-old South Yarra resident sprinting clear after positioning himself advantageously as second wheel on the second to last corner. ‘It was my first race here at this circuit and my first win! No breakaways were allowed to get clear which was great for me being a sprinter, and I was second wheel coming into the last few corners; my back wheel did kick out, but I kept it together and got the win.’ Joe Bury earned enough points to secure the win in the Beach Road Cycles Summer Series; Bury now relishing the challenge that A-Grade will give him.

In C-Grade, Mat Hudson showed more consistent form to take the win from Paolo Bondi and Daniel Atkins, with D-Grade’s sprint being taken by Scott Morrison over Paul Longfield and Damien Hall.

In the E/Female Grade, Danielle Baxter streeted the field in her second only race; the novice rider is now two-for-two after a solo breakaway that lapped the field and just kept on trucking; Baxter taking the strong win, and Julia Ius taking the bunch sprint by a whisker from Vanessa Shiels.

A grade: 1st Matthias Kiernan, 2nd Morgan Smith, 3rd Miles DaCosta, 4th Andrew Bonello, 5th Daniel Hopper.

B grade: 1st Sam Gartner, 2nd Dan Purcell, 3rd Agostino Giramondo, 4th Glen Grbesa, 5th John Davis.

C grade: 1st Mat Hudson, 2nd Paolo Bondi, 3rd Daniel Atkins, 4th George Leighton, 5th Marcus Olive. 1st Female Martyn Taylor.

D grade: 1st Scott Morrison, 2nd Paul Longfield, 3rd Damien Hall, 4th Steven Harris, 5th Walter Chetcuti, 1st Female Fiona Longin.

E/Female grade: 1st Danielle Baxter, 2nd Julia Ius, 3rd Vanessa Shiels, 4th Dale Morgan-Morris, 5th Meg Rennie.

Footscray Cycling Club – Beach Road Summer Criterium Series Race #3. 19/2/17

Riders braved a strong, chilly Westerly wind, showers and unusually cold temperatures to contest the third of the four race Beach Road Summer Crit Series at Altona’s wide and fast Drake Boulevard. Due to the A/B races being cancelled last week, this was race #4 of 4 for C/D, as well as race #3 of 4 for A/B, and as it was, A/B’s run of bad luck continued, with C/D and E’s racing running full-length, but A/B’s racing cut short by rain.

In A-Grade, 32 year old Rapha rider Dylan Newell took a strong win after second-placed Morgan Smith’s solid last-lap leadout; Flemington resident Newell holding off Smith and a fast finishing Andrew Bonello; the Series Leaderboard after 3 races showing Dudkiewicz safely out front. Newell was in the right position when the call to cut the race short was made. ‘I was in the perfect spot, sitting on Morgan Smith’s wheel. He was having some spasms in his elbow (indicating to come through); we were off the front. I just sat on until the sprint and got the win.’

In B-Grade, a strong solo breakaway from Footscray rider Josh Ryan proved to be the winning move; having built up a solid lead on the chasing bunch in torrid conditions, the 30 year-old had lady-luck on his side when a shower forced the Commissare ring the bell and end the race on the next lap; Ryan holding on to take the win 3 seconds ahead of Series leader Joe Bury, who was a further 3 seconds ahead of Matt Nelson who took the bunch sprint. Ryan spoke of how he approached the solo break as a measured effort. ‘I was maintaining my speed into the wind, then winding up the speed with the wind; lap after lap until I heard the bell go early and thought “Another 500 meter effort and then I’m good”; I did not look back, but thought I’d be okay because I could choose my own line through corners and pedal all the way through’. After 3 races, Joe Bury still has a strong lead with his consistent run in all 3 races so far.

In C-Grade, Henry Dietze clinched the win after bridging across to a strong 2-man breakaway that Craig Moore and Michael Francis had initiated; the 3 spending the majority of the race swapping hard turns and building a sizeable lead over the hard-chasing bunch. In the end, it was Dietze who claimed not only the race win but the Series win.

In D-Grade, Robert Raats took the bunch sprint from Neil McVey and Damien Bevilacqua to take the win in race #4; with McVeigh’s consistency earning him the Series win from Bevilacqua in second and Raats in third place.

A grade: 1st Dylan Newell, 2nd Morgan Smith, 3rd Andrew Bonello, 4th Paul Kenny, 5th Adam Murchie.

B grade: 1st Josh Ryan, 2nd Joe Bury, 3rd Matt Nelson, 4th Mark Spiteri, 5th Andrew Leighton.

C grade: 1st Henry Dietze, 2nd Craig Moore, 3rd Michael Francis, 4th George Leighton, 5th Glen Dietze.

D grade: 1st Robert Raats, 2nd Neil McVey, 3rd Damien Bevilacqua, 4th Martin Oroszi, 5th Angelo Pagano, 1st Female Fiona Longin.

E/Female grade: 1st Jaimie -Lee Brown, 2nd Dale Morgan-Morris, 3rd Jenny Erickson, 4th Melanie Newell, 5th Vanessa Shiels.

Footscray Cycling Club Beach Road Cycles Series @ Drake Boulevard, Altona, 05/02/17.

Race #2 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s 4-race Beach Road Cycles Summer Series saw riders head down to Drake Boulevard in Altona on a hot, humid and windy morning; the wide and fast circuit built for making fast, competitive and entertaining racing.
In A Grade, Footscray Club Champion Dominik Dudkiewicz made it win #32 in a row with an early 5 man break that he then soloed off the front of in the last ten minutes; Dudkiewicz, Adam Murchie, Travis Small, Miles DaCosta and David Newett spent the majority of the race working hard to keep clear of a hard chasing bunch, with Dudkiewicz seizing the chance to go clear towards the end. “We had established a good break, and with about 7 laps to go I went and I noticed they were chasing pretty hard, so I did a pretty intense 15-minute TT and stayed away.” Dudkiewicz finished well clear of the bunch, with David Newett taking the bunch sprint from Adam Murchie.
In B-Grade, Geelong rider Josh Williams took the narrowest of wins from Footscray rider Joe Bury; the pair out in a late race break with third placed Steven Moses and more than capable of holding off the hard-chasing bunch until the end.
A strong break formed early on in the C-Grade race, eventually increasing their lead to half a lap on the long circuit, with Dan Purcell taking his second win in a row from Henry Dietze and Matt Nelson, and in D Grade Tam Nguyen made the most of an audacious late solo break to hold on and take the win from Robert Raats and Damian Bevilacqua.
In the Women’s Novice grade, Gina McVicar went one better than last week’s second place, taking the win from Jenny Erickson and Vanessa Sheils; McVicar taking the series lead with her consistent run at the pointy end.
A: 1st Dominik Dudkiewicz, 2nd David Newett, 3rd Adam Murchie, 4th Travis Small, 5th Miles DaCosta.
B: 1st Josh Williams GCC, 2nd Joe Bury, 3rd Steven Moses, 4th Glen Grbesa, 5th Michael Dam. 1st Female: Leanna Kate James.
C: 1st Dan Purcell MMBCC, 2nd Henry Dietze Bwk, 3rd Matt Nelson, 4th Tim Webber, 5th John Mogavero.
D: 1st Tam Nguyen, 2nd Robert Raats SKCC, 3rd Damian Bevilacqua, 4th Neil McVey, 5th Paul Beasley.
Women’s Novice: 1st Gina McVicar 3RL, 2nd Jenny Erickson FCC, 3rd Vanessa Sheils, 4th Fenella Long, 5th Lucy Woods.

Footscray Cycling Club Graded Scratch Races, VU Hoppers Crossing, Thursday 2/2/17
A-Grade: 1st Travis Small, 2nd Daniel Bucknell, 3rd Shaun Gatter, 4th Brad Erickson, 5th Tim Kirkham.
B-Grade: 1st Dean Maclennan, 2nd Darren Payne, 3rd Mark Micallef, 4th Andreas Mavridis, 5th Leigh Kelly.
C-Grade: 1st Dale Cameron, 2nd Bob Shannon, 3rd Mark Koutsogiannis, 4th Colin Morris, 5th Davis Lane.
D-Grade: 1st Graeme Wilson, 2nd James Stuart, 3rd Ray Moriaty, 4th Paul Beasley, 5th Steve Biggs.

Footscray Cycling Club Beach Road Cycles Series @ Drake Boulevard, Altona, 29/01/17.

16402086_10154837711557221_1616847500_n -Danielle Baxter takes the win.
Round #1 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s 4-race Beach Road Cycles Summer Series saw a record-breaking 140 riders head out to arguably the best crit circuit around; the mighty Drake Boulevard in Altona; the wide and fast circuit built for making fast, competitive and entertaining racing.

In A Grade, Footscray Club Champion Dominik Dudkiewicz made it win #31 in a row with a masterful last lap and sprint; the 32 year old trying a few breakaways but acknowledging the willingness of the bunch to chase breaks down. “We started as a bunch and we finished as a bunch; but in the middle it was pretty crazy; guys were attacking off the front, I attacked off the front. I reckon there would have been 20 attacks in the middle of the race. Coming in to the last part of the race I was boxed in; Shaun Gatter told me to get on his wheel and he led me out until the second last corner. It was premature to be on the front so I measured my efforts until I hit the last corner and then I went the full sprint.” Dudkiewicz took the win from the in-form pair of Andrew Bonello and Jason Costin.
In B-Grade, Preston CC rider Garth Hircoe took the sprint in a race that was dominated by attack after attack and chase after chase; willing chasers bringing back every break and ensuring a bunch sprint was inevitable. Unfortunately, as A passed B on the penultimate lap, one B rider decided to attack rather than let A get clear, which led to A and B meeting up in the last 2 corners of the race, leaving barely half the road for B to sprint on. 40 year old Hircoe, who is the Masters State Champion at the Ominuims and Team Sprints, took the bull by the horns in the last few corners to snare the win. ‘Well, you had to be pretty tough to get through the A-Graders on the second last corner. Coming from a track racing background I bullied my way through and told them to get out of the way.’ Hircoe took the win from St Kilda rider Allen Nash and Footscray rider Joe Bury.
In C-Grade, Mansfield-Mt Buller rider Dan Purcell took a hotly contested bunch sprint from Coburg rider Matt Nelson and St Kilda rider Mat Hudson, and in D Grade Coburg rider Jay Dixon took the sprint from Brunswick’s Lauchlan Denny and St Kilda’s Neil McVey.

In the Women’s Novice grade, 26 year old Sunbury resident Danielle Baxter turned nervous energy into a winning sprint with a strong performance in her first ever race. “I have never ridden like that before, I was nervous, but I think that was just adrenaline. In the last couple of laps one lady broke away, and so my plan was to stick with her. We rolled turns for a while, and then about half way through the last lap I decided that it was time to go.” Baxter took the sprint a few bike lengths clear of Gina McVicar and Dale Morgan-Morris.

A: 1st Dominik Dudkiewicz FCC, 2nd Andrew Bonello FCC, 3rd Jason Costin FCC, 4th Matthias Kiernan BWK, 5th Shane Ward FCC.
B: 1st Garth Hircoe PRCC, 2nd Allen Nash SKCC, 3rd Joe Bury FCC, 4th Daniel Standen Sunb, 5th Timm Weitzel FCC.
C: 1st Dan Purcell MMBCC, 2nd Matt Nelson CCC, 3rd Mat Hudson SKCC, 4th Henry Dietze BWK, 5th Shawn Smith FCC.
D: 1st Jay Dixon CCC, 2nd Lauchlan Denny BWK, 3rd Neil NcVey FCC, 4th Martin Oroszi FCC, 5th Robert Raats SKCC.
Women’s Novice: 1st Danielle Baxter 3RL, 2nd Gina McVicar 3RL, 3rd Dale Morgan-Morris 3RL, 4th Corinna Brown 3RL, 5th Jenny Erickson FCC.

Sunday 22 Jan 2017 – Round 23 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s Summer Criterium racing saw a whopping 110 riders head out to the west’s best racing out at Drake Boulevard in Altona on a perfect summer’s day to contest 5 levels of racing, and for an extra treat the Female-only Novice criterium had a super turnout and some potential stars having their first crack at racing.
In A-Grade, Footscray CC Club Champ Dom Dudkiewicz had to work very hard for his 30th FCC crit win in a row. ‘It was not a typical A-Grade race, it was a very good race; lots of strong riders, and even though the pace was inconsistent, it was hard all the way. Lots of attacks and chasing; an entertaining, ‘surgey’ race. I tried a few breaks but today was not the day. At the end Daniel Hopper went and tried to go solo, but there were a few guys who put some hard turns in and we got him back on the last lap. Then I came around the last corner on Jason Costin’s wheel and we went for the line.’ Dudkiewicz took the sprint from Costin in second and Mathias Kiernan in third.
B-Grade’s race saw Glen Grbesa take his third win this season after a race full of attacks and attempted breakaways. With 3 laps to go, Grbesa found himself a little too close to the front for his liking. “It was a bit early to be getting right to the front but I was trying to get onto Aggie’s wheel and he went early. I followed his wheel, then Daniel Standen’s wheel, and in the end I found myself battling for the win with Daniel, and I only got him by half a wheel. We both threw to the line and it was very close.’ Grbesa took the win from Standen in second and Lynden Blackeley in third place.
In C-Grade, winner Mark Davies soloed off the front towards the end of the race, and managed to hold off the bunch and take the win, with Colin Morris taking the bunch sprint from Matt Strachan, and in D-Grade, Robert Raats took the win from Damian Bevilacqua and Steve Harris.
A large field of riders started the Cycles Galleria Female Novice Race, with 37 year old Lara resident Corinne Rice taking the bunch sprint from Gina McVicar and Fiona Longin; Rice thoroughly enjoying the experience. ‘That was fun! I have been a recreational rider for about 10 years, and 7 years of bunch riding with boys, so I decided to have a go and try something a bit more challenging. At the end, I found myself out the front and being left there on the last lap, so when I rounded the last corner I just went for it.’

A: 1st Dom Dudkiewicz, 2nd Jason Costin, 3rd Mathias Kiernan, 4th Andrew Bonello, 5th Tim Kirkham.
B: 1st Glen Grbesa, 2nd Daniel Standen, 3rd Lynden Blackeley, 4th Thomas Rebesco, 5th Mark Micallef.
C: 1st Mark Davies, 2nd Colin Morris, 3rd Matt Strachan, 4th David Lane, 5th Trent Height.
D: 1st Robert Raats, 2nd Damian Bevilacqua 3rd Steve Harris, 4th Neil McVey, 5th Nikola Hoffman.
Female Novice: 1st Corinne Rice, 2nd Gina McVicar, 3rd Fiona Longin, 4th Julia Ius, 5th Jen Erickson.


Footscray Cycling Club Race Report Thursday Jan 19, 2017 @ VU Track, Hoppers Crossing.

Round 22 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s 2016/7 Criterium season was held out at the V.U. track out at Hoppers Crossing, with Thursday night’s racing being held in perfect conditions; a light breeze and clear skies. A-Grade saw two wins in a row on a Thursday for 39 year old Williamstown resident Shaun Gatter, who held off a gaggle of riders on his heels, including Tim Kirkham in second and Queensland rider Richard Allen in third place. Noted breakout king Glen O’Rourke attempted a late race breakaway, which stalled in the dying laps of the race, at which stage Gatter took off before the last corner, rounded the corner first wheel and held off the opposition.
In B-Grade, Thomas Rebesco pulled off a brilliant late race solo breakaway, jumping when the bunch were spent after chasing another breakaway down and riding off to a 100 meter lead, which he held for the next 5 laps to take his second win in a row, with Mark Micallef rounding the last corner first wheel and taking the bunch sprint and second place in behind, a half a wheel ahead of Michael Hazeldene in third.
C-Grade’s race saw Matthew Atherton take the sprint from the very consistent pair of Bob Shannon and David Lane, and in D-Grade, Steve Harris took the sprint from James Stuart and Ray Moriaty.

A: 1st Shaun Gatter, 2nd Tim Kirkham, 3rd Richard Allen, 4th Paul Kenny, 5th Josh Zammit.
B: 1st Thomas Rebesco, 2nd Mark Micallef, 3rd Michael Hazeldene, 4th Darren Payne, 5th Drew Macdonald.
C: 1st Matthew Atherton, 2nd Bob Shannon, 3rd Dave Lane, 4th Marcus Olive, 5th Mark Koutsogiannis.
D: 1st Steve Harris, 2nd James Stuart, 3rd Ray Moriaty, 4th Graeme Wilson, 5th Steve Biggs.


Round 21 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s Summer Criterium racing saw riders head out to the west’s best racing out at Drake Boulevard in Altona, and with sunny skies, no wind to speak of and moderate temperatures, any breakaway that stuck would need to out-gun the big bunches with no meteorological assistance. In A-Grade, Footscray CC Club Champ Dom Dudkiewicz continued his incredible run of wins to 29 in a row by jumping across to a break that stuck. ‘For the first 15 minutes of the race, one guy was out on his own, Mitchell Maycock, and he was motoring along really well. The rest of us were attacking, getting back together, but very much attack and counter-attack, and then finally I surged hard off the front and Nick Leonard and I bridged across, and the three of us worked hard and swapped turns for the rest of the race, until the end. In the sprint, I came off Mitchell’s wheel and got the win with about a third of the straight to spare.’ Dudkiewicz took the win from Leonard in second place and Maycock in third place, with Jason Costin taking the bunch sprint.
With a 42.3 kph average speed, many serious attacks and a huge field of riders, B-Grade’s race today was not far off A-Grade race-pace. With no breaks sticking and most of the bunch resigning themselves to a mass-bunch sprint, it was 46 year old South Kingsville resident Stephen Moses who dominated the field today, spending much of the race on the front and taking the win. ‘It was a fast race today; I made it my goal to have at least 2 breakaways for the day; the first one was really to see how everyone felt; the second a little harder. But after that I figured it would be better to sit in and put all of my money on my sprint.’ With a little help on the last lap from gun rider Lynden Blackeley, who described his run through the pack as ‘like the seas parted for me as I led Moses to the promised sprint’, Moses was delivered expertly to the front of the bunch. ‘On the last lap Lynden Blackeley came around me and said something like ‘get on my wheel’ and he led me perfectly through the group and got me into a great position coming into the penultimate turn and I couldn’t have asked for a better position in the straight. I came around Lynden and pushed all the way.’ Moses took the win well clear of second placed Chris Carter, with Blackeley holding on for third place after his Renshaw-like leadout.  In C-Grade, winner Stephen Price and second placed Evan Miller dominated the high quality race with a dual breakaway that saw the pair well clear of the bunch, with Simon Perryman taking the bunch sprint for third, and in D-Grade, a four man breakaway of riders powered away from very early on in the race; Declan Cargill taking the win from young talent Bert Henkel, Robert Nichols and Richard Whalebone; the awesome foursome probably under-handicapped and destined for C-Grade next week.

A: 1st Dom Dudkiewicz, 2nd Nicholas Leonard, 3rd Mitchell Maycock, 4th Jason Costin, 5th Brad Ericson.
B: 1st Stephen Moses, 2nd Chris Carter, 3rd Lynden Blackeley, 4th Travis Edwards, 5th Glen Grbesa.
C: 1st Stephen Price, 2nd Evan Miller, 3rd Simon Perryman, 4th Ian Duffin, 5th Seb Chetcuti.
D: 1st Declan Cargill, 2nd Bert Henkel, 3rd Robert Nichols, 4th Richard Whalebone, 5th Matt Hudson.
(1st Female, Nikola Hoffmann)

Footscray Cycling Club Race Report Thursday Jan 12, 2017 @ VU Track, Hoppers Crossing.

Round 20 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s 2016/7 Criterium season was held out at the V.U. track out at Hoppers Crossing, with Thursday night’s racing being held in perfect conditions; a light breeze and clear skies. A-Grade saw the return of a gun rider to the pointy end of the podium, with 39 year old Williamstown resident Shaun Gatter unleashing his sprint and taking the win from Paul Kenny (who was the first to jump on the last lap) and Brad Erickson; Gatter being pretty happy to win having returned from an extended period working overseas. ‘That’s the first race back that I haven’t been dropped in, so that’s a good improvement!’
In B-Grade, Thomas Rebesco made the best of a messy sprint to hold off Michael Dam and Glen Wright in a race dominated by Dean MacLennan’s heady pace-making and attacks on the front for the majority of the race.
C-Grade’s race saw 60 year old Werribee lad David Lane make a very brave and strategically masterful move with 3 laps to go by driving off the front and hoping bunch indecision would delay any real chasedown; Lane working like a one-armed juggler to hold off the bunch all the way, with Bob Shannon taking the bunch sprint behind for second place and Mark Koutsigiannis in third place, and in D-Grade, Barry Cram continued his fine podium form by taking the sprint win from Tommy Gray and Declan Cargill..

A: 1st Shaun Gatter, 2nd Paul Kenny, 3rd Brad Erickson, 4th Daniel Welch.
B: 1st Thomas Rebesco, 2nd Michael Dam, 3rd Glen Wright, 4th Dean MacLennan.
C: 1st David Lane, 2nd Bob Shannon, 3rd Mark Koutsigiannis.
D: 1st Barry Cram, 2nd Tommy Gray, 3rd Declan Cargill.

8jan17drakeFootscray Cycling Club Criteriums @ Drake Blvd, Altona. Sunday Jan 8 2017.

Round 19 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s racing saw riders head out to the west’s best racing out at Drake Boulevard in Altona; the day’s racing taking place after an uncomfortably hot night and in rapidly rising temperatures that saw high rates of rider attrition. In A-Grade, Footscray Club Champion Dominik Dudkiewicz extended his unbeaten run to a staggering 28 with a breakaway that had the Champion questioning the wisdom of his do-or-die move. ‘It was hot and windy and there was an early attack that I bridged across to a good 5 man break early in the race, but after about 10 minutes I found myself out there on my own as riders pulled the pin; I didn’t think I’d stay away on my own in this heat. I didn’t know how far ahead I was, so I put my head down and upped the pace for a few laps, and with about 15 to go I got a time check from a spectator who said I was 35 seconds up, and then I started suffering and fading, losing time for the next few laps. I really thought I was done when I saw the bunch, but there were only 4 laps to go so I pushed on and got home.’ Dudkiewicz crossed the line well clear of second placed Matt Muscat, who was also solo and clear of the bunch, with Melbourne Uni’s Brent Woodlock taking the bunch sprint and third place.
A fast pace and incessant attacks typified B-Grade’s race today, and indeed the whole season of this level of high quality competition, with Lynden Blackeley kicking off the entertainment with an attack as soon as the race started. After his initial attack, Brunswick’s Simon Troon defied the odds and stayed away from a strong and determined bunch to ride solo to the very end of the race, only getting caught and cruelly beaten by half a wheel by 43 year old Thornbury resident Glen Grbesa. ‘There were a few guys who were trying to get off the front at the start; maybe they burned themselves out a bit towards the end in the heat, because even though we got a bit of a change in the race, the conditions were still pretty tough.’ Having put in a command solo performance, Troon managed to hang on to second place as the bunch sprint engulfed him, Grbesa continuing his excellent form by taking the win, with Andrew Leighton taking third in the sprint.  In C-Grade, Footscray rider Shane Doyle took the bunch sprint from Anthony Gercovich and John Mogavero in a race that saw the pace, combined with the heat, take its toll upon the peloton and drastically thin down the numbers, and in D-Grade, St Kilda rider Adrian Koukoulas powered ahead to take the win from Coburg’s David Diviny and MCL’s Damian Bevilacqua.

A: 1st DUDKIEWICZ, DOMINIK – Footscray, 2nd MUSCAT, MATT – St Kilda, 3rd WOODLOCK, BRENT – Melbourne University.
B: 1st GRBESA, GLEN – Footscray, 2nd TROON, SIMON – Brunswick, 3rd LEIGHTON, ANDREW – St Kilda.
C: 1st DOYLE, SHANE – Footscray, 2nd GERCOVICH, ANTHONY – Footscray, 3rd MOGAVERO, JOHN – Footscray.
D: 1st KOUKOULAS, ADRIAN – St Kilda, 2nd DIVINY, DAVID Coburg, 3rd BEVILACQUA, DAMIAN – Melbourne Cycling League.

Footscray Cycling Club Race Report Thursday Jan 5, 2017 @ VU Track, Hoppers Crossing.

Round 18 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s 2016/7 Criterium season was held out at the Victoria University track out at Hoppers Crossing, with Thursday night’s racing dominated by high temperatures and a strong southerly wind. In the A-Grade race, 29 year old Travel Guide Andrew Bonello took the sprint in fine form from Mat Elkan and Travis Small.
In B-Grade, David Walker took the sprint win in a race dominated by incessant attacks by Daniel Welch and Dean MacLennan; the race a series of punch and counter-punches that left the sprinters like Mark Micallef and Darren Payne punch drunk and rubbery legged.
C-Grade’s sprint was taken by Terry Harris from David Lane in a nail biter; both riders showing some excellent form of late, and in D-Grade, up and coming Martin Oroszi took the win from veteran Tommy Gray.

A: 1st Andrew Bonello, 2nd Mat Elkan, 3rd Travis Small, 4th Paul Kenny, 5th Marcus Nyeholt.
B: 1st David Walker, 2nd Dean MacLennan, 3rd Daniel Welch, 4th Leigh Kelly, 5th Mark Micallef.
C: 1st Terry Harris, 2nd David Lane, 3rd Mark Koutigiannis, 4th Phil Tehan, 5th Shawn Smith.
D: 1st Martin Oroszi, 2nd Tommy Gray, 3rd Barry Cram, 4th Steve Harris.

Footscray Cycling Club Christmas Classic @ V.U.T, December 18 2016.

The Footscray Cycling Club’s Christmas Classic Criteriums were held in perfect racing conditions on the favoured ‘long’ circuit at Altona’s Drake Boulevard on Sunday. With a coveted sash, Christmas pudding and beer up for grabs, A-Grade’s race was a tactical smorgasbord of attacks from a ‘musical chairs’ rotation of top quality riders willing to try to establish a break, counter-posed with chasing bunches and solo riders looking to bridge to the front. Club Road and Crit Champ Dominik Dudkiewicz had a very challenging race, finding himself pushed hard by New Zealand rider Morgan Smith. ‘What a beautiful day and beautiful conditions, and on the big circuit that I love. It was a tactical race from the onset, and pretty much everyone tried to really establish a break that would stick, and in the end it was a break of about 8 riders that I bridged across to. Morgan Smith came across from the bunch and really from then on it was pretty full on; Morgan would attack, and I did the same, and I knew Morgan was a danger and we marked each other towards the end; I came around the last corner second wheel behind Travis Small and went around him, put my head down and got the sprint.’ Dudkiewicz took the win from Smith in second and Small who hung on for third.
Like A-Grade, B-Grade’s race was a flurry of attacks, counter attacks and hard chasing, with the bunch so eager to chase that any and all breaks were brought back as the average pushed towards 41kph. And it did come down to a fast, slightly sketchy large bunch sprint, with 33 year old paramedic Luke Morrison making the sprint look easy by taking the lead at the second-last corner; the Brunswick resident and racer making sure he was clear coming into the straight. ‘Footscray races and circuits are the best. It was a big, strong bunch, and it didn’t look like anyone was going to stay away because everyone was willing to roll turns, so it came down to the sprint. It was getting a bit dodgy on the last lap so I took off on the second-last corner, put the head down and went for it, and I made sure I had something left for the last 100 meters.’ Morrison finished just ahead of Footscray’s Glen Grbesa and MCL’s Craig Taylor.
In C-Grade, Hawthorn rider Nathan Basaraba initially teamed up with veteran Footscray rider Bob Shannon and talented female cyclist Sarah Grove to form a break, but Shannon found the pace a little too high and went back to the bunch, leaving Basaraba and Grove to power on with a 38kph average and put a huge distance into the chasing bunch; the pair taking first and second place way ahead of the peloton, with St Kilda rider Shayne Doyle taking the bunch sprint.
In D-Grade, Hawthorn rider Matthew Hudson took the bunch sprint from Footscray’s Dave Danson, with St Kilda rider Adrian Koukoulas taking third place.

A: 1st Dom Dudkiewicz, 2nd Morgan Smith (NZ), 3rd Travis Small, 4th Steve Upton, 5th Miles DaCosta.

B: 1st Luke Morrison (Bwk), 2nd Glen Grbesa, 3rd Craig Taylor (MCL), 4th Daniel Standen (Sunb), 5th Travis Edwards (Geel).

C: 1st Nathan Basaraba (Haw), 2nd Sarah Grove (3RL), 3rd Shayne Doyle (StK), 4th Colin Morris, 5th Bob Shannon.

D: 1st Matthew Hudson (StK), 2nd Dave Danson, 3rd Adrian Koukoulas (StK), 4th Richard Whalebone (StK), 5th Ray Moriaty.

Max Campbell Memorial, Dec 11 2016 @ Drake Boulevard, Altona.

Sunday morning’s round of racing saw the Footscray Cycling Club head out to Drake Boulevard in Altona to contest the Max Campbell Memorial Criteriums; Max being a well-credentialed track and road racer and a passionate supporter of the FCC for his entire life.

In A Grade, 33 year old Club Champ Dominik Dudkiewicz had an early hit out with Matt Robinson that the breakout riders wanted to make stick. ‘When we got away we had 3 or 4 hard, hard laps to make the chasers lose heart; we didn’t expect to get caught but we did; the bunch were really committed. Morgan Smith counter-attacked immediately and was out there solo for quite a while, with 5 or 6 of us chasing really hard, averaging over 45 kph for a long time. We got within range with only a few minutes to go so Matt and I bridged across, and when we caught Morgan we went past and got into a rhythm; then Morgan got back to us which was pretty impressive. It was even more impressive when he went with half a lap to go; I was on his wheel around the last corner and managed to take the sprint down the finishing straight. Amazing day, amazing race, fantastic quality fields in every grade. Max would be pleased to see the Club he cared so much about going so well.’ Dudkiewicz took the sprint from Morgan Smith and Matthew Robertson.
In B-Grade, 32 year old Ballarat-Sebastapol rider Daniel Bucknall was simply too strong for the bunch, breaking away from the main peloton early in the race and amazingly staying away from a large field who were very committed to the chase. ‘I took off when there was a bit of a lull, and I snuck away and managed to make it stick. At the 45-minute mark I saw a bunch catching me, so I thought I was in trouble, but it turned out to be A-Grade. Bucknall is predominantly a mountain biker, and is now dabbling in track and road racing and on his way to A-Grade. Back in the pack, Josh Grieve took the bunch sprint and second, Hamish Munro took third and Hans Birk took fourth and as the first FCC rider also snapped up the trophy.
In C-Grade, 14 year old Brunswick CC Junior Oskar Moore instigated a strong breakaway that built up quite a lead over the ensuing laps. ‘It was a tough race today. I knew my attack would have to be fast to stay away. After a few laps off the front, the bunch nearly caught us, but we managed to burn them off.’ The break was even more enjoyable for the talented junior given the fact that his father Craig was in the same break! The 5 breakaway artists swapped turns and kept clear of the chasing bunch, lining up for the sprint, which Moore Jr. took narrowly from John Mogavero who took the trophy as the first FCC rider, and Cory Basaraba in third. Moore Jr. started racing in 2014 for Brunswick, and has been bitten by the racing bug ever since. ‘My dad got me into it. I love the atmosphere at all the races. It’s without doubt what keeps me at it. I enjoy riding on the road more than the track and my goal for this season is to make the Under 17 Victorian State Road Team.’
D Grade saw Paul Beasley chuffed to take his first win in quite some time, taking the trophy in a sprint from Robert Nichols and David Diviny.
A: 1st Dominik Dudkiewicz, 2nd Morgan Smith, 3rd Matthew Robertson, 4th Travis Small, 5th Mat Elkan.
B: 1st Daniel Bucknall, 2nd Josh Grieve, 3rd Hamish Munro, 4th Hans Birk*, 5th Glen Grbesa.
C: 1st Oskar Moore, 2nd John Mogavero*, 3rd Cory Basaraba, 4th Craig Moore, 5th Alastair Delooze.
D: 1st Paul Beasley, 2nd Robert Nichols, 3rd David Diviny, 4th Brett Bolam, 5th Ray Moriaty.

Footscray Cycling Club – Club Legends Criteriums @ VU 4/12/16.

Sunny skies, a boisterous Northerly wind and climbing temperatures greeted riders for the Footscray Cycling Club’s Legends Criteriums, held on the fast and furious Drake Boulevard circuit in Altona. The annual event, held in honour of the late Harry Jones and Hugh Cram, as well as the Club’s living legend, Frank Zanatta, is a hotly contested race largely due to the immense respect Club members have for the three Club Legends and the selfless dedication and Aussie volunteering spirit each of these men showed to cycling in general and the Footscray Cycling Club in particular, racking up over 150 years of volunteer service between the three. Just to add some drama to the racing, riders had 2 races to contest in one; a single point was awarded to the first rider to finish each lap; the rider with the most points at the end of the race taking the points race prize, as well as the coveted Memorial sash for the overall winner.

A-Grade’s race was dominated by incessant breakaways, which broke the bunch up through attrition, but still ended in Club Criterium and Road Champion Dominik Dudkiewicz taking both the Points Race and the Criterium wins. But it wasn’t easy, and Dudkiewicz knew he had a real challenge on his plate. ‘At the start of the race Nick Leonard went off the front and picked up four points, and then I went past him and picked up the next three, and then the pair of us got away for about 20 minutes and picked up some points each. Then we got caught, went back to the bunch and then went again, this time with Nick, Mathias Kiernan and Daniel Hopper at one point and then Chris Munro; during that whole time Mathias was going for the point sprints and I really didn’t know who had the most points, so I really started going for all the points I could and in the end it was a narrow points win. The break foxed around at the end, and the last lap was a slow roll until I led around the last couple of corners.’ Dudkiewicz ended up taking the win by two bike lengths from Leonard and Munro. ‘You don’t often get the pleasure of winning a Memorial in the presence of one of the living legends in Frankie Zanatta so it was a real pleasure.’
B-Grade’s race was dominated by a masterful one-man breakaway from lap 5, with Joe Bury showing immense strength by building a huge lead over the course of the race, absolutely crushing the point score race and taking a huge win, only to be denied the race win by a small margin by Sunbury resident and Gym Instructor Daniel Standen, who took a risk at the end to bridge to the leader. ‘This was a very unusual race, on and off, people not wanting to do a turn, lots of argy-bargy. I was watching Joe Bury who was very impressive; he went away after a few laps and stayed away till the last lap, and at one point he was 50 seconds clear of us. He did the whole race on his own. At the end Michael Dam rode off the front with me and we bridged across to Joe and then the three of us rolled turns and I was just lucky to get the sprint from Joe.’ Standen took the win by a narrow margin from Bury, with Michael Dam in third place.
In C-Grade, veteran FCC racer and ex-europro Bo Shannon rode a measured, strategic race to take the sprint win. ‘It was a high, consistent speed for our race, and the sprints were pretty hotly contested, but in doing that it made it impossible for a break to form, and riders were pretty spent at the end of each sprint, so I figured it was going to be a bunch sprint, so I waited for the sprint at the end and ignored the points race.’ Shannon took the win from Aaron Peterson and Daniel Atkins, and was rapt to win the Legends race given the immense respect he holds for the Club Legends. And in the ride of the day, Phil Tehan just let the early points go to the young guns, waiting until the bunch were spent and then cleaning up many of the points sprints for the second half of the race, leading to his surprise points win. ‘Not bad for a non-sprinter!’
In D-Grade, big Doug Page just powered along for the first half of the race taking point after point in the point score, securing his win in the points race, and towards the latter half of the race it was veteran time trial expert Tommy Gray who took the race with anther solo break that the bunch simply could not reel in; the septuagenarian taking the win well clear of James Stuart who took the bunch sprint from Tom Moloney.

A: 1st Dom Dudkiewicz, 2nd Nick Leonard, 3rd Chris Munro, 4th Mathias Kiernan, 5th Andrew Bonello.

B: 1st Daniel Standen, 2nd Joe Bury, 3rd Michael Dam, 4th Darren Payne, 5th Timm Weitzel.

C: 1st Bob Shannon, 2nd Aaron Peterson, 3rd Daniel Atkins, 4th David Lane, 5th Anthony Gercovich.

D: 1st Tom Gray, 2nd James Stuart, 3rd Tom Moloney, 4th Eddie O’Farrell, 5th Ray Moriaty.

Points Score Winners: A: Dom Dudkiewicz, B: Joe Bury, C: Phil Tehan, D: Doug Page.

Footscray Cycling Club Weekly Criterium Report – Thu 27 Oct / Sun 30 Oct ‘16.

Round 2 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s 2016/7 Criterium season was held out at the Victoria University track out at Hoppers Crossing, with Thursday night’s racing being held in windy and cool conditions. In the A-Grade race, some serious watt bombs were dropped by Watt-Bomb racing, with 25 year old Brunswick resident Nick Leonard taking a hotly contested bunch sprint. ‘My two WattBomb team mates were in an early break with two other guys, and I had to bridge across to them because they were going hard and the gap was getting bigger and bigger. Once I got to them, the field started to break apart, and for the sprint I came around last wheel, went around the outside, got some air on the bumps and managed to get away with the win!’ Leonard finished just ahead of St Kilda rider Matt Muscat in second and Callum Brown a very strong third. In B-Grade, Geelong rider Josh Grieve blew the bunch away with an incredible solo breakaway; the 17 year old Bacchus Marsh talent showing a clean pair of heels after being in an earlier breakaway that the bunch bought back. ‘The first break I went with had 2 other guys in it; we lost one guy and the two of us got pulled back to the bunch, and as soon as we were caught I went again and I never got caught again. It was pretty hard out there on my own; I was keeping an eye on my wattage to make sure I wouldn’t blow up. I rode within myself and kept pushing at 90%.’ The 17 year old rising star finished well clear of the bunch, with Vito Depetro taking the bunch sprint and second from Vlad Djuric in third.
C-Grade’s race came down to a bunch sprint, with Footscray rider Michael Hazeldine taking the sprint from Mark Koutsogiannis and Damien Gait, and in D-Grade, Preston rider Matthew Atherton took the sprint from veterans Tommy Gray and Ray Moriaty.

A: 1st: Nicholas Leonard (Murwillumbah), 2nd: Matt Muscat (St Kilda), 3rd: Callum Brown (Footscray), 4th: Travis Small (Footscray)
B: 1st: Joshua Grieve (Geelong), 2nd: Vito Depetro (Footscray), 3rd: Vladimir Djuric (Footscray), 4th: Michael Dam (Footscray)
C: 1st: Michael Hazeldine (Footscray), 2nd: Mark Koutsogiannis (Footscray), 3rd: Damien Gait (Southern Masters), 4th: Donovan, Lahner (3RL)
D:1st: Matthew Atherton (Preston), 2nd: Tommy Gray (Footscray), 3rd: Ray Moriarty (Footscray), 4th: Darren Camilleri (3RL)

Round 3 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s racing saw riders contest criteriums again at the Vic Uni track in Hoppers Crossing; the day’s racing being shaped by a hot and boisterous Northerly wind. In A-Grade, an early breakaway broke the peloton up into three separate groups, with Miles DaCosta initiating the winning break. ‘Pretty much from the start we were rolling hard turns and putting it into the gutter, and with the strong wind that was blowing I got clear; Nick Squillari and Travis Small bridged to me and we pulled turns for a while. Trav dropped back to the bunch and then it was Nick and I just rolling turns to the end. When we got to the end Nick gifted me the win, he was happy with 2nd and left it to me.’ B-Grade’s race was dominated by a one man break that three other riders managed to bridge across to one by one; St Kilda’s Chris Anderson was out solo for quite a while, and towards the end of the race Lynden Blackley, Thomas Rebesco and eventual winner, Pat Ruggles all bridged across. Ruggles made it to the other three with 2 laps to go, and after a half lap breather, set about preparing for the sprint. ‘I came around second wheel, but Lynden got a bit loose on the last corner and I just managed to get past him at the line.’ In C-Grade, Anthony Gercovich took a very strong and controlled sprint win from Phil Tehan and Shawn Smith, and in D-Grade, Brunswick rider Henry Rawling took the win from Oscar Moore and Bert Henkel. E-Grade saw the Brunswick domination continue with Angus VanDek taking the win from Tim Rawling and James Mountain.

A: 1st Miles DaCosta (FCC), 2nd Nick Squillari (GCC), 3rd John Linke (MCL), 4th Travis Small (FCC), 5th Chris Munro (FCC).
B: 1st Pat Ruggles (Bruns), 2nd Lynden Blackley (MCL), 3rd Thomas Rebesco (FCC), 4th Chris Anderson (SKCC), 5th Matt Johnson (FCC).
C: 1st Anthony Gercovich (FCC), 2nd Phil Tehan (FCC), 3rd Shawn Smith (FCC), 4th Ian Duffin (FCC).
D: 1st Henry Rawling (Bwk), 2nd Oskar Moore (Bwk), 3rd Bert Henkel (3RL), 4th Henry Dietze (Bwk).
E: 1st Angus VanDek (Bwk), 2nd Tim Rawling (Bwk), 3rd James Mountain (Bwk), 4th Jen Erickson (3RL).